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Boba Fett and Fennec at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Pocho Villa

    Besides the rides and stores, there isn’t really much to do in the exterior of Disneyland’s batu. There really isn’t too many photos ops with characters. Disneyland’s Star Wars Laugh Bay in Tomorrow Land was fantastic because there were photo ops with characters but in a controlled environment.

  2. Nicole

    He overreacted a bit there. She barely touched him.

    1. Raginhari

      If I randomly ran up and grabbed your arm without any warning or consent you’d jerk away immediately to.

      1. Gen

        But squeamish are we? He’s in a business that requires him to be around hundreds of ppl daily and he’s freaking out because someone touched his arm? Wrong field for that.

        1. Krod Mandoon

          I bet if it was a dude grabbing at the arm of a princess, you’d be whistling a different tune

  3. Richardalorian

    At least he didn’t disintergtate her like Vader requested

    1. DarthVader

      Vader wait NO disintegrations!

  4. Jayne1955

    If they do this they should be removed from the park. It’s an expensive vacation but that doesn’t give visitors the right to act so self entitled.

    1. Todd R Hudson

      Really entitled? She barely touched was excited about seeing him. I feell like he felt himself entitled because he was Boba Fett and was being a jerk. Its one thing to say no i cant because of something else is happening. But i do feel this might have been being in character as well. Ive been and got arrested by the storm troopers for saying kylo would never be as good as his grandaddy. I got taking all away to the front of the line where kylo was so i could be delt with. This video probably is taken out of context to be honest.

  5. Molly

    Oh this happens constantly. I saw it all the time. The biggest issue is it can be a safety thing for cast members. Those costumes can be heavy, and cumbersome. If someone decides to grab you and throw you off balance, you can really hurt yourself. This also doesn’t just apply to costume cast members, even though they get the brunt of the issue. I was grabbed many, many times and I was not a costume character.

    1. Bored

      This is the most likely reason. I’m sure he can’t see well out of that helmet and she cut in front of him as he was walking. Then he could probably only see her arm moving towards his. He swatted it away and moved on. This article is ridiculous.

  6. TimW

    Wow, they didn’t cry RAC-IST!!! What a missed opportunity

    1. Patric Riley

      Oh look, another braindead.

  7. Jruggf

    In other news, someone taps Yogi Bear on the shoulder at Canada’s Wonderland.

    1. Bob

      Guest’s picnic lunch later found missing from backpack.

      1. Jerk

        I blame boo boo.

  8. Clark

    “Newcomer Boba Fett”

    Uh… I’m sorry… what?!

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