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  1. icytiff

    She pulled on him before grabbing his arm. That was inappropriate on her part. Should have been taught better etiquette, you can’t just grab characters from behind, it’s also a safety issue for them. Shouldn’t be grabbing them at all.

    1. Sam

      Maybe also, it was Loki being Loki 🤔

    2. Chief

      Yes. It is a Safety issuse. For all all Disney cast members and characters. Including the Queen of Heart’s 💘. I was once told a young guesr. Raise the dress on Marry Poppins. And yhe kids. Yell out. Dad. She has panties on. That family was escorted off Disney Property. And there annual passes revoke. Captain Hook. Always get pick on. In a good way. There of sime. We respect Captain Hook. As we walk by. Some of Hand Salute him. Or if standing in a Group. He come. Some one will make a bell. And say. Captain Hook. On deck. We all line up. Then sing. Yh ho Yo Ho. A pirates life for me. He pretends to wipe the tears away from his eyes

  2. jas


    it shouldn’t be a hard concept.

    that said: the child was inappropriate and whatever adult was with her should’ve stopped it. PLUS that’s extremely in character for Loki.

  3. Queen

    She hardly got her heart broken. Maybe learned a lesson, tho?

  4. Coral

    Is anyone else curious why Loki was speaking English in Paris? I honestly thought he would speak French. Or at least French first, then English.

    1. Marie

      Cast members in DLP are required to speak at least English. The more foreign languages you know, the better ! DLP isn’t considered as a French park but as an European one. That’s why you need to speak many languages to accommodate every guests. I remember a Cruella who spoke french, English, Spanish and Italian. She switched languages between each sentences !

  5. George Reynolds III

    I can relate to this to a certain extent…. The characters in the costumes should be extroverts and expect to receive attention. If the person in the costume is an introvert, then they really are not cut out for this job. On the other hand, however, the guest need to understand that there are personal boundaries that you simply do not cross! A child might be able to get away with giving a character a brief hug…. An adult may be able to as well if they ask the character’s permission. What would be going much, much, much to far would be wanting to fondle, caress and kiss a cast member dressed in a costume!!!!

    1. Auggie

      Being an extrovert doesn’t mean being required to let people touch you without your consent.

      However, this is obviously a case of a performer just properly portraying their character. Loki would absolutely not let a mortal touch him like that, hence why the actor gave the response to the child that he did. It wasn’t rude, it was proper acting.

  6. HP

    Maybe just being his surly character self? 🤔

  7. Sparrow

    It could be due to COVID 19 regulations only in united States has Disney character interaction again. or he could be in a hurry to get to his position where maybe she could actually hug him for a photo op.

  8. Lance

    Fully in character. Those who don’t get it are oblivious.

    1. Dani

      I’ve never even seen a Marvel movie and I know that.

  9. C

    Does the child even know that Loki is a villain? He’s just keeping in character.

  10. Being Loki. But still people should not touch people they don’t know.

  11. Tammy

    I think they’re just afraid of being sued for inappropriate behavior by an adult to a child. People elaborate on contact behavior just to get money.
    It wouldn’t of hurt in this case but if you let one do it then everybody gets to do it ☹️

  12. Tammy

    Please stop pounding on Disney world 🥲
    You’re already making them change everything

  13. Missy

    Sorry but the child should not have grabbed him you don’t just grab because you want to .

    Children should be taught manners .


    Keep your kids in check!

  15. NNBM

    Me personally, I would’ve taken a hefty fine and a charge for talking like that to my kid.

    1. Aaron

      Then you have no self control

    2. Matilda

      Perhaps you should focus on teaching your children to respect human beings, whether they are entertainers or not; instead of pretending the world revolves around you…

    3. Hmm

      Maybe just teach your kid manners? They should not be touching him at all.

    4. Amongus named Finger

      okay karen

  16. Jessica

    I think the words you were looking for were “Feral Child Grabs Disney Character Who Stands Up For His Right to Not Be Assaulted While ‘On Stage’ “.

  17. Hmm

    I’m pretty sure it’s written this way just to get people to respond with the appropriate answer.

  18. Obviously he’s in character. Loki is a villain so he’s keeping in character and people that get mad over it DLP in Disneyland Disney World. They’re supposed to stay in character all the time and for the little girl you can’t just go grab characters by the arm the mother that was recording the video should’ve taught her daughter better.

  19. Phil

    Ummm….A costume character acting that way to any guest (their entry fee is what is how they get a pay check) is rude . I bet Universal has a new guest!!

    1. Im in your walls im in your walls drink pesticides

      certified karen moment 🤡

    2. No it was wrong. With your way of thinking you could touch a cashier cause you pay her salary, you could grab house keeping cause you paid for your room. Or KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!

  20. Diana

    He wasn’t rude. He simply said “don’t touch me”. Guests are not supposed to initiate physical contact with the cast. They are only allowed to touch if the cast member initiates it. Sucks for the little girl but this is just another example of entitlement

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