Comments for Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh “Fighting” ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Announces Plan to Race Swap Malcolm X In New Film

Left: Malcom X, smiling. Middle: Official Headshot of Michael Knowles. Right: Halle Bailey singing "Part of Your World" As Ariel.


  1. Ali Mansour

    Right-wing snowflake angered, how cute! Now let’s point and laugh at the dinosaur.

    1. TimW

      Laugh at Hamilton!!!

  2. Don


    You’re getting pretty political these days, trying to climb the ranks at Disney? Plus, if you are going to throw shade at someone make sure you use the right picture that’s Michael Knowles not Matt Walsh.

    1. Steve

      She must have criticized Bob too much and is trying to get back into his good books. Of course it will fail, he is only a radical leftist because he thinks it will make him money!

  3. Steve

    If you are angry right now, that is what hypocrisy feels like.

  4. Joe

    Why didn’t you indicate who Matt Wash would have preferred to be cast as The Little Mermaid? A translucent mermaid! I don’t think you would know satire if it hit you in the face.

  5. Andrea

    I for one at still upset that Disney doesn’t have Ariel dancing on knives and becoming one with the sea, like the original Hans Christian Andersen version. There was no talking seagulls either – such a travesty!!

  6. TimW

    If the argument is you can’t race swap an historical figure, what’s Hamilton? LOL. What hypocrites.

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