Comments for Cruise Floods With Passengers On Board, Forced to Evacuate Cabins

cruise ship floods


  1. Mike b

    Useless article doesn’t even explain what ship or when this occurred, not that you’d be able to easily read anything about it with the intrusive ads and broken writing.

  2. Becca

    Carnival. That figures. Last time I went you could smell the sewage all the way down the hall to out cabin at the end. At the end of the cruise I reported it in my survey and never heard a word back. They don’t care.

  3. Pramgid Otto

    Carnival Dream. This occured in 2018. This website is absolute trash.

    1. Div

      I truly think it’s just this author who contributes to the worst articles on this site- how she’s still on the team is beyond me. I’ve been binging her articles for an hour just to see if the spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes are a common thing for her (they are) and, atleast compared to her, the other writers on this site are much more competent at writing relevant informative articles with 0 grammatical errors.

  4. JD

    What a crappy article – happened in 2018, nothing to do with Disney, not a big deal. I feel like my IQ dropped by 20 points just by reading this trash.


    Is this site SUPPOSED to be ONLY disney information?
    Saying your iq went down? Really? Yet YOU took the time to read the article AND comment on it. Humm.
    IF you want current information, then subscribe to YOUR local paper.

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