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play pavilion

Credit: Disney


  1. Jeannette Sanchez

    I would like to bring back Spaceship Earth Overhaul. That’s I want!

  2. Justin

    Amazing disney keeps using covid as an excuse. Yet universal started velocicoaster in June 2019 and open by may 2021. Covid didn’t slow them down. Whats the next excuse for delayed construction. Too hot

  3. EricJ

    Oh, whew, they’re KEEPING the Play pavilion!

    Scared me there, for a while, mentioning the Mary Poppins Returns thing at the beginning…Good to know that one’s still toast.

    1. Htk

      The Play Pavilion isn’t happening. They are doing necessary repairs but NOTHING on the inside has even been started to theme the previous project.

  4. Htk

    The project at Epcot has turned into a chintzy retrofit and compromised vision. A shell of its former self. Truly pathetic to keep using Covid as an ongoing excuse. Shameful

  5. Ry

    How about not getting rid of Splash Mountain altogether and leaving it in one USA park. Tiana aint that popular

  6. Love Walt

    Princess and the frog is a great theme, but closing your most popular ride to make way? Shows how stupid the world has become. The only people offended by zip a Dee Doo da are the perpetually offended that we should all be ignoring. Leave us alone Karen.

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