Comments for 68% of Fans Say Disney World Has Lost its Magic Due to Exorbitant Costs

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  1. Ryan J

    Of course they are out of touch with prices. It will only get worse, but the corwds are just plain crazy there. I dont see any other way to calm the crowds down without either limiting capacity even more or raising prices. I went last year with my 2 kids. I got my hotel at a moderate, and park tickets through military discount programs. With dinners, merch, and airfare it cost me almost 5k for 4 days. Back it up 5 years when I went with my ex, 2 kids, and ex MIL, stayed at Art of Animation in a family room. Park hoppers, merch, dinning plan, and rental car from IL to FL and back. We were there for 6 days plus tickets and hotel at Universal for 2 days cost only a faction more. That says a lot. I didnt even do any discounts on that trip. Its crazy how much prices have increased.

    I wont go again till Tron is open and been running for a while. Even then It will probably just be me and my GF stay at Shades of Green and do 2 days at the park.

  2. Steve

    I don’t really think it is the costs. I think it is the value and the perception of value.

    Disney has always been expensive. However, it has also always been a top-of-class experience with a very inclusive business model.

    Not anymore. Before you even get our of your car you’re being nickel and dimed. Pay to park at your hotel. Pay extra to park at the park. Pay for Genie to maybe cut lines. Pay extra when the ride you wanted isn’t included. Pay for photo pass. Pay for the wildly overpriced food and drink.

    Then, the quality is cut. New rides are mostly screens. Old rides languish in a state of disrepair not befitting a carnival sideshow until Disney decides to retheme them to screens playing cheap IP content. Entertainment outside of seated shows cut to practically zero. Drains clogged so badly parks flood daily. No room cleaning at hotels, but they still invade your privacy daily. Classic hotels get gutted to replace them with gaudy 2000s motel DVC rooms. Monorails sound like they are about to fall apart, oh wait, THEY DID.

    See the problem? You can charge top dollar up front, you can nickel and dime once guests arrive, OR you can cut cuts to a bare minimum to operate. You can do one and survive. Disney does all 3. It don’t last.

    1. Well said, not to mention the customer service is so much less anymore — the last 2 visits to WDW within the past year is what we have noticed– poor customer service, upkeep of the transportation(wait times are crazy for transportation or the monorail consistently breaks down at the wrong times) and cleanliness of the rooms and parks themselves– these things cannot happen when you charge the prices you do and MOST people have little ones or pregnant moms…so we have decided to wait awhile before we go back…and we are DVC members but getting close to selling that off too

  3. Jay Smith

    I easily spend over $10,000 on each Disney trip and I felt that my money’s worth is less over time.

    1. Lili Roberts

      I easily spent $25,000 on each trip, get on my level small fry.

  4. Richard B

    I’m a Canadian and I ‘was’ a big fan of Disney.
    Since 4-5 years, it’s insane how much the price raised !
    And, it’s a 25% much expensive for me due to the currency exchange CAD – US ! With the retired of Fastpass +, it’s just another bad ‘point’ of the magic ! One small positive thing, Disney Spring is still free of cost for the parking and for the entrance.

  5. We normally stay 6-7 nights at a moderate/deluxe. Prices are going up. I miss all the perks cheapskate bob took away. During covid, we had to pick up our luggage and stand in line like cattle for Disney Express (before that went away). Took an hour and half to get to the point we were getting on the bus from the airport. Room at Carribean Beach was not cared for unless we called the front desk. Walk to skyliner from preferred room was a hike. Wearing masks inside and out. Worst disney trip ever.
    Fast forward to today–no perks. Happy to be able to afford 4 nights at a Value. Not breathing through a paper diaper. Paying for transportation to and from the airport. No meal plans. We are not paying for park hopper. Going in the off season. Wish I had any kind of discount. Not all castmembers are nice. Danger in the park with the angry drunks on the loose.

  6. Jenna

    I just went during this past summer and felt like I wasted my money. There was no enjoyment anymore and it was sad.

  7. Disappointed

    We just got back from a trip that we did the exact same dates as last year, same resort. We noticed a price increase in just a year. Tickets were only slightly higher. But the resort was $152 a night last year, now $201 a night this year. Same room! “Counter meal” type food (like pasta at the resort) went from $10 something, to $13 something. Restaurant for three was $180 after tax and tip. Needless to say, we only ate at two restaurants, we had counter meals the rest of the time. Counter meals for 3, each meal were $43-45 after tax. So for 3 people to eat just counter meals in one day is a budget of $130-135 a day. That’s without snacks or drinks. Just counter meals like hamburgers and stuff. Ten years ago, this same resort for the same date was $79 a night. $79 to $201 a night in ten years time. We didn’t do genie because it costs more and we would be slaves to our phones (not yo mention have yo plan out what times to do various rides), so we did stand by only. We thought it round fine because it was off season. It was pretty crowded for Sept. We probably won’t be coming back for awhile. Do other vacations like a cruise, or different country instead. It’s getting so expensive to do Disney. And I don’t like to pay to have my whole day planned out just to save time in line.

    1. Disappointed

      Sorry, my phone autocorrected “to” to “yo” and “would” to “round” lol! I also forgot to mention that last year we had magical express. This year we had to pay for transport to and from the airport. The Halloween Party has gone up quite a bit too. Not worth it, with that insane crowd. We saw adults pushing past kids! In a kids park!

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