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dancing with the stars season 31

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  1. Sandie

    Haven’t watched the show since Tom Bergeron and Eron were dropped. He was FABULOUS! Tyra is a strutting idiot that does promotes only herself. And adding a gay couple last year lost more people.
    Cancel this show…you ruined it. Admit it and move on!!!

  2. Cynthia

    I don’t like Tyra Banks she is a big snob there is only a few shows that I watch was good but Tyra was there

    1. Mrs Wright

      Who cares, you guys are making a huge mistake going to Disney Plus, there are a lot of seniors who are on a fixed income, and can’t afford streaming, wow 1st Trya Banks ruining the show this was a nail In its coffin. Bet you didn’t think about people real asinine move

  3. Eleanor

    I dont like the fact that you moved the show to Disney +, but also dont care for Tyra Banks.
    Guess I wont be watching DWTS this season.

    1. Gee

      Haven’t watched since Tyra Banks came in and I don’t subscribe to Disney. Done with DWTS. Used to love it but they ruined it

  4. R Drew

    I haven’t watched the show in a very long time I had occasionally watched the recaps of only seasons and dances I was interested in seeing. I certainly can see what is frustrating people and that is totally understandable what totally rubs me the wrong way is the point of Disney removing the show from ABC which has been it’s home since it’s beginning and putting on Disney+ I’m getting really fed up with them changing and giving in and screwing things up when they use to be better. My support of Disney has dropped immensely and I doubt it that I will ever recover the respect I had for them and there are a vast things I try to avoid even getting that are related.

  5. Pat

    Their definition of “stars” went off the rails several seasons ago.

  6. Mason

    I have never watched this show but the fact a Tik Tok star is on it totally turned it into a joke.

  7. Jennifer

    Walt would be appalled what what has happened to his vision and legacy of the DISNEY CORP as a whole. DWTS has gone off track. TikTokers are not stars. Neither are YouTubers. Disney World is overpriced and not easily accessible to the average family.

  8. jon

    They are insulting our intelligence using the word “Stars”. It should be called “Dancing with mostly non professional dancers”

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