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disneyland entrance

Credit: Disney


  1. Leah

    She cut in line! I would NEVER think it would be okay to “excuse” my way through the whole queue. Not only should she have known to NOT proceed onto the boat, she should have known to not cut in line!

  2. Nunya

    Lol this is awesome. Made my day.

    Disneyland 1
    Idiot 0

  3. Arduth Bay

    Banning @ Disney…a Joke!!!
    …..they just come back-in

  4. Really??

    Frequent visitors but you didn’t know:

    1. Not to cut in line.
    2. To wait for your family member and take another boat
    3. Not to go through a gate meant to keep you out
    4. Not to jump on a moving boat.

    Wait ~ I don’t think you have to be a ‘frequent visitor’ to know all of the above! And posting a video to make all of the above seem ‘carefree’ and no big deal is ridiculous.

    1. Oh you’re right do stupid stuff except your consequences. The husband is just as much as fault as the mother the husband should’ve taken the kids and stood on the side till the mother got there then get on the boat

  5. stephanie

    Good, glad to hear she was punished for her actions. I’m sick of people brawling, going into areas they don’t belong, not listening to cast members, etc. People nowadays think they can do what they want and get away with it.

    1. Jason Laird

      Totally 100% agree with you Stephanie

    2. DADesigns59

      Totally agree with getting on guests that break rules that are in place to keep people safe. I’m also in favor of making sure people that rent disabled vehicles know how to use them. See people get run over all the time.

  6. C.C.

    Ugh, rude guests like this are the reason I stopped renewing my annual pass.

    Get your snack or take your potty break BEFORE you get in line. Stay with your party. Stop cutting in front of other guests who wait their turn. *Kindergartners* understand this.

    1. Michelle

      I saw this on Tic Tok and she was laughing about how she just received a new pass. And how funny she thought all this was.

  7. Deb

    I’mI’m an annual passholder and I know the rules and I don’t cut in line because I have some voracious appetite that requires a snack and then requires me to go through the entire queue to cut in front of everybody which is so rude I can’t believe it but people continue to do that. Had a couple people in front of me at space mountain and then suddenly about eight of their friends join them. These people are through a holes and they should be sent to the back of the line. These people are all adults not a kid among them and it didn’t take a People to go potty or finish that snack. People need to stop being narcissists and thinking the world revolves around them. I think I’ll cancel my annual pass to it’s still good for another 150 days.

    1. Jason Laird

      Totally 100% agree Deb.

  8. Carol

    Good, you should be banned! Our one trip to Disneyland was miserable because of all the line jumpers. That’s not acceptable! It may be understandable if a child has to use the restroom, but having your group go through the line so you can grab snacks and then skip past everyone else to join them is so selfish. What’s worse is one person waiting in line and then an entire group joining them right before boarding. How rude!
    Your family/group should enter the attraction together.

  9. Carol

    Oh, and you know they are self absorbed when they actually post a video showing what they did wrong. Good lesson for your children.

  10. Redrover

    Wtf is this supposed to mean?

  11. C

    No they don’t there name is in system their face is recognized digitally when your banned its bye-bye

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