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Minnie Mouse in a witch costume walking away, a character attendant looking the other way. The caption reads "the woman walking away and purposely ignoring the child"


  1. Andrew

    Wow what absolute discrimination, those poor kids!!!! Well it looks like the activists push for inclusion and diversity is failing. No longer the happiest place on earth

    1. JJ

      What race was the cast member in the Minnie costume? Are we jumping to conclusions??

      1. Andrew m

        My bad I accidentally clicked send when I typed this. Not every situation is the same and no I don’t jump conclusions

  2. Steve

    Blacks at it again.

    1. Samantha Killheffer


  3. Whatif

    Didn’t this happen at that Sesame Street theme park? Any chance there are people purposely going around to theme parks and saying this to scam and get settlements?

    1. Samantha Killheffer

      MOST likely. Racism is TAUGHT, and is back being a HUGE topic again. “DEI” is code for no meritocracy, EXCLUSION, only colored people can be hired, and only white people can be fired! It’s a HYPER racialized country AGAIN, SMH.

  4. Mel

    If I made the news every time I had poor service, there’d be no room in the news cycle for national politics. It happens, deal with it. Honestly, people.

  5. Torri

    I’ll be honest…with all the reports of this, I was terrified of something like this happening to my kids on our Disney cruise last week (never experienced it before in any of Disney trips). We had no issues at all. In fact, Belle saw me taking my kids to the kids club. Not only did she stop when they ran up to her and she took pics with them, she also grabbed both of my daughters’ hands and personally took them to the kids’ club herself. I think that was the highlight of my kids’ trip. They are still talking about it! I’ve never seen this type of discrimination and really hope I don’t have to see it. I recorded the interaction. I need to make sure to contact Disney and let them know about that experience. People complain about the bad so I feel like I should rave about the food because not all of them are like this!!

  6. Minnie Mouse is racist!! Ive heard it all now!

  7. Gramme

    The characters have a route in the restaurants…. they don’t vary from it to ensire they grt every table. we have just missed them and had to wait until the character came back from a break.

    Stop making something out of nothing.

  8. M

    Follow the money and u get the real truth and answers!

  9. bearprn

    So “ The family’s waitress served their drinks and let them know that Minnie Mouse, who had just passed by the table, would return to greet them.” So apparently that was not good enough for her “babies“ , her babies shouldn’t have to wait or follow the scheduled times established for everyone else! The whole restaurant was supposed to stop and allow her & her children what is basically a command performance! The character was obviously at the end of her set, it gets hot and sweaty under those costumes. They have a set time for being under the character costume for health reasons . I am sure the children would have been a lot more “traumatized “ if the character passed out in front of them, just saying!

  10. JJ

    Would it still be “racist” if the human being in the Minnie Mouse costume was the same race”? Those characters at the character meals have a “route” to follow to ensure every table get’s visited. Disney has been using that method for years. They are upset because their little 5 year olds were screaming for Minnie to immediately drop what “she” was doing and visit their table?? And the fact that “she” didn’t is racist?? I am sorry, I don’t get it. Can the Cast members likewise claim that this family traumatized them and the patrons of the restaurant with their rude, selfish, arrogant, racist behavior? To the adults that claim your family was “traumatized”, you had a teaching moment and you failed.

  11. princeofprussia

    The article states that later into the meal, “Minnie” came to see them and the kids were scared and didn’t want pics with her. I don’t get it. Having to wait your turn is traumatizing?

  12. Dave Hastings

    They’re black, so of course it must be discrimination. Yet no evidence of actual discrimination in the story. Typical.

  13. Tammy

    Wow. There is really no need for name calling. We all feel what we feel and you cannot tell how someone is going to perceive your action. That said, I do not think it was necessarily racism, because I’ve had a similar experience.

    At Hollywood ‘n’ Vine when it was still Play and Dine at the Hollywood ‘n’ Vine many moons ago. My kids were 2 1/2 and 5. My kids absolutely loved Jojo’s Circus and Jojo was there with Leo and June from Little Einsteins and I think Doc McStuffins. We were seated just after Jojo passed and were told she would be back around. She never made it back. My then five year old daughter was in tears.

    Now, we are not Caucasian, but we pass for it, so not racism in our case. The issue was… there was a parade starting shortly and Jojo was in the parade. While adults know this is not the same cast member or even the same costume, the whole attempt is to make children feel that Jojo was one real being, so Jojo cannot be two places at once. If you look into Disney policies you will see that they do their best to keep the magic going by doing this.

    We did not have our meal comped, nor did I expect that. We had eaten and my kids had met all the other characters present. We were given one fast pass for anywhere in the park that day (again, this was 15 years ago) and I thought that kind of our server, but not necessary.

    So… was there a parade starting that Minnie Mouse would appear? If so… poor timing, but not racism. If it was truly caused by racist motives, then I am sorry you had to experience that. It is a shame we have to throw labels at each other to divide ourselves when we all the same in the squishy parts.

    To the parent of the young children, I am so sorry that your kids did not get to meet Minnie Mouse and I understand how disappointing that can be. But sometimes there are other reasons that characters can’t make it back around.

    I sincerely hope the rest of your trip was as magical as ours have been over the years.

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