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Guests sitting in Madame Leota's room with the lights on in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Credit: Reddit User u/starvinfilmstudent


  1. Mark Anthony Haverland

    I worked at Disneyland in the engineering department.
    I did the drawings for the Haunted Mansion Electrical upgrade.
    It was Cool! We redesigned all of the controls. One of my better contract positions.
    Mark Haverland

  2. Bill Kowalski

    Many of the original rides were no. Once a while, I think I’ve been through a stoppage on just about all the major wins. Hall of Presidents, Small World (that 15 minutes was enough to drive the trapped guests insane), Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Tiki Room and the People Mover. Pretty much everything except the Walt Disney story. I’m talking about 40 to 50 years ago when my family went there twice a year. I think the control technology had a lot of room for improvement back then. But an expected stoppage was always such a fun way to study a ride and what the crew did when something went wrong!

  3. Jeff

    My dad worked at Disneyland
    So I saw Tons of rides with the lights on including Space Mountain Pirates of the Caribbean no biggie I don’t think it’s actually a news story lol it happens all the time lol 🤣

  4. Mike G

    Well of course there are no screens. Even with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay, it’s done in the same style as HM. Meaning no stupid screens like garbage of the Galaxy or Runaway Railway or most of the new modern rides

  5. Marilyn

    Magic is long gone😣😣😣

  6. Theresa

    My daughter and I we’re just walking by when we overheard if you cast members talking about the incident someone in a group decided to scatter their loved ones cremated remains.

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