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  1. Chris

    Most of the Coke Freestyle machines at the various resorts that have them offer Dr. Pepper.

    1. Hazel Call

      Maybe after they get a this s— done they can write a book about how they made an abortion out of Walt Disney World. They should make tons of money on the book. That seems to be their main thing, make money and mess things up.
      I’m sure Walk is spinning in his grave watching what everyone is destroying.
      Walt Disney was an imaginary genius and I can just guess what he’s thinking about mosy.of you.
      We have been to WDW at least 11 times with our children and grandchildren. We will NEVER visit there again.
      You should think about who this park and Disneyland was developed for, our CHILDREN. Stop being so greedy and let the kids have their park back.

      1. Mike G

        Actually Walt built the park for families and children of all ages. I’m glad you won’t visit again. That just means my family and I can enjoy it without your negative nonsense

    2. Satinka

      Yes we Texans love our trucks bucees and our HEB but we do love more than just Dr.Pepper!!

  2. Dee

    I live in Texas and this article is full of ridiculous generalizations.

    1. Tim

      Tru dat. A BS article.

    2. Clifton Brewer

      I’m with you on the article. I do love my Dr Pepper, but I’m alright if it’s not there. Now the one that bothers me, and this one is definitely more of a Texas thing. It’s the unavailability to even find Big Red once you leave Texas. My very first duty station in the Air Force was Altus, Oklahoma which was about 25 miles from Texas and you couldn’t find it there. If have to take quick trips into Texas every so often and stock up.

      1. Michael

        Big Red is offered everywhere-it’s even a staple in southern Louisiana so not sure what you are referring to.

      2. Lucy

        I know for a fact that you can find Big Red in grocery stores in Arizona. I’m half Texan, half Arizonan and grew up drinking Big Red. I actually hate Dr. Pepper because it’s main ingredient is prunes!

    3. Jennifer


    4. Mandylorian

      Yasss! Thank you. Born and raised Texan here and never thought I’d die without Dr. Pepper. I appreciate the assumptions, the article was borderline satire even comical.

  3. TheWendigo

    Why do all these articles about Texans just generalize us as slackjawed yokels? Dr Pepper isn’t that big of a deal and not all of us are as friendly as you generalized us. People from east Texas are different from West Texas. You might as well put most Texans are Hispanic and love Tacos to finish your general stereotypes.

    1. Aurora

      The only interesting part of this edition of word vomit was the bit about Walt Disney and sponsorship. The rest is, like most bits here, just trash.

      Come on, do some real reporting.

  4. Fartimus Prime

    I’m an Okie and realize how overgeneralized this article is about Texans. If someone is paying as much as it costs to see and do the things available at WDW, they aren’t going to let lack of a beverage they can get easily at home ruin that for them….

  5. Star

    If people are triggered over their being no Dr Pepper then stay home. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The article is silly anyway, very overly stereotyped because I have yet to meet a friendly Texan

  6. Fred Savagery

    I myself love Dr. Pepper. In some areas the distribution of Dr. P is done by the same company that distributes Coke products. In other areas Coke has a Dr. P knockoff (Mr. Pibb). While I’m usually the last person to defend folks from Texas (why do they start every sentence with “I’m from Texas” ) but this certainly is a silly article.

  7. Katy

    Who cares? They shouldn’t let Texans in Disney Parks especially the California one. And no wonder Dr. Pepper so gross. This article was stupid, glad I only skimmed it wish I wouldn’t have even done that.

    1. K. Beal

      And we’d love if you Californians would stop fleeing your state for Texas. How long’s it been, over 3 decades and counting of Whitney Californians leaving their state for the cheaper taxes of Texas? We hate you guys as much as you hate us, but at least we’re not practically seeking asylum in your state.

      1. wesley

        I’ve done the math and the tax burden if we moved to Texas isn’t that much less than where we live now in Oregon because you have the same insane property tax rates we do. Only difference is no income tax in TX and no sales tax in OR.

    2. Bert

      Yeah Katy, just because they elect horrible monsters for representation? That must be it. Hopefully it will turn blue. I’ll settle for purple. Doubt it. Reds usually vote against their own interests…

  8. Karen

    Ok I live in Texas? For the last 8 years. I’m from Southern California. I love Dr. Pepper never cared where it came from.
    I read this and laughed thinking it was an amusing article as most Texans should! Relax and just love the Magic!

  9. R

    If they’d put coke freestyle machines in more places, there’d be more choice. But no, most of wdw food establishments have old 90s soda dispensers which are ironically slow for that matter.

    But yes, the lack of dr. Pepper or any of it’s alternatives (looking at you, Me Pibb) is sad.

  10. Stacy

    This article is so Dallas, it hurts me. Psst.. you should try visiting Austin sometime. 🤣 No wait, what am I saying? Please don’t. Austin isn’t cool. You should definitely stay away. #dontdallasmyaustin

  11. Bob

    I’m not from Texas; I’ve never lived in Texas; I’ve driven through it and I went to a convention there once, but I do not consider myself an expert on all things Texas.

    However, if you had asked me to name a beverage popular in Texas, I’d probably have said “the abomination formally known as red cream soda” along with Lone Star and/or Pearl beer and Royal Crown (based on my generic feeling that Texas is vaguely Southern and RC is primarily a Southern thing) before I’d have thought of “Dr. Pepper.”

  12. M

    These articles are always quite literally about nothing at all lol. Yet I always click. Jokes on me I guess?

  13. Nel

    This article reads like it was written by someone who has never actually been to Texas and only gets their info from memes. 🙄😒

    -from Texas

  14. Robyn

    I live in Texas and you should know that “Bless Your Heart” actually means Go to hell….just thoughts for your article.

    1. David

      Not true.

  15. There in no Mountain Dew on property, that is the real crime. Cola is cola, Mr.Pibb is close to Dr. Pepper, but mellow yellow is swill.

  16. David

    It’s Dr Pepper, as any Texan sipping on one at 10, 2, or 4 will tell you. Not Dr. Pepper.

  17. Mike G

    Well Texans aren’t known for being all that bright

  18. Jen

    This article is stupid. Yes, us Texans love our stuff that is from our state (what state doesn’t?). And I’m pretty sure we’ve been out of our state many many times and seen other places don’t have what we have (again, what state hasn’t?). You’re making it sound like Disney parks are the “only place we’ll ever go” that doesn’t have any of it favorite things. Don’t worry we’ll survive.

  19. Maria

    Oh my God, what a ridiculous article. Such a waste of time. Not to mention having to scroll past all the stupid backstory sentences and pictures to actually GET to the damn story. I’m starting to really hate this site.

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