Comments for CNBC Anchor calls Disney CEO Bob Chapek a derogatory name on live television

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  1. Karl M.

    That is incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional.

    1. Steve

      This fraudster needs disrespected. He is used to being able to control the narrative. Screw both Bobs! Make Disney Great Again!

    2. Rteker

      But was he right though with how the guy is running Disney

    3. Pete

      Who cares

  2. Shellebelle

    A funny flub! A Freudian slip!

  3. S1

    That anchor deserves a huge raise.

    1. Rteker

      After what Bob Paycheck said about the high prices not gonna be lowered unless there is a drop in attendance, he got what was coming

  4. Andrew

    I don’t blame him. I would have done the same even though it was unprofessional.

  5. Pam

    He needs to go as CE O. He has priced to many families out of the Disney experience. Quit getting rid of classic Disney! I hate the whole new system of being glued to my phone! I don’t mind pre buying tickets so they have control on numbers.
    Walt would hate all that has happened

  6. Mike

    It is the truth, he is going to penny pinch the guests, as much as possible.

  7. Gary

    This guy is single handily destroying the Disney experience!! While he claims to not be thrilled with annual pass holders at the expense of once on a life time non annual pass holders visitors. We used to claim 3 free fast passes and then have dinner and drinks. No more – the money grab Genie pay as you go has prevented us from doing this anymore. Too cumbersome to engage anymore. Many pass holders I know believe the new system sucks. The idea of screwing the annual pass holders at the expense of accommodating once in a life time visitors I find insulting. To think this guy being an accountant doesn’t understand the importance of reoccurring revenue astounds me. He is losing annual members at an alarming rate. He will be begging for the return of.annual pass holders at some time in the near future as we move into a recession. This guy is out of touch with main street period!!

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