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The Simpsons Family and Millhouse

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  1. Jason

    I am a fan of the Simpson. Don’t take it off the air. That is just wrong.

    1. P

      Keep it!

      1. Anonymous

        It has treated us well but I think if they take it off the air it should get a proper send off season if not bring a few old members of the crew back for one season and if they do good they could keep it

    2. Devin

      Did Anyone actually read the article? 🙄

  2. T

    The same way how most marvel, Star Wars, and other Disney series premiere on Disney +, The Simpson’s should get the same treatment, while airing on public networks.

  3. Patricia McCarl

    Love The Simpson’s!

  4. M

    The thing is that the main cast who voices Bart, Lisa, Homer and Marge are now in their late 50s (Being Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith) to their mid 60s (Nancy Cartwright) to their early 70s (Julie Kavner) aren’t getting younger and something tells me Disney or someone else is planning to replacing them when they either retire or pass away to prolong the show into the future which is going to anger more people than anything.

    1. Bart Simpson who the hell are you?

      Don’t have a cow man.

    2. Jayne1955

      I don’t know if replacing any of the main characters will cause an uproar or not. I know Russi Taylor, who played several characters, Doris Grau, who played the lunch lady, Phil Hartman, who played Troy McClure and Marcia Wallace, who played Edna all have passed away. Harry Shearer, who played Lovejoy, was also replaced. But they completely removed Apu, which irritated me more than replacing some of the other characters.

  5. Danielle

    I love The Simpsons. Please keep them on the air. 😊

  6. Rob

    Simpsons forever 😁

  7. Wb

    Of course Disney won’t cancel it until they wreck it for everyone, how else will they get your money and convince you to get Disney plus when they take Simpsons off of regular TV

  8. Lee Roy

    Disney ruins everything they get their hands on, but im going to continue to watch until they make it disney pluss exclusive, then im out

    1. Isaac Sanders

      I like the Simpsons & Disney but not in crossover stuff unless its with teenage & higher Disney movies/shows. Simpsons was a cartoon for teenagers. Its not a good mix with ones like Snow White, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, etc. You can tell a money hungry idiot is running Disney now & not a fan oriented person like Bob Iger!

  9. Jack Mehoffer

    Poochie had to go back to his home planet in Season#8. ’nuff said.

    1. Jodi Woods

      That is too bad. I understand. But I hate that we are at the end

  10. A

    Grew up watching Simpsons and is now literally the only thing I watch on Disney+ 😶 love them forever!!

  11. Chris

    If it wasn’t for the Simpsons I’d cancel Disney+ in a second. Nothing on there but woke garbage. Leave the Simpsons alone.

    1. Booker

      🙄Here we go,there’s always one.That train is never late. Somebody always in here with Their Woke(ness) bull 💩 if you don’t like what Disney’s doing then do us a favor and feel free to not watch,unsubscribe, whatever.

    2. Jayne1955

      I don’t understand this woke idea. The Simpsons got rid of Apu because he was too stereotypical and you don’t think that’s woke?

  12. I love the simpsons. If you take it off the air, your erasing my childhood.

    1. Dawn

      You can buy the DVD’s….

  13. Eagames

    Its so hard to watch their new ones.

  14. Patrick

    I would say put together a movie or pair of movies that will ultimately connect with STAR WARS, the MCU & SIMPSON’S fans, have it release shortly after AVENGERS: SECRET WARS, satirize the 💩 out of all of it(maybe even include Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool?) Have it be about the family coming home for some ITCHY & SCRATCHY milestone, we watch the characters as they go through the events of the theme song meeting characters from all over town & the history of the show(Largo to the Flanders) have all kinds of references. They converge on the SIMPSON’S living, turn on the TV, then Homer says “Thanks for watching” while looking at the screen.
    We pan out to the Bundy’s living room where the entire cast of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is watching…
    AL: Now *THAT’S* how you end a hit sitcom! *HAND IN PANTS!😂🤣

    1. Arthur

      Frankly I think the final ‘couch gag’ should be the Simpsons rushing to the couch only to find the actual voice actors sitting in their spots (if they use this, I want royalties).

  15. Jayne1955

    If they can keep coming up with fresh ideas, they should keep it. If it’s run it’s course they should stop it.

  16. Gavin

    Guys listen. Yeah its an old show and it’s been running for 30 years, but its a classic, it’s funny. I legit am in the middle of watching it, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Let’s keep this timeless treasure up on here

  17. Mom

    This is one show that my kids and I gather to watch together (unless football boots it out that Sunday-blech.)

  18. _r_ng_

    The Simpsons is one of the best shows on television. They could literally make it forever and it’d never get old. Especially when they start letting people collaborate on season long story arcs, it’ll open up the capabilities of the Simpsons. Watch the intro by Don Hertzfeldt to see the future of the show.

  19. Lenora

    I watch ever single new episode of the Simpsons when they pop up on Hulu, usually as soon as they become available because the show came out when my mom was 8, and my grandma loved the first episode so much she taped it for her Christmas collection the night it first aired, and my father was a young teen when it aired, so when I was born they loved that I loved the show, and now I watch every kid friendly episode I find with my baby sisters after I watch them with my fiance, it’s fun, and always something I can trust, plus Simpsons just started to pull heartfelt stories out again, it’s kinda crazy how many times I teared up watching last seasons episodes, so please keep the show going, maybe ask the cast if they could pick anyone to take over for them at any point who would it be, if they don’t want anyone to take over, end the show when the cast decides, not when we decide because fans will always want Simpsons to go on in some way, anyways sorry for the long comment, have a good day

  20. JD

    They need to make a whole separate series for the Simpsons set in the future similar to the random future episodes we already have but focused on the “kids” grown up loves and events. That would keep it alive in my opinion.

  21. JD

    They need to make a whole separate series for the Simpsons set in the future similar to the random future episodes we already have but focused on the “kids” grown up lives and events. That would keep it alive in my opinion.

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