Comments for Disney Park Desperately Tries to Mend Problematic Offering, Fails as Guests Continue Breaking Park Rules

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  1. Linda

    Rules are rules. By buying a ticket the person agrees to theses rules. If they break them, ban them for life. No discussion necessary. It’s Disney’s park and rules.

  2. Jennifer

    If people want to go on the stage that badly, this is a Disney opportunity to make it safe and give people a designated time to be able to go on stage and propose. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind making more money.

    1. No rules are rules.

      1. Disney is a major corporation and they are worried about park guests going onto a stage. I think a lifetime ban or being arrested is just excessive. Kicking them out is good enough, but let them do their thing first.

    2. Chris Wood

      These things happen, because society is to weak to do what is nessesary. Banning these trouble makers is a start, arresting them is also a good start.

    3. Kathy

      Good idea!

  3. Lifetime ban for them and any family and friends that were in their group that day. Post their photo on a “wall of shame” at the entrance to remind others they need to comply.

    1. Kathy

      Sure sure! Let’s set up public flogging too! And Disney can charge to watch it!

  4. Chesean

    Nothing new here. When we were young we had much more amusing ways to break the rules at DLR. Like jumping off the boats of IASW and running through the ride on foot. Borrowing, rearranging, or breaking the dolls and other ride props. Smoking marijuana on the Peoplmover. Ok Smoking weed everywhere in the Park. Not to mention that was far from the most shocking behavior the PeopleMover staff had witnessed on a daily basis. Or even more extreme manners of breaking the rules like taking a dive from the Monorail platform into the waters of the submarine lagoon, or a bit of sightseeing from the roof of the IJ attraction building. Which was an easy climb from the long path the rides line would follow. Now where were we?

  5. Robert E McCallum

    Remove the stage. Use a portable stage when needed. Simple.

  6. Bill

    ITM: keeps writing negative articles about Disney. This is about the 10th one. Who is behind ITM? Grant it, Disney isn’t perfect, but why all the attacks, ITM?

    1. Shadup

      Attacks? . LOL!

  7. David L Langston

    Many people want to break the rule and after an Injury want to sue.They want to get in Disney’s deep pockets when they are clearly at fault

  8. TimW

    The solution is obviously a 6 foot fence.

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