Comments for Child Makes Mess of Theme Park Merchandise, Mom Bashed For Calling Person Who Cleaned Up “Karen”

A little girl, about one, plays with pink and purple fluffy round stuffed toys on hte floor. A woman picks them up, and text overlays the woman reading "Karen"


  1. Steve

    Must be a Disney immigrant.

  2. EricJ

    Umm, no:
    A “Karen” would be bullying the minimum-wage store employee into cleaning it up, berating her on store practices as opposed to Disney, and…(dun-dun-dunnn)…asking to see her MANAGER!

    The word’s only two or three years old, let’s not start cluelessly mutating it already, like we did with “Iconic”.

  3. EricJ

    (And I can take one commenter who has no idea what “Karen” means, but when we have another who has no idea what “Gaslighting” means, 21st-cty. slang is ALREADY in trouble…) 😉

  4. Chris

    Wow. These so-called parents are unbelievable. Allowing their child to damage inventory on the dirty floor. Sounds like the Karen here is the mouthy parent.

    1. Deanna

      Mother was absolutely wrong! No one wants the merchandise they consider purchasing full of dirty little hands and dust off the floor. They look best on a shelf untouched and clean! Shame on her! Like someone said, purchase a hand full (5) variety of sizes and items, take them outside the store and let YOUR toddler go crazy! But keep not paid for items on the shelf!

  5. Pi

    You can’t apologize for other people not understanding you. That’s passive/aggressive af. Try a sincere apology for your actions, not for somebody else.

    And yes, you appear to be the Karen here.

  6. Star

    I’m sorry but the mom is the one in the wrong here. Just because you have a toddler, that doesn’t mean you are entitled to let your kid destroy displays unless your actually buying those, why are you letting her stack them on the dirty floor? Our son is 10 and always taught to be respectful and not have things on the floor or mess too much with merchandise unless we were buying it.. for one that is gross and over all shows lack of manners you have as a parent too. Too much entitlement

    1. Sarah

      I watched the videos and read the comments and so much of this was taken way out of context. The mom was being sarcastic and with all the snarky comments, I would too. Whether you agree with her or not, there’s no need to be cruel. Did she have to call the lady Karen? No. But I see kids playing with toys at universal all the time, it’s not the end of the world. People are so hateful. And to bash children??? Do better people.

      1. Steve

        This behavior isn’t acceptable. The fact you have no standards doesn’t make it OK.

      2. Parents should be in control of their children at ALL times. She should have been aware of her child and then explained you can pick 3. She seemed to think that was cute, well it wasn’t.

      3. Dia Na

        Kids shouldn’t be playing with items they do not own. The child was not just holding the toy, they were putting them on the dirty ground where people walk around all day.

        Just because you see people doing it doesn’t mean it’s right. It just means parents with children think it’s okay to treat a business like a playground. Buy the toy for your child and don’t touch the rest of them on the ground.

  7. Kat

    Those large pygmy puffs cost way more than $40, and it doesn’t matter if one was “already in the floor”. Oh, there was already a fry on the floor at the restaurant, so we thought it would be okay if we let her dump her spaghetti there too. NOW I understand how some parents think.

  8. Julie

    You are in the wrong BIG time. Those are expensive items, you did not buy them all, and you are being EXTREAMLY passive agressive. As for the one already on the floor, instead of saying “there was one already there” you should have taken the opportunity to teach you child a life lesson by showing them to NOT put things on the floor and how to pick things up you already see on the floor; like at the grocery store…see bread in the floor pick it up, see a box on the floor pick it up. It takes 2 seconds to teach your kid to pick something up.

  9. Miriam

    Who lets their toddler put merchandise down on the floor to pick something to buy? Put the phone down and use this as a teachable moment. Imagine if everyone did this??

  10. Linda L. Camacho

    What a bad example Mother is setting. Grow up!

  11. Courtney

    First off, I would not let my kiddo play with the toys on the floor. BUT, everyone saying they are dirty – these stores are meticulously clean, AND the employees put toys on the floor and play with kiddos on the floor in there ALL THE TIME when it’s not so busy you can’t walk. So it sets a little bit of a standard for the environment.

    Was what she did right? Maybe not – but snatching up toys because you are judging a parents choices while her kid is still right there? That’s even more childish. Everyone judging how everyone else parents as harshly as they possibly can instead of showing a little grace is frustrating to me.

    1. CJA

      As was mentioned, this is a small store with little room. I would hate that someone could slip on one of those pillows trying to walk around. Plus, I don’t care if that floor’s clean enough to eat off of – those pillows didn’t belong there!

  12. Buy the toy and take them home to play with. During this time of Covid no one wants to touch from the floor or other people’s hands all over. You should watch your child more

  13. Mickeymouse3

    Mom brought this on herself by posting a vid in the first place. You want 15 minutes of fame, you’ll get it. Maybe not in the way you want, but you’ll get it. Parenting does not come with directions. It’s a learn as you go process for each kid. Hopefully a lesson was learned here.

  14. Dee

    She made her account private…can’t see the video…hmmm.

  15. Susan

    Another entitled mentality mother whose child will grow up with the same entitlement attitude.

  16. Ramona

    When I was growing up a lot of stores had a sign that stated, I break I cry you break you buy. Mom made sure we kept our hands by our side. Today’s younger parents have no clue. Most parents today let their children be roudy just so they can shop and not be bothered.

    1. Linda

      My favorite was “Pretty to look at, nice to hold. But if you break it, consider it SOLD.”

    2. P.C.

      Roses are Red,
      Violets are Blue,
      If you break it,
      You will own it too.

  17. Denise Jorgens

    Time and place people.
    Manners, respect have simply gone down the toilet!

  18. Ed

    We recently took our 10 & 7 year old to Disney. Of course we shopped the many stores in the park. We’ve always taught our children to be respectful of all things that are not theirs and in the case of being in a store, it’s not yours until we purchase the item, so be considerate and respectful. Its never to early to teach children to be considerate, respectful. Those are the seeds of instilling taking ownership of actions, thoughts, and words.

  19. Marc


    1. Dmk

      Why are you on a Disney Board?

      1. UO is better

        This is a Universal article.

  20. Karen

    First of all, Karen’s in real-life aren’t like the reputation that has grown around that name! I sure wish the nastiness could be given a new name!!
    But, that being said, I agree with everyone who said the mom was in the wrong!! Common sense and common courtesy say you DO NOT put new, un-purchased merchandise on the floor. Frankly, I find it crazy to let the CHILD sit on the floor to play! If you want to allow your child to sit on a dirty floor to play, at least BUY the toys you plan to let them play with!

  21. Carol

    While the comment from the employee could have been nicer, the parents should not let their child pull merchandise from the shelves and play with them, especially not all over the floor. When I was a child, we were told to “not touch” anything when our parents took us into a store, and we did just that; we didn’t touch things that weren’t ours. Today’s parents need to put boundaries out to their children so they learn how to behave in social situations.


    MOM is at FAULT it’s a store where you purchase things, it is Not
    a try before you buy, it’s also not a playroom.

  23. Karen

    As a true “Karen”….no, your precious child isn’t “special” enough to be allowed to ruin inventory for others nor create additional duties for employees.

    How about teaching your little precious to respect things that don’t belong to them, or at the very least to clean up after themselves.

    And, no, no one cares if there was already a toy on the ground…doesn’t mean it’s a fair pass to make a bigger mess.

  24. Harrison

    She put some plushies on the floor and people are acting like she knocked down a wall or broke a window. Some people clearly live for a video like this so they can get all their vitriol toward moms and kids out and even be praised as virtuous while doing it. Also way too many adults act like Harry Potter and Disney are for them and not literal children. ESH except the little girl trying to live her best life.

  25. Erin

    Mom of three boys here. No you don’t let your child play with merchandise on the floor in the store. Particularly soft/fabric merchandise that can pick up dirt and germs etc. Now I bring my boys to toy stores that have train sets out for children to use, things that are appropriate to be played within the store. And then we clean up afterwards. But we don’t throw toys all over the floor. This is definitely not the way to teach your toddler how to be civil in public. It will only get worse as she gets bigger. Right now she is little and cute. Just wait! Plus you are the one who gives other parents a bad name and why some people hate children.

  26. Sarina

    The name Karen means pure. And people calling others Karen due to behaviors is just encouraging our children to call others names and it’s an adult form of bullying. As far as parents allowing children to put merchandise on a dirty floor? That’s poor parenting. Children need to learn at an early age what respect and manners are. Otherwise, you grow up and have children that others call “Karen.” In this case the one in wrong was the mother of the unparented child.

  27. Dale Clark

    Mother should not let children play inside shops. There is too much space outside that is available. Sorry

  28. DK

    Sounds like Karen needs to grow up. Maybe rename her SHaron…for a **itty attitude.

  29. Dia Na

    This is not the end of the world, but very rude behaviour on the part of the mother. Posting that someone is a Karen for cleaning up toys that are blocking the road is entitled behaviour. I think parents need to understand that people share space with their kids and they can’t always have magical kodak moments “just because we want to.”

    You teach kids through example. It sucks that your kid didn’t get to just pile all the toys up… but they don’t just get to do that.

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