Comments for Influencer Devastated After Guest Defaces Family Disneyland Brick

On the right is the before picture, with sneakers standing next to a brick reading Elizabeth Jayne, Erin Marie, 2005. In the second "After" photo, a bronze medallion is missing from the brick. A sad face is laid over the photo.

Image Credit @chimchimchurro


  1. Tired of Attention Seekers

    Get over it. Similar bricks were sold in WDW and subsequently removed for refurbishment – many people can’t even go and look at their brick! The medallion was probably loose and just got lost in the shuffle of people.

    1. Aaron

      That’s incredibly rude. It’s a cherished memory for someone. You can’t just “get over it”

  2. Jayne1955

    I’m sorry about the medallion but these influencers are a boil on the butt of humanity and I wish they’d quit coddling them.

    1. Aaron

      They’re not all bad. And offering words of comfort and encouragement is just being a kind human being, something I get you struggle with.



    1. Aaron

      You’re rude.

  4. Kathy

    Last time I was at Disneyland, a couple months ago, I noticed a lot were missing. It’s a shame. Those aren’t cheap and they’re very sentimental to people.

  5. Scott

    Fabricate a new medallion out of a brass mixture that’s very durable , park a double stroller over it. Clean it out with a dremel , epoxy it in. Move your stroller. Have 2 people talk over it for 30 min to protect the curing process. Now it’s even more special.

    1. Don

      Disney should be able to easily fabricate a replacement for you by 3D printing. They have the technology, they have the money. The question is – do they even care about their guest’s concerns anymore?

  6. Dawn

    Those come out all the time. There are so many missing…. they had thought about removing them all (a number of years ago), but people raised a stink so they didn’t. It probably popped out during the nightly washing and either got turned in to the offices or shuffled away in a box with others.

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