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A little girl with a puffed up bun and taped shoes attempts to stand up to the height requirement at Spiderman. A team member measures her.


  1. Eron

    Basic research on behalf of the parents can make this less of a headache before trips. Disney has height requirements posted on the park sites and even on the apps. Simple. Poor CMs just enforcing them rules.

  2. Abby

    We’ve been to a lot of theme parks with our kids and when they were little my favorite experience was at Silver Dollar City. They had a centralized booth where you could get your kid measured once and they’d give you a colored wrist band indicating which height range they fell into. For the rest of the day, no employees had to measure them and you knew exactly which rides they could go on which prevented that disappointment at the ride itself.

    1. Marvin

      They just catch people leaving and ask them for their bands or grab them from the trash and tape it back together. No one’s gonna check that closely.

      1. Amber

        At Dollywood they wrote down a lot of info on the band including the color of the kid’s shoes. It would be difficult for someone else to take it. Plus, my kid is still wearing that darn band a week later. 😆

    2. Phil

      That’s the best way to do it!!!!

      1. Adam Nason

        as someone who works in the industry, nothing infuriates me more than seeing things like this. You want your child to be tall enough to ride, fine, but, understand that you’re not responsible for your child’s safety at that point, the ride operator is. the operator and park are both liable if your child gets hurt. so, you found a “hack” to make your child tall enough and put their hair up in a high bun or ponytail, reality check: that doesn’t work, the height is measured from the top of their head, not their hair, just like their pediatrician does. if the guest gets injured or worse and it turns out the guest was not tall enough to be able to SAFELY participate, that operator faces potential legal and criminal liability, that’s right, the operator can be charged with criminal offenses. so, next time you or anyone in your party is denied due to any physical requirement, please keep in mind, you could be putting that operator(s) in a very compromising position. as a lead, I will always back my operators, as long as it is within reason. Remember, almost tall enough will not hold up in court.

        1. Me

          I agree this is really dangerous. I’ve worked in the industry for five years and no way would be let these hacks destroy lives.

  3. Jane smith

    I hate this kind of stuff. The reason the height requirement is in place isn’t to make you life miserable or disappointed your child it’s to make sure they don’t get killed. I’m sorry but a disappointed child is better than a dead one, then the parents are suing the part for negligence when in reality it’s their own stupidity.

    1. Sue

      And they say kids need education adults need it more. I said this before and I will say it again it’s the grown ass people that are making these theme parks bad. They think they are above rules I never thought there where so many stupid people in this world.

      1. Suk this

        Yes there are many stupid in this world.

        Why I keep saying covid took the out the wrong ones

  4. Brad

    And this is how rides get shut down and all the guest blame the park instead of the true culprit.

    1. Ihatestupidpeople

      Someone needs to show those parents the video of that heavy kid that got on the ride and got thrown off someone needs to show them the picture of him flying off the roller coaster and the Splat of his head hitting the ground and remind them that that could be their child that doesn’t come home at night because of their stupidity your kid might be disappointed that they can’t ride it but they’ll get over it just take them on another ride that they like at least they’ll get it to be able to tuck them in tonight that other family sure as hell wishes they had that for their child

  5. stephen

    I love when people think that if they simply delete something off their account as if it is gone forever. Nothing ever disappears off the internet.

    Also this “hack” ranks up there with the people that who put thick soled shoes on their kid to try and get around the height requirements. Anyone caught doing that automatically waives their right to sue for damages since you were stupid enough to try and get around the rules.

  6. The voice of reason

    Height requirements are not there to destroy your vacation. Theme park workers are not ruining your child’s day by enforcing the rules. You are doing that by promising your child something you shouldn’t be promising them. Your child’s head has to hit the height stick…. Not their hair… It has to make contact with the top of their head. Theme park workers are trained to watch for altered shoes. You’re not clever. You’re not the “cool” parent…. You’re putting your child’s life in danger. Please do not do this.

  7. Not a big deal

    OMG, It’s Spiderman, Not Velocicoaster, a couple inches is not going to make a difference, especially if put between 2 adults. If a parent is going to do this, they are not the type to start a lawsuit. I’ve helped mine gain an inch at Disney because face it, all of their rides are kiddie rides anyway.

    1. Follow the rules

      It is a big deal. Even if this child was allowed to go on that ride, one wrong turn can cause her to slip out from in between her parents.

      If anything happens to her, that cast member could and would be held responsible because he overlooked her height. They would also have to deal with the guilt.

      Think back to the young man who was turned down for every ride at Icon except for the one that killed him. If the staff would have turned him away, he would still be alive and an entire park staff would not have that image burned into their minds.

      1. Think Logically

        Have you ever been on Spiderman? you would need to be launched into the air to get out of that vehicle and if there was enough force to do it your height wouldn’t matter. The guy at icon was too damn fat to fit into the restraints, completely different.

        1. Krod Mandoon

          Nope haven’t been on it, but I’ll just go ahead and take the word of the professional safety risk assessment person than you. I believe that would be thinking logically…

      2. Steve

        You are talking put your ass. The vehicles are almost completely enclosed on that ride.

      3. Gg

        Oviously you haven’t been on spider man ride. You watching a screen and the car jerks , twist, plumbs . All at an turtle pace speed. Even if she did slip off the seat yo would fall into the floorboard of the car. I agree rules aren’t meant to be broken. But spider man the height is set to high anyways. A little leaway wouldn’t hurt.

    2. Raginhari

      Sounds like the normal “Risk safety instead of telling your kid no” parenting that’s going around these days. Smooth brain talk.

    3. Marvin

      Exactly! The height requirements probably already take into account an extra inch or so for soles, otherwise you’d have to take them off.
      34″ – SAFE!!
      33 3/4″ – DEAD?? C’mon! use your brain.

    4. Thomas

      If you think Disneyland rides are just “kiddie rides”, explain that to Brandon Zucker’s family. Look it up and read the story, then you’ll understand why they take these precautions.

    5. Seriously!?!

      People like you are the the problem. You’re all part of the “I don’t like to tell my kids no” generation. You were entitled, spoiled brats as children, still are entitled as parents, and raising a generation of entitled, spoiled brats who don’t recognize authority. Great job.

    6. Giselle

      Agreed I live in Florida I been to every theme park and the height requirements dont make sense. I seen 36 inches for a fast outdoor rollercoaster but 40 for a inside ride that moves around in a box. I seen kids meet height requirements n still move around like a rag doll cause of weight n what does the parent do hold their kid thats it.

    7. Bryan

      But I think it also has to do with how the lap bar is and how intense the ride is.

  8. So they were willing to sacrifice their child’s life and safety? No thanks. I will keep my boy alive thank you! Requirements are there for a reason. The cast member was just doing his job!

  9. billnyenotascienceguy

    In my opinion DHS should be called because those people shouldn’t be parents. People have been killed recently because of “safety requirements” that weren’t enforced so you thought it was a good idea to hack the system. Complete morons.

    1. Marvin

      Does this apply to everyone who has a firearm in their home not locked in a cabinet or with a trigger lock? Cause I bet you I know which will have the greater probability of child harm.

      1. billnyenotascienceguy

        That would require the child to find the gun, not taking the child to the gun and saying here play with this. Which is the case here.

  10. Mickeymouse3

    Sure mom/dad, make your kid taller so they can get on a ride they shouldn’t be on. Maybe you can get a front row seat to witness their demise when they get hurt or worse. Oh, and don’t forget to console the worker, who you scammed, and other patrons after they are forced to witness the horror of a child tragedy. But hey, those ride pics have to be taken. Those social media posts have to be made. All in the name of coddling to your kid’s wants. Follow the rules so the rest of us can enjoy things. It really isn’t that hard.

    1. Raginhari


  11. Teddy Gingerich

    The first time we visited Disneyland after Indiana Jones opened, our oldest daughter was 7. And despite being tall for her age, she was an inch shy of the required height. Would she have been safe? Probably. The ride is bumpy and jerky but not a high speed coaster. What did we do? We told her why she couldn’t ride, and that the next time we came she’d be tall enough. She was disappointed (this kid loved thrill rides), but understood.
    And she rode it a year later. She was fine.

  12. Carol

    And when she falls out and gets hurt they will sue. Very irresponsible parents!!!!!

  13. Me

    Child endangerment. Simple as that.

  14. Purple Haired SJW

    All of you need to get the pickle out your asses. She’s almost tall enough and spiderman isn’t even a dangerous ride. Your telling me if she sits next to her father and he holds her to make sure she’s safe she’s going to go anywhere? You guys are acting like they dummied her height so she can go bungy jumping. You guys need to get a grip on reality.

    1. Raginhari

      It’s easy for you to say when it’s not your ass on the line.

      1. billnyenotascienceguy

        I think that purple dye penetrated your brain.

    2. Bryan

      Let’s see the hair pit up like that and the socks or whatever raising he shoes that can be a big height difference and also Spiderman only has one lap bar fir the entire row so the lap bar might not even touch her body, it barely touched mines when I was four. But height does matter because like people were saying what if she slid under the lap bar or soemthing else happened. Spiderman does have some intense movement.

  15. Omg

    Can you stop pretending these horrible TikTok reactions are news?

  16. Wendy

    Putting your kid at risk for nothing is peak scum

  17. Amber

    Last summer, in CA, my youngest daughter was finally 48″ tall. She was allowed to ride all the 48″ rides at Six Flags in Valencia. This included the massive Goliath coaster. But when we went to Universal the next day they said she wasn’t quite tall enough for Harry Potter, also 48″. It was annoying, but we just told her next time. And when we returned in December she was tall enough without question. It is frustrating if they measure up for one ride and not the next. Although we didn’t experience an issue, I remember when my oldest was 40″ a lot of people online said Jumping Jellyfish 40″ markers were taller than others; one blogger fan site even used a measuring tape to prove it. I like that some parks have wrist bands, so they only have to measure once.

    1. Amber

      Adding: if you’re not familiar with West Coast parks, Jumping Jellyfish is at California Adventure in the Disneyland Resort.

  18. Rodger

    At the entrances to both Islands of Adventure, where this ride is located, and Universal Studios there are height requirements posted for all of the rides so you know if your tall enough before you get to those rides. It makes it easier to know whether or not to bother getting in line for a ride long before you get to it. These parents have no excuse.

  19. Nikki Pennington

    I worked at Six Flags for 3 years. Height and weight restrictions are NO JOKE. For example, one particular water slide has a weight restriction because of one of the curves. If one is too heavy it’s possible they could fly right off the slide at that curve. Another ride where the bars come down over the shoulders, I’ve seen ride attendants push on the bars on heavier guests to make the harness “click”. Well that caused a guest to pass out because the bar cut off their oxygen. Height restrictions are quite obvious. They are set for a reason and altering your child’s true measurements is dangerous and could even cost a life. Just…. Don’t!

  20. Hola

    Honestly, I wouldn’t consider this a hack. It is basically putting your child in danger even if it is a shy of 1/2-2″ mark and remember your weight does increase to. The ride maybe slow but there is still some jerks during the ride, even enclosed she could end up getting kicked or stomped on if she slips out of the seatbelt. I wonder if these are the same people who don’t use booster seats for their child.

  21. SUE

    The height requirements are actually there to protect kids from accidental injury. The safety restraints are meant to restrain people of at least a certain height. Faking a height is putting your child in danger and an example of irresponsible parenting.

    1. Kim

      Did it all the time when my kids were little and would do it again still. I put socks at the bottom of their shoes to make them taller. They are grown now and doing great. Just like I did when there were no seat belt laws when I was a kid.

      1. Liliana

        Not a valid reason for others to follow your opinion.

  22. C.

    I find it interesting all these people being so outraged for violating the rules, however these people are the same ones that come to the defense of criminals because a police officer uses what they believe is unnecessary force especially when a criminal has a weapon and intends to use it. Or a criminal is in a altered state of mind because of drug use and is a danger to themselves and others. But the rules take a back seat to those incidents don’t they?

  23. Patches

    If riding was so dang important, why didn’t they wait to visit when her height wasn’t questionable. Sure that may be a year later, but it’s better than being her last ride ever.

  24. EntitledParentsStink

    Also great lesson in teaching your kid that rules and guidelines meant for everyone don’t apply to them! The entitlement is just sickening. And God forbid their child got hurt or killed, the first thing they’d do is sue, instead of acknowledging that they themselves put their child into unnecessary and completely avoidable danger

  25. Sora

    Funny I was just about to mention that. Feel bad for the staff though. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Not there fault though rule requirements are there for a good reason.

  26. Kim

    I’m not furious… I did that ALL THE TIME when my kids were little. I would stuff their shoes with socks to make them taller. Did it all the freaking time and would do it again if they were still little and not tall enough. Don’t like it, too bad. I also grew up when seatbelts were not a law and people survived just fine. Go parents!!! Good for them!!!

    1. Sandra g

      People died in accidents before seatbelts that they survive now if properly belted. Ditto with child seats. My RN husband was one of those people who had to deal with the results of stupid people who ignored safety measures. Too many dead children whose parents failed to secure them gave him nightmares comparable to those he had about his combat experiences. Just follow the damn rules.

  27. Syl P.

    I used to work at the original Jurassic Park The Ride at Universal Hollywood from 1996 – 1998. Parents were always trying to pull these stunts. I had one parent take her child into the restroom to stuff her shoes with toilet paper. Fortunately all ride ops are trained for these situations. Shame on those parents.

  28. Jean

    Then the parents would be ready to sue if the child got hurt. Idiots!

  29. Outraged parent

    The rules are there for a reason that’s why they have made ride swap at theme parks so both parents can experience it while not endangering tour child. My son is 3 and was tall enough for the slinky Rollercoaster but he ain’t going on it ever again even though he met the requirements I still had to put my arm to restrain him more cause the ride was rough and it was rough on him.

  30. Mark

    I would do anything to make my little girl happy, except risk her safety!

  31. Ann

    I seen this happen at Disneyland on Thunder Mountian Railroad. A father tried to get his little girl through by changing her shoes. The employee recognized him from his prior attempt and called him out. She told him “sir, you went and changed her shoes. She is not tall enough to ride, you are putting her in danger” and denied them on the ride.

  32. M

    Kids should be measured and given a wristband worn tight enough where they cant slip it on and off.

    1. M

      At the front gate

  33. Ash

    Heck I’ve been to places that won’t let you on the ride if you don’t take your shoes off, if your to close to the height limit, just in case your shoes are adding height. Height requirements are there for your safety the restraints will only hold people of a certain size in and if your to small you risk being sent flying out of the ride the moment it gets to rough, let staff members do their job and keep you safe that’s what they are doing when they refuse someones admission to a ride

  34. Anthony

    Hey Karens out in the world! Height requirements are there for a reason. Obey them. Stop being selfish, and complete idiots. Because if a child gets injured on a ride because of your stupidity, that will not may, WILL ruin a lot of people’s days, not to mention your own child’s life is at risk that’s the most selfish part. Smh.

    Theme park employees stick to your guns, don’t let people slide by on this. Be aware and be strick. Who cares if they get upset you guys are doing great jobs.

  35. Ihatestupidpeople

    Someone needs to show those parents the video of that heavy kid that got on the ride and got thrown off someone needs to show them the picture of him flying off the roller coaster and the Splat of his head hitting the ground and remind them that that could be their child that doesn’t come home at night because of their stupidity your kid might be disappointed that they can’t ride it but they’ll get over it just take them on another ride that they like at least they’ll get it to be able to tuck them in tonight that other family sure as hell wishes they had that for their child

    1. A child of the 70s

      If my child was a hair under the limit I don’t see the problem of making them a LITTLE taller. Now if we’re talking inches, or even a half inch, that’s a different story. But hey, I grew up when riding around in the bed of my father’s pickup truck was a normal thing. I do believe, however, that children should be made to remove their shoes for measuring. Any shoe adds height.

  36. Haha

    Of course they don’t care about their daughter, they named her “Presley” 😂

  37. Bryan

    But I think it also has to do with how the lap bar is and how intense the ride is.

  38. Liz

    And these are the same people that will sue everyone they can get their hands on when something goes wrong because they refused to listen to a rule

  39. Michaele

    And if gid forbid she had been hurt I’d killed the parents would be suing. Terrible parents

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