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Disneyland Dolores Disney bound

Credit: @kisses.avalonrose on TikTok


  1. DB

    Wow she really looked like Dolores, sorry she had to deal with fearing she might be banned or kicked out, that would have stunk. Glad she was able to experience meeting people and kids at least that had to be something else lol. My Daughter would have loved this. Encanto is a good movie especially, we don’t talk about Bruno no no no lol gets me every time.

    1. CD

      If she KNOWS adults can’t dress as characters, which she clearly did… then why do it? There’s a reason they have that rule. She was clearly aware of it. So it’s totally on her, not Disney.

      1. Rachel

        Personally I think she liked the attention because you’re absolutely right, she knew it was wrong but did it anyway. Attention seeker

  2. Dawn

    Knowing that you look similar, why (unless you wanted the attention) would you “Disney bound” as a character that wears clothes which are based on real clothes that people wear every day? Makes no sense to me. Unless it’s Halloween time and adults are allowed costumes….

  3. AA

    That’s not Disney “Bounding”, that’s a near-exact costume re-creation. In all fairness, she should have been removed from the park or asked to change into one of their “dress-code shirts” Follow the rules next time.

    1. marajade

      Exactly. She knew what she was doing and should have been removed or asked to change. Total attention seeker.

  4. Linda L. Camacho

    All in the name of fame.

  5. Tony

    I wore a Globo Gym costume yesterday for Oogie Boogie Bash. I was also terrified that I would be kicked out because people said dodgeball around me. Nobody said I was going to get kicked out or anything, but I want to sound important too.

  6. Face

    Your story literally said “she didn’t get in trouble” but your title says she was nearly kicked out. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Anonymous

      She kept saying “6 kids”, did these same kids keep following her around? And guests Disney bound every day… sorry honey… you’re not that special to get kicked out.

  7. Jayne1955

    Of course kids thought she was Dolores. She looked so much like Dolores. What did she expect?

  8. George Reynolds III

    She should have considered ahead of time that her style of clothing resembled too much like the character Delores!!! She could have chosen something different to wear that day!

  9. KMAN

    Everyone knows what they’re doing and this was nothing new Tic Tok’s and Influencer’s have been crossing the line for some time just to get likes ! it’s really amazing how insecure and childish these people are . In Tokyo Disney all bloggers, Tic Tok’s and Influencers have been BANNED . This trend has been noticed by Disney and is under Consideration to extend it at other parks .
    Disney rules are there for everyone’s enjoyment of their guest and their cast members.
    This Tic Tok’er felt uncomfortable because she knew she was VIOLATING the rules, like so many others that think they are PRIVILEGED and the rules DO NOT APPLY TO THEM !
    Like a 2 yrs old this behavior is tolerated to a point then their tiny world are crushed .

  10. Paul

    I feel like the costume policy is a little absurd when the costume is a blouse and a long skirt? Everyone in this story is absurd to some degree. If she didn’t want attention she shouldn’t have dressed like that intentionally knowing it mirrors a character. But also, where is the line drawn when a “costume” is just regular clothing? I wouldn’t bat an eye at her if I saw someone dressed that way out in public.

    1. wes

      She clearly wanted people to think she was this character. That’s the problem. Kids won’t know the difference between a guest and a CM playing the part if we get morons like this trying to blur the line.

    2. Steve

      Disney is just ridiculous. Universal had nothing like this and operates fine.

  11. Carol

    This girl simply wants attention! Saying she was “fearful” is total b/s. She knew what she was doing.

  12. Ahu

    Probably hoping she could sue the deep pockets

  13. Steve

    This isn’t a problem for Universal. Maybe Disney needs to change their policies for this century.

  14. Gleena

    The fact she was taking videos of herself shows she KNEW exactly what she was doing and wanted people to comment and think she was a character. This was not a “accidental dressing similar too” situation.. this was planned.

    1. Kerri

      Exactly.. it’s begging for attention, hoping people will watch for the trainwreck of her getting ejected.

  15. CD

    She knew the rule or she wouldn’t have been “terrified”. She chose to do whatever she wanted anyway and then wants everyone to feel sorry for her cause she was scared?

    If you know the rule then why even put yourself in that situation. She chose to do whatever she wanted. She’s lucky they didn’t call her out on it.

    This is 100% on her.

  16. Linda Camacho

    Terrified? Not on your life. She was enjoying every minute of it. She knew she was pushing it, and did it anyway. Probably planning to sue for discrimination if she got a talking-to.

  17. Shawn

    I’ve never been to Disney land,I don’t know how front gates work,why didn’t they tell her to change,or not come in.Im pretty sure rules set for safety wouldn’t want kids to interact,with untrained characters!She should of went and applied for job if wanted to be her,or waited for Halloween!

  18. Bella Ingram

    She did this on purpose, for the excitement of “Maybe getting kicked out.”

  19. Patricia

    Disney Bounding is fun but the rules are clear. It’s clothing that represents a particular character – colors of a character, a hat, even some costume elements. But if you look like a character, choose the same clothing in the same colors, that is against the rules. My daughter is very creative with her Disney Bounding clothing that’s more elaborate than mine, but she’s careful to not cross that line. When it’s done right, it’s fun for everyone and safe for children who can tell you are not a real Disney character.

    Shame on her for knowing the rules and not following them because she likes the attention.

  20. Teddy Gingerich

    This wasn’t “Disney Bounding” (a trend that I think is just stupid), it was “Dressing Exactly Like A Character In A Popular Recent Film.” She looks exactly like the character and she knew it. She filmed herself looking exactly like the character. She talked incessantly about kids coming up to her. If I were a CM, I’d have asked her to leave or change clothing. This is precisely why they have a dress code about adults wearing costumes.
    I’m an adult. I love going to DL. I don’t dress like characters because it’s silly. Also because I don’t want to be asked to leave.

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