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  1. kathleen

    My adult daughter and I went to Merriest Nights last year. It was amazing. We had a wonderful time, did not need to wait 2 hours for A Christmas Fantasy Parade and the pictures at night with so few people made it special.

    Because of early entry, we were able to go on many DL rides before the event started. Then because we decided to stay overnight, we were able to not be rushed at DCA and DL the next day.

    This is a great disappointment. I had saved my brochure from last year to remind me to order tickets as soon as they became available. It was expensive, but well worth it.

  2. Shery

    “Beloved event”? Last year was the 1st and only time they have ever had this at Disneyland. Lol From what I heard it was disappointing. I’m sure that their profit margin is much higher having the park open to all guests during this time. Especially since the Holidays have always been some of their busiest days. I’m also sure that the people with trips already planned during this time will be happy to hear they won’t be kicked out of the park early for a special event. What works in Florida doesn’t always work in Anaheim and Visa versa.

  3. Carla S

    We went the first night and it had some hiccups. We loved it and even went back to do anything night. Ram much smoother! We enjoyed and we’re really excited for this year. Very disappointed they decided to cancel it.

  4. Mahmoud Iskar

    There needs to be more representation

  5. Jess

    This was my Christmas gift to my mother last year and we had a great time. We were planning to go back this year and have been keeping an eye out for tickets to go on sale. It was a fantastic event, not disappointing in the slightest; very sad it’s not coming back this year.
    Also, all the people complaining about getting kicked out of the park? Disneyland shut down at 8pm, California Adventure remained open as did downtown Disney. There was still plenty to do for the Two Hours they didn’t get in Disneyland on one night of their trip. It was a minor inconvenience at best. For the locals, it’s nice to have these sorts of events so we can enjoy the park too.

  6. MasterDisney

    Its not cancel. According to disneylandnews.com. Pleaser get your sources correct.

  7. Dawn

    Hopefully they will never have it again. Keep the over-priced events like this at WDW, we really don’t need them here.

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