Comments for Gay Days Return to Disneyland Resort!

Hundreds of people in red shirts in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. A rainbow has been edited onto the photo.

Credit: Reddit User u/BiAdventureTime


  1. Beautiful, I was in the park that day and it was probably one of the best days I have ever had in Disneyland. Everyone was so friendly and the number of Karens were significantly less.

  2. Setve

    It’s pretty telling that less drama and violence happened in the park during the gay days.


    1. Steve

      Or the media and Disney just chose not to report on it, like they often do when it involves a certain crowd.

  3. Steve

    Woke pandering. When are straight days?

    1. Saharah

      That’s every day of the park, no wonder Disney is declining.

      1. Steve

        If that is true, why don’t they call it that? Call every other day a straight day. Otherwise, shut up because you know you are lying and only like special treatment.

        1. Bert

          Don’t be a baby, Steve…

          1. Steve

            Go back to Twitter, Nick.

  4. Elijah Abrams

    Death to all conservatives!

    1. Conservative

      Hi Steve.

      1. Steve

        That doesn’t make any sense.

    2. Steve

      The peaceful left at it again.

      1. Bert

        Would SOMEONE please give Steve his bottle….!?

        1. Steve

          Why don’t you go peacefully burn down some businesses to celebrate a drugged out felon’s life?

          1. Bert

            Steve needs to be changed before that bottle.
            PU, you stink little baby.

    3. PreferToStayAnonymous

      Um – report to authorities?? If someone said “death to all …” any other group, this would go directly to the FBI and “Elijah” would be hunted down, house broken into, etc.

      1. Steve

        The communists are above the law, because they control the FBI, the courts, and intimidate the police.

  5. Lol

    Great.. that’s perfect I wish they report on actual interesting things instead of sexual preferences days…

    1. Smith Lee

      If you were at Disneyland last weekend, it was unavoidable. It was also great because people were generally nicer than normal.

      It’s certainly quite the coincidence that proper, well-mannered guests also just happened to be there during the gay days.

      1. Steve

        I am entirely convinced there are only people who commented on this article.

        1. Steve

          3 people*

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