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  1. Patrick

    What updates? This article didnt speak of any updates?

  2. Jan

    Disney lost it’s Magic!!! Disney wants your MONEY and could care less about the Magic!

    1. Penny

      Disneyland is magical!! We have going there since 1964. We have taken ourselves, daughter, parents, friends, our grandchildren, other family members and every trip has been magical. You make your own magic as Disney provides the venue. I have read many negative reviews and feel sad for those people. Everyone needs to see the cup half full not half empty. There is so much to see, do and feel at the Disneyland Resort. Yes, prices have risen but there are ways to enjoy the park on a limited budget. We will continue to go to Disneyland as long as we are able. Like I said….it is a magical place!

        1. Scott

          Do you not see the irony of you being so nasty in response to such a positive post?

          1. disd

            but he right

        2. Charles

          Genie+ is simply s way to extract more money from guests. Disney no more

          1. Alicia

            You don’t have to use it! I spent 7 days at Disney world and chose what day I would purchase it. I almost didn’t use it at all. It’s not mandatory and they are not making you buy it. Plan out your trip and you will still have an enjoyable time.

      1. Doreen

        Penny.. What ways can folks on a budget enjoy the magic?
        It is well over $100 per person just to enter unless you have a child under 3. You can throw waters and uncrustables in a small cooler and drag it around with you all day..but your entrance fee alone is out of control. Then you spend 90 minutes on line in 95 degrees and watch people who paid for a better wait time breeze by you.
        I love Disney, but there is ZERO allegiance to their return guests and their child rates for 3-10 year olds are barely a savings.
        Let’s just call it what it is…a magically expensive day

      2. D

        You, are part of the problem

      3. Susan

        The reason the 71% is so high is the way they worded the questionnaire. It didn’t really get to the meat of the real question, which is do you like genie+, what are the problems and what would you change.

        1. Laura

          I came here to say this.

          SO OBVIOUS.

          You can just imagine the guys in the marketing meeting coming up with it.

    2. Frilly Chill

      Disney does still have magic. They can make your money disappear in a blink of an eye. One moment (usually when you walk in the gates) you have wallet full of dollars and the next, Bob has your wallet.

      1. JW

        Genie+ is a mess. This just proves D’Amaro is NOT fit to succeed Chapek (if Chapek is ever fired as he should have been by now).

    3. Stacy

      I agree 100%.

  3. TrdrSam

    Use Genie+ again? Of course “yes”… Do visitors really have a choice? If you don’t, you’re a 2nd class visitor with the lowest priority for attractions!

    1. ANF

      Agreed! You don’t have a choice. At least not a realistic one.

  4. jared

    need to be able to set times for sections of the park not just one ride

  5. Kate worth

    Visited my times this year was a let down. Staff always in the past greeted you with a smile this year they were so rude and could not give a dam. The magical sparkle was gone, rides breaking down just nothing to make you want to return dor the price we paid.

  6. C

    There is no more magic at Disneyland it’s all commercial money making. No more greeting in morning you already pay to get in to park then pay to ride also disgusting. Walt is smh

  7. Phil

    This article said nothing. All these posts recently are not worth reading.

    1. Ed Craft

      Just back from three weeks at WDW. Genie+ was unusable and forcing everyone to use it means a much poorer experience. It’s buggy (kept saying I was outside the USA so couldn’t book a LL – at the same time the map knew where I was to the metre!) And badly designed (parking reminder needs WiFi to save a text note, despite WiFi not reaching the parking lots).
      At the same time we spent four fantastic days at Universal. When EU opens, I can see us spending more time at Universal than Disney.

      1. Sad mouse

        Disney has become greedy and killed the magic. Bob Chapek is the new Scrooge. They keep nickel and dimeing visitors and pass holders. Rides breaking down, unhappy cast members, dirty bathrooms, price gouging for merch & food, it’s become the unhappiest place on earth.

        1. JW

          Love the comparison to Scrooge. How accurate!!!🙂

      2. Just want to know

        You spent 3 weeks at WDW. How broke are you now? Did you have to take out a loan to go for that long or did you save up for like the last decade? Did you plan for 3 weeks just for the crowds? Was it standing in line for a whole day just for one ride so you decided to factor in 21 days to ride all the rides? Did you feel Bob’s hands in your pocket emptying out your wallet or stealing your credit card info? So many questions.

    2. Pete

      Yes, the article contained nothing except “Disney leadership plans to continue using Genie+.” Which everyone already knows.

  8. Julia Weiler

    Extremely disappointed in the Genie system. Continued long wait times….more money out of the consumer’s pocket for less value. The entire atmosphere of Disney is changing and it most definitely is not for the better. We have visited Disney many times and have always loved it. So sad to see things deteriorate.

    1. JediGuy

      Curious if you’ve even used it? My family of 5 used the service in May when we were there for a week. The longest wait we had was 15 minutes and that was because the ride was down. Most of the waits were 5-10 minutes and after dinner we walked right on to almost every ride using the app, and was able to ride every ride at all the parks. I cant recommend this service enough. My only suggestion to people is to learn how to use it BEFORE going on your trip. Theres so many blogs and youtube video’s on how to best use it, that if didnt take the time to learn it then thats on you.

      1. Dave

        So, YOUR experience (back in May, even) is something everyone will have for sure if they pay for the app?
        And no.. doing extensive homework for a service you are PAYING FOR that is barely intuitive doesn’t speak well of it and doesn’t help it’s case. You can’t defend it, period.

      2. Bon

        You paid an extra extra 60 dollars a day for 7 days? 420 added to entry? Plus Food? Whoa

  9. J

    This long-time visitor would not bother to use it again. It was definitely not worth the expense for my family. Just more of the “pay more to get less” philosophy that Disney seems to be using these days. I find it hard to believe that 70% of users would pay for it again.

    1. Don

      Genie – it does not seem to do anything.

  10. Julian H

    Genie+ sucks just like this article that does not even mention anything that was in the header… Desperate me thinks.

  11. Les

    Well I just like to say return from Disney 3 days to go I’ve been quite a few times but this time was the worst the magic has gone genie plus what a waste of money that was half of the time it didn’t work and when it did work you could not get on anything all they want to do is take your money anyway they can just won’t do it again will do Universal Studios that was brilliant but as far as I can say for Disney it’s a big let down

  12. Well of course their happy with the so called “rating”! It never mattered what people, the customers wanted. It likely the profits and that’s it!!!

  13. Genie stinks, Disney has lost it way and ability to even hide it’s ravenous appetite anymore. Walt never wanted the parks to be about massive profits, he wanted everyone to be able to experiance magic and they have abandoned that. Guess that’s why they want to remove his name? We just got back from universal and it’s much more reasonable.

  14. They have to add new things to raise the cost to consumers. As a Florida resident, I can’t wait till they pay their taxes like everyone else. Plus, they have to get building permits for future growth, just like I did to get a new hot water heater. That costs money too. Pay up, Disney lost their “Magic”, and their free ride.

  15. Michael J White

    I was at Disneyland yesterday and 12 days before that also . We purchased the Genie Plus, and learned how to use it on the fly and I have to honestly tell you it was perfectly awesome for the week before the electrical parade ended and we were there and used it for the first week of Halloween Town. I strongly suggest it we blew through the park for the rides I’ve been on all of them a million times but it was still great to go we actually went through everything we could use the genie Plus for we only waited in two lines all day that were normal and one was second time running for Haunted Mansion Jack Sellington Style , and second was Mr. Toad . When I go back to California adventure I’ll use it again I really enjoyed it it helped out tremendously.

    1. Bodro

      Congratulations to you who can afford it. As for me and my family it is not in our budget. An extra price for each person, we have 2 in our party who are on the spectrum and a third who is elderly. None of these can stand in line for an hour and a half or more.
      We loved Disney, now we cannot afford it.

  16. Sharn

    I recently this disneyland and purchased genie t. And paid lightning lane for 2 rides. I felt genie t was to hectic as you reserve one ride all day earlier you can reserve current. It would make sense if hey charge all extra it should be worth experience to reserve one after another specially if it’s still many hours apart.. overall expensive but worth the smiles on your kids face. Please make some good changes for people who purchase genie t with more flexibility.everyones already paying alot to enter parks. Their experience should make them all smile.

  17. Tommy

    Having just returned from 3 weeks in florida I can confirm the magic is gone completely. This was a return trip havjbg last visited 6 years ago and the difference was crazy.

    Having spent in excess of 10k I couldn’t afford the added cost of genie +. The stand by lanes are a joke and would be fine if genie + didn’t exist. The ratio of stand by to genie + Lane is 1 to 4. This is the number of people they let in. I would say it is more than that and the staff are told to keep the LL clear at all times as they need to keep the people who are willing to pay for it happy.

    The staff are so much ruder than they ever have been. Us and a family we were with were accused of lying and then the cast member left. The transportation buses are a joke. Running 1 bus to hotels during the day, we regularly waited 45 minutes or more for buses. Resulting in missing dining reservations which were booked 6 months in advance.

    Extra magic hours only for deluxe hotels.

    The whole place now has a distinct class system and that was never the case when we were there before.
    I have stated I will never stay on site ever again and will only do a few days when we go back because my wife is such a huge fan. If it were up to me I wouldn’t go back at all.

    They will see the repercussions of these terrible decisions in the years to come when so many people won’t return. Bad times ahead for the disney brand for sure.

  18. Mart

    I have recently returned from Disney world where my family paid for Disney+ as part of the package.

    I was a big fan of the service. It saves the long wait times when you have younger children while also being able to maximise the time in the park. The negatives I found were. That you couldn’t have a lightening lane for each ride some you had to pay for separately (annoying as we had already paid for Genie+) but there were very few rides (that we went on) where this was the case. If the ride was shut during the time. You would have to wait for the ride to reopen and join again (however as part of this you are given a free anytime use lightening lane at any other ride (except the ones you need to pay extra for)).

    All in all I found Genie+ a positive experience and helped to maximise the time spent. (Note, I never used Fast pass system so I can’t compare the two, just that this experience wasn’t bad).

  19. Nick

    The app sucks. It’s buggy and hard to navigate. I had to come up with a work around to get lightning lane as it kept saying something like “we could not load your info for the day”. Half the time it straight up crashes. Also the car navigator feature is inaccurate, putting me 10 or so rows before where I was. The fact that disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and can’t get a stupid app to work properly is shameful.

    1. Genie+ Ad

      You have to purchase the ABU addition to Genie+. The ABU addition gets rid of the bugs and is more user friendly. And if you purchase the ABU addition within the next 30 mins, you can cut to the front of the Lightning Lanes on all you next visits. Just push your way past all those poor schlubs waiting in line like they are the homeless on the streets of LA. All for the low low price of your soul to Bob Chapek.

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