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  1. Jamie Coughlin

    Nobody was looking forward to this, nobody.

    1. Chris

      I was 🙁

    2. John

      There’s absolutely nothing to be excited for, at least until the Sequels are retcons out of continuity and we get Luke Skywalker as a hero again who throws out the Jedi Orders No-Attachments BS… and hooks up with Mara Jade and has his own family. He is his father’s son after all. Not to mention that she is a compelling foil to his character and both characters kept each other on the right path.

      The appeal of Luke Skywalker was him facing the challenges that defeated his father but doing better. He should never have been made to be a broken failure, just a man struggling to rebuild what he didn’t have the full information on while dealing with an Empire that wasn’t fully destroyed.

      This does mean that the BoBF and Grogu episode needs a changed ending. Luke offering Grogu that choice was insanely hypocritical and out-of-character for Luke. If anything, Luke should just be treating it like a summer camp for younglings like Grogu. Training for a bit, then going back home until they’re ready to commit to the next steps. Just like his did with his nephews and niece in Legends. They could go home to Leia and Han quite often, or their parents could visit.

      Star wars is dead if they fail to fix their golden goose, which they previously sacrificed to just to lazily rehash the original trilogy.

      1. Mike

        There will never do that storyline. Luke was being strict because he knew that attachments open opportunities for the Sith. Besides, isn’t he dead too?

      2. Anna

        If they had done the sequels earlier, they could have done this. But by the time the sequels were being made, Luke was too old to be able to adapt the Mara Jade story. And they couldn’t just throw her in there with him without explanation. Only EU fans would understand, they are marketing to the wider world.

    3. Mike


    4. Darth Gator

      I might have been…if I hadn’t seen the God-awful movies and shows Disney has been vomiting out for the past 5 years.
      1 decent film, 2 mediocre films and 2 abominations. 1 decent show with the rest ranging from mediocre to terrible.

  2. Theo

    they should get the director of Top Gun Maverick… allot of fans were actually looking forward to this.

    1. Mike

      The director doesn’t matter, as long as it is better than Rise. After all, Emperor Palpatine was Dead and he certainly didn’t look like a force ghost to me!

  3. Justin

    Please… skip a hundred years… Go 100 years in the past. Just give us Jedi battles again and let’s leave this little time bubble, even for a while. Please lol.

    Obi Wan, Mandalorian… there’s are good shows. Continue them, but stop making new ones in this time period! So much to explore…

    1. Julio Figueroa

      I was going to agree with you until you said that Obi Wan was a good show. That show was pure garbage and it turned Obi Wan into a pathetic washed up loser just like they did with Luke. The writing was terrible, the villains were pathetic and Vader was turned into a moron just to glorify Reva which is to this point the most awful character Disney has ever conjured in SW.

      1. Mike

        Millions of real Star Wars Fans disagree with you about Obi Wan. First, he wasn’t washed up, he was Hiding! Second, his insight into Anakin is what made him look bad. Finally, the Villians were FANTASTIC! They made my skin crawl! The acting was unbelievable!

        1. Darth Gator

          Citation needed. I’d love to see the data that supports your claim. Of course, if you’re thekind of person who believes you can proclaim people to be “real Star Wars fans,” who, incidentally, just happen to be the people who agree with you, then you objectively aren’t qualified to identify a “real Star Wars fan.” Or to identify well-written characters of you think the villains in Obi-Wan are well written or even interesting.

    2. Mike

      Sure that would work too. However, Timothy Zahn’s books could easily make great movies. By the time Disney gets this done, there will not be any movie theatres left!

      1. Darth Gator

        I desperately hope Disney never torches any of the EU novels centered around Thrawn. They’ve already ruined a number of characters, and I definitely don’t want them to ruin more of my favorites. Unfortunately they’ve already started to ruin Thrawn.

  4. Cheryl

    Leave out the woke garbage and I might be interested in watching Star Wars again but for now I’ll skip any trash Star Wars that is put out there.

    1. Ted Cruz

      Yeah Cheryl, Star Wars is so “woke.” Stop the Fox News watching, rots your brain. How about the writing was just bad lol.

      1. Steve

        Oh look, another fake name. No wonder Elon doesn’t want Twitter. You leftists are mostly fake people.

        1. Jon

          But it’s not “woke” and therefore bad. It’s poorly written and therefore bad. If you care that a protagonist is something besides a white dude, you aren’t a star wars fan, period.

  5. Derik Van Derbeken

    1st Wonder Woman film was just okay. WW 1984 was not so good. So hiring the same director to direct a Star Wars spinoff would be really really not be good!

    1. Lino

      Star Wars went Woke, now it’s time for them to go broke. Until Disney let’s go of them I think I’m unfourtunely done with Star Wars. Sad but all good things come to an end. The fact they were going to use The Last Jedi Director again…yeah that’s a big no from me. Take care Star Wars, I’ll miss what you used to be.

      1. Beorn

        Dump all the garbage Kathleen Kennedy has been in charge of. Better yet… Dump Kathleen Kennedy! She is destroying singlehandedly the most valuable single creative property of all time. Just give it to Jon Favreau, for the love of God.

      2. Steve

        I think Star Wars is already broke. It was supposed to be a pillar of modern Disney, but projects are getting canceled or delayed.

  6. Bob

    Well, there’s 3 bombs waiting to drop by 3 over estimated and under talented “directors”

  7. DerekJR321

    Star Wars ended with RotJ as far as I’m concerned. Anything I wanted beyond that was in the 200+ books that Disney decided don’t exist anymore. Instead they make pointless movies like Solo, and even more pointless shows like “Andor”. Hey, spoiler alert… He dies.

  8. Anon

    I’d rather have a remake of the Rogue Squadron games tbh…

  9. Jeff Trester

    I was looking forward to this cuz I read the whole rogue squadron series multiple times as a teenager cuz I was always grounded. Even tho Rogue 1 is the only Star wars project that Disney actually did a good job on I would still be very happy to see it ESPECIALLY if Stackpole was involved.

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