Comments for Dwayne Johnson Avengers Comments Won’t Sit Well With Marvel Fans

Dwayne Johnson on The Avengers

Credit: ABC (left)


  1. Kurt

    Never seen a ROCK movie.
    Neve seen an AVENGERS movie.

    1. Kairi

      Than why reading about them ? Yawn

  2. GASP

    So what you are saying is an actor who is starring in a major movie role is bashing the rival company so maybe more people will come see his movie? Colored me shocked.

  3. Patrick

    So you lack the intelligence to follow the plot? That’s not the least bit surprising!😉

  4. Ah yes, what do you guys have again ….Oh that’s right Batman. DC movies sucks, no mater what you donisntruing to be better then Thor Dark World.

  5. MaliWali

    He’s right but he’s wrong; Marvel characters are scared, well fleshed out, and feel other human emotions. DC characters (other than batman) are all hyper brooders and lack a human feeling. Fear is just wisdom Dwayne; it’s not like they’re mewling in a corner looking for tata milk.

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