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Walt Disney at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Hola!

    The new one really does look more like the actual original. Such a small detail. Move on folks!

  2. Mason

    So the Walt Disney Company is slowly canceling Walt Disney. I remember when my sister did the DCP she said that Disney was trying to cancel Walt.

    1. Jayne1955

      No one is canceling Walt Disney.If you looked at the picture of the original lamp, the new one is much more like that one was.

    2. Shaye

      That would literally break my heart. How can you take the Walt out of Disney. He IS Disney. There would be no Disney without Walt.

  3. Wing

    “Canceling” the man who is responsible for “happiest place on Earth” he must be flipping in his grave right now if he can only see what these woke activists have done to his beloved creation and his descendants are 1,000% useless.

    1. Jayne1955

      No one is canceling him. The new lamp is more correct to the time period, as you can see if you look at the picture of the original lamp.

    2. Joknows

      you’re not much of a reader, eh??

    3. barbara

      I agree. If it ain’t t broke don’t change. I love Walt Disney. zi have said my appreciation for his creation for many years. Yes for me it is happiest place on earth. Thank you Walt. You are forever in my heart. Barbara H

    4. Lol

      Hi Dumptard! First learn to read before opening your mouth!
      And how did I know that this article toils bring out all the Dumptards that speak without thinking. lTM sure knows what they’re doing!

  4. Chris Wood

    The question that begs to be asked, is why they felt the need to change it?

    1. Jayne1955

      Either it broke or they wanted to make it look more like his original one?

      1. Claude

        Quel grand homme.
        Homme de paix et homme futuriste

  5. pearl (she/her)

    oh my god can you babies calm down, no one is canceling Walt Disney just because they updated the tribute in the window. it is literally still there, it’s just a different lamp, which is even more accurate to the original one he had. the previous lamp was not the original either. grow. UP. yall grownass adults should NOT be getting this worked up over a family theme park where a talking mouse reigns supreme.

    1. Katie


    2. Tom Andrews

      Anyone who adds their freaking pronouns next to their name should not be allowed to comment!

      1. pearl (she/her)

        i just like to be addressed properly, tom! i think you’d be a little sad if i called you “she” or a woman, now wouldn’t you, cis man? god you manbabies get worse every day LOL

        1. Doesnt matter

          Whats a cis man? You mean a normal man?

          1. pearl (she/her)

            no, i don’t mean a “normal” man actually, because you cis men can be far from decent sometimes. being born male doesn’t automatically make you a man, as this comment section is displaying perfectly. clearly it must be about more than what you’re born as seeing as all the amab men in this comment section are behaving like whiny children.

          2. KK


      2. WZ

        Agreed, anybody with pronouns next to their name is obviously not right in the head

        1. pearl (she/her)

          everyone has pronouns dude idk what they taught you in elementary school but I think your mommy needs a refund

          1. J

            No they don’t.

          2. pearl (she/her)

            lol??? you don’t have pronouns?? “i” and “me” and “my” are pronouns, my guy,,, so is “you” lmaooo they were right when they said the conservatives ain’t pay attention in school XD

          3. M

            No they don’t. Normal people who are not on Twitter 24/7 don’t have pron or don’t have an endless there is for validation like obviously you do don’t have pronouns and are fully aware of and comfortable about who and what they are you on the other hand are the reason why Mental Hospitals need to be a thing again.

          4. pearl (she/her)

            i list my pronouns for two reasons, even though i was born female. one, because i like to be referred to properly, as would anyone. i think it’s a great idea to just let people know your pronouns when you meet. two, it pisses off sensitive little crybabies like you, which makes it all the more better. imagine getting upset by pronouns that everyone is born with lol, ain’t your mother call you “he” and “him” all your life? pronouns. grow up and pay attention in class lol.

      3. Lol

        Anyone who’s a mindless Dumptard shouldn’t be allowed to breathe! Stick to the article, “Tom”.

    3. Shaye

      Some of us have very sentimental attachments to what Disney used to be. Please don’t be rude and try to tell us how we should feel about the changes. We are allowed to feel and allowed to grieve the Disney that is once was. The “woke” Disney is just trying to make it their way and please the 15% of people that are demanding the changes which in fact DOES kill off the original wonderfulness that we loved about the parks. Please don’t tell us how we need to feel. Thank you.

  6. What caught my attention was at Disney World on the construction walls used to have a lot of Walt Disney quotes and a quotes were about working hard having dreams and working hard to achieve those dreams and we know that’s not what a lot on the left want to hear

    1. Anna

      What does this have to do with the lamp? The lamp has no political stance….reread your post because it is irrelevant.

    2. Salle

      It’s good, the people worship Walt Disney borders on creepy. He is not the man people admire. The man on TV for them growing up is Walt Disney the character, not Walt Disney the man.

    3. Jayce

      You honestly think Conservatives are the only people in this country who work hard? Grow up, snowflake.

  7. Jayne1955

    The new lamp is more correct for the time period. Gaudy was in back then. If you don’t believe me just check out some period wallpaper.



  9. Gino

    This is a complete non-story. There is plenty to complain about when it comes to the Disney Company but this is the tiniest nit I have ever seen picked. Disney does and has always changed out props around the parks for any number of reasons.

    Walt is certainly rolling over in his grave, but not because they changed a lamp. Insanely high ticket prices, parking prices that are more than 20 times opening day ticket prices, support of sexually grooming children, and toxic wokeism are far bigger stories than this lamp.

  10. Carol Staples

    No one body is to ever change anything about the man who was about everything and everyone during the creation of Disneyland and Disney world. Disney was the government and his spirit still is. He gave us many happy and true times. Forever love his legacy everybody. No changes are to be made. These corporate leaders just can’t understand what he really stood for. Humanity of the world 🌎.

    1. Nataku

      I agree heck not even a few people could on this thread can understand what he stood for only focusing on the bad side of Walt Disney.

  11. Tomas

    More WOKE stupidity to wipe out the memory of a gifted man of vision who brought joy, enchantment and excitement to generations of young people and adults alike. Walt Disney is an iconic figure who should be celebrated for his contribution to society and not extinguished at the urging of a few narrow minded knuckleheads.

  12. What happened?

    I used to work for the studios. The furnishings in the firehouse apartment are reproductions. Lillian Disney (Walt’s wife, was snubbed at a Christmas procession on Main Street. She was so furious, she took all of the furnishings, including Walt’s personal memorabilia, and moved them to Walt & Lilly’s home. That’s the new Disney for you. They don’t care about continuing Walt’s dream

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