Comments for Christians “Praying” For Disney, Offended by ‘Little Demon’ Cartoon

The poster for Little Demon on FX and Hulu - a demonic girl's hands burn, she has black eyes; A woman sitting in her car wearing a blue hat. Two hands praying.


  1. Bert

    News flash: Satan is not real.
    Nor is your sky daddy, so get over yourself.

    1. Shellebelle

      It’s interesting that Disney is making fun of Christianity (antichrist, demons, and Satan). Why aren’t they making fun of Buddha, Indian spirits, Muhammad, or Hindu gods? Hmmmmm.

      1. Manny

        I am curious would them it be okay if they did?

        1. Shellebelle

          Obviously, you don’t get the point of rhetorical questions.

      2. John Areiter

        That’s because for the Hollywood leftists it’s open season on Christianity.

        1. Ph

          This should not be on front of our children. Fx needs to cancel this show. It’s inappropriate for any child! Lets get back to bugs bunny and bambi…

          1. AeronSky

            Hey Ph the FX channel is not a tv channel for kids so get over yourself

          2. Always a good story

            “This should not be in front of our children”

            Yeah go tell them how Isaiah nearly got knifed by his own dad instead lol

            1. Nope

              Always a good story, you mean Issac, who’s father was Abraham, not Isaiah.

              1. IDC

                I think you mean Isaac.

          3. Kurt

            You mean the Bugs Bunny that has dressed up in drag countless times?

          4. HammerTheGods

            It isn’t meant for children…if you had spent one minute on research before swiftly regurgitating your Helen Lovejoy “Think of the children!” nonsense you would understand that.

        2. Jayne1955

          There is no open season on Christianity. No one is telling you that you can’t be Christian or go to a Christian church. This is a nation where you can be Christian if you want to. That does not make it a Christian nation, though.

          1. Jmop

            What they mean is that currently the culture in America is completely okay with making fun of Christianity, or trashing it, but other faiths are guarded and not to be scrutinized. Like Islam. Mainly liberals are very defensive of Islam (which is funny because islam is even more “bigoted” then Christianity.) but essentially making fun of Christianity is a good, normal thing, but making fun of other faiths is a no no and considered racist.

            1. Bert

              Not me Jmop! ALL religion is a crock!

            2. For him

              Oh no the tv makes fun of Christianity.

              Let me know when it’s making choices for healthcare like Texas is lol

      3. Steve

        because they are afraid of them, they aren’t afraid of Christians. Which happens to be the same reason I make fun of Christians.

        1. Jmop

          Islam will kill you, Christians will let you walk on them, as Jesus did.

        2. Foo

          Ala snackbar. Alalalallalaallalalallala

      4. Bloodwashed

        He is very real. May the vail over your eyes be lifted. The season is close for God’s vengeance.

        1. Aeron

          God is not real actually. no evidence has ever been produced that without a doubt proves that god exists

    2. John

      Science has yet to disprove this. In fact science cannot explain the beginning of the universe.

      1. AeronSky

        John funny cop-out answer there. Science deals with matters of reality (you know the physical world). The religion of Christians doesn’t deal with the physical world instead it is based in their faith of a fictional being and the various mythical subplots told in the bible. Christians are the one’s who have to prove that their god exists. Yet time after time they have never been able to do that and they never will because god (of any religion) doesn’t exist.

    3. You better PRAY he’s not real.

      1. Yeah

        “You better pray he’s not real”

        So I can ask him why he gives kids cancer and thought you were a good messenger lol

    4. Jmop

      Your funny. Christians don’t believe in something called Sky daddy. I don’t know what you have read that’s led you to that, but if it were really that obvious that God isn’t real. Then everyone would be atheist. It’s obvious that it requires unknown confidence to not believe as well, as you don’t know how the universe or world started either with absolute certainty. Instead of ridiculing people’s belief, be on a search for truth and ask good questions, maybe you can wrestle with what you believe, as all Christians should too.

      1. IDC

        Maybe everyone would be atheist if their parents didn’t indoctrinate them as children, just as the parents’ parents did. Otherwise why would people be screaming about their children being exposed to something they don’t like? Is their belief so fragile that a meant-for-adults cartoon threatens it?

    5. News flash bro those who deny the presence of Satan are possessed by him you might want to look into an exorcism but in the meantime I’ll keep you in my prayers

    6. Word

      Source? 🙂

  2. Steve

    Imagine being upset at Disney over THIS with all they have been up to lately.

    1. John Areiter

      Unfortunately, WDW is going downhill real fast with CEO Bob Chapek. He has to go.

    2. Joe

      Yeah I don’t know why they’re upset Disney has been a satanic pedophile corporation since the beginning I don’t know why people are surprised

  3. jbrell

    I see the logic of the show perfectly inline with Disney doctrine — It’s another “girl” show. Another fake over the top role model for girls. In this case an “anti-hero”. The girl is powerful and that’s the priority. Christianity and blasphemy, are just window dressing.

  4. KiKi Thornton

    Response to this: “This is infuriating,” @cristina.m.fuentes wrote. “More & more things are normalizing these types of things and it’s so frustrating as a parent to have to VET everything before!” ummmm, now people correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t VETTING EVERYTHING BEFORE YOUR CHILD SEES, EATS, OR DOES A FULL TIME JOB AS A PARENT????


    1. AeronSky

      Unfortunately kiki this is common among parents these days. They forget how to act like parents and are letting their kids do whatever without any parental guidance and placing the blame on others for negligence when in fact they are the actual ones to blame.

  5. Kay

    This is a bad idea.

  6. Kevin Courtright

    It stuns me that any Christians still watch anything made by Disney. How do they not know that Disney is completely compromised, and pushes all kinds of inappropriate content? And for those who believe that Walt was a Christian, you’re deceived. He was a high-ranking Freemason, and evidence says he was a pedophile. Disney has ALWAYS been evil.

    1. CJA

      Like what evidence?

    2. DK

      Kevin, your post just explained how un-Christian you are.

    3. Jayne1955

      There is no evidence that Walt was a pedophile and he was not a Freemason. Walt Disney was a member of DeMolay, in Kansas City, but not a Freemason. Although, his brother, Roy Disney, was, though, which may be where this error constantly pops up.

    4. Dragon Momma

      Do you even know what the Masons stand for? Probably not. You’ve listened to far right propaganda and decided, without any researched knowledge of their basic tennents. People like you have me very worried about the future of our country.

  7. Taylor

    Lol no one cares. Paganism is anything that’s not Christian.
    Sounds alot like she would be one of the people screaming “burn the witch” if she could.
    If that’s not blatant Christian exclusion and otherizing then I don’t know what is. She needs her wheels kicking straight

  8. Goodie Two Shoes

    My question for today (I have a lot but no digressing here) is why ITM puts the word praying in quotation marks. That speaks about the writer of this article. There is longer any unbiased reporting on anything. This is sad. Understand that there is so much going on with Disney right now, it would be hard to pick the hill to die on. I don’t think this is the one but I’m certain whatever it is, it’s already out there and has been said by someone. My current state is that Disney execs and shareholders don’t really care what the silly middle class has to say – the ones of us who do still care about right and wrong – we don’t have enough money to be influential. If we all stopped supporting Disney and going to the parks, then the goal of upper mgmt. at Disney will be met: good riddance to us. I truly believe that is where we are headed which is why they continue to push the envelope on our boundaries. “Well, the issue with teaching the five year olds our depraved morals did not work. Let’s see how they react to blatant Satanism.”

  9. Bren

    Well I was wondering how some of you would put a spin and finding a way to blame the “liberal” side. Such hypocrites! Most of you are the same people having hissy fits over any little change at Disney World, anything with Disney, and yet, you have no problem boycotting shows, getting books banned, going against anyone who doesn’t follow your beliefs. Yet, you have the nerve to say all others who don’t believe as you do are indoctrinating others. Also, if you are a true Christian who knows about the beliefs of Jesus, you should also know you are supposed to love thy neighbor. And the words were not excluding others. Thank you again for showing you keep your eyes closed, find ways to blame all others, and you are two faced as all get out. Peace out.

    1. Oz_264

      You obviously know nothing about God’s Word but what you’ve been told. Yes, we are to love our neighbors and also our enemies. We pray for their souls. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. We are also commanded to call out and stand up against things that go against God’s Word. Obviously, showing kids how “good” satan is and making it out to be normal needs to be called out.

      1. Jayne1955

        How in the world do you know it’s showing how good Satan is if you haven’t seen it? And for the record, Lucifer WAS originally good. He was one of the archangels, the bringer of light, who fell from grace because of a disagreement with God. If he repented for that he would ascend back to heaven, and then what would happen to all of these horrible depictions of Satan?

        1. Dragon Momma

          Outstanding response! Thank you for sharing the truth.

  10. Donald R Barber

    Satire is usually reflective of whatever society the intended audience lives in. Both satire and horror in the US is going to include references to Christianity because the audience has at least a superficial familiarity with it.

  11. AeronSky

    Wow your comment was just entirely wrong with what it was preaching.

  12. It’s needed

    That’s because if we don’t mock you your going to start going on crusades again like you probably will anyway lol

    1. IDC

      Racist? Are christians all one race?

      1. Bloodwashed

        We are not a race. We are the body of Christ. He told us we would be hated for following him anyways. The world sees us as being offended but that’s not the case at all. We speak truth and the world hates truth. So who’s really offended?

        1. Aeron

          You don’t speak the truth instead you are speaking a false narrative that you are perceiving as truth when in reality it’s not the truth at all.

  13. Jayne1955

    If you don’t want to watch it do not watch it. Newsflash…we are not a Christian nation. We are a nation where it’s okay to be Christian, but we are not a Christian nation. And remember…if you ARE a Christian you should know that Lucifer was a fallen angel, a brother to the archangels Michael and Gabriel, created by God. I highly recommend Taylor Caldwell’s book, Dialogues with the Devil, which explores the relationship between Michael and Lucifer.

  14. Disney Gone Bad

    I wanted to know what the controversy was all about, so I watched the first episode and it was vile, disrespectful, and disgusting. This is a cartoon and it wasn’t cute or funny. One of the first scenes, was of two teenage boys bulling and about to cut a third kid with a knife. Then the female version of the anti-christ was having her period and the blood in the toilet makes the face of the Devil, which indicates that she has her powers. She then goes on to blow up the two bullies. There is a lot of bad language with the daughter disrespecting her mother by calling her profane names. The mother later has to go rescue her daughter from a psuedo underworld and to do that she has to shove items in her private parts. Yes, this is a graphic cartoon that was rated Mature Audience with nudity and violence. With all the content available today, It is difficult for parents to police it all up. We complain about mental illness and allow content like this to influence young minds. It was very disturbing and for a brand like Disney to push this on FX, Hulu, and eventually to release it on Disney + in Australia and New Zeeland is disturbing.


    I don’t think you should Mock GOD, the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE!
    None of you are educated enough to even comment.
    ftr: God does NOT lie, hell is real. Wake Up before it’s too late.

    1. Bert

      TJD: Your comment has no evidence.
      That’s why it’s called faith.
      (blind faith)

  16. If Christians didn’t know Disney owned Fox’s media would this even be happenimg or reported on? Probely not.Funny just what “Christans” will pray for, when 21Century Fox was srill owned bvy Fox its “Darker” side didn’t need to be Prayed for but w/Disney(ABC) owning this ,Now it an Issue.Really?

  17. Word

    To answer the question it’s legal for the corporation to support whatever they want to support it’s quite obviously not a Christian organization. Sad that so many are deceived into thinking that it is or was.. if you’re Christian and excluding God from your business because you don’t want to exclude people then you aren’t Christian. Also, It’s not enough to say someone else has to prove something to make it true or false that’s just crazy talk I don’t have to prove anything to anybody I can believe what I want to believe just like you don’t have to believe what I believe. The fact that my belief tells me where you’re going shouldn’t bother you because you don’t believe it right?

  18. Stella

    The same people crying about this cartoon because it offends them are the same people who call people “snowflakes” and think they’re superior for it.

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