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(l-r) beast, paige o'hara, and princess belle in front of cinderella castle at disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Steve

    A more European look? Clearly, a different time!

  2. RM

    WAKE UP YOU WOKE WORLD! Leave things alone. Disney studies hard what it’s characters should look like for the stories. Change it before the original movie comes out. Otherwise, leave things alone. Let’s change Tiana into a white Cajun red neck. Nope! Wouldn’t fit the story. If Belle is too perfect so be it. That’s the story! Good gawd people.

    1. Star

      Did you even read the article? They were talking about before the movie came out and when they were creating her character. They decided to change her looks to make her more relatable back then before they finally released the movie. The writer of the article should have chose a better title though

    2. Aaron

      Uh this was before the movie came out…her design wasn’t even finalized

  3. Star

    They should retitle the article, many will think they are talking about now as unfortunately many won’t read the whole article to see they are talking about the time when Belle was being created for the movie… many characters through different designs and styles before they are finalized and belle is one of them. They did a fantastic job back then on her and glad they chose to be a little less overly glamorous and more relatable. She is beautiful still.

  4. Mike

    Too late. They already made hee. She is hugely successful. Don’t change her. Let her good characteristics shine. Except for the Stockholm syndrome thing. That’s where you remind girls the story is fiction.

    1. Aaron

      They’re not changing her… read the article

  5. wesley

    Belle was my first cartoon crush when I was a kid. She is such a babe.

  6. Star

    I love and respect Paige O’Hara, and Belle is one of my favorite Disney characters, but I wish everyone would stop saying Belle was the first princess who wasn’t looking for a man. As if Ariel didn’t sing her entire song about wanting to be human so she could be free and feel understood and also have a huge grotto full of human artifacts before she ever met Eric :/

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