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  1. Tim

    As someone that has been to Dollywood and ridin this ride many times since I was a child I can truly say that I find it very hard to believe that anyone can get hurt on this ride. It is very slow moving and mainly floats around as a boat. I just hope this isn’t an attempt at getting money because she isn’t as famous as she would like to be.

    1. Pam Sensabaugh

      You’re thinking of the flooded mine. They took that one out a long time ago. The mystery mine is a roller coaster.

      1. Dawn

        And she waited 3 yrs to say something??? Yep, that makes sense🙄

        1. Anita

          My family and I have been season ticket holders for almost 30 years. We’ve taken our children and grandchildren and never have any of us/them experienced any trauma from riding any of the rides. I’m sorry if this young girl was injured but waiting three years to say something about it makes it sound unbelievable. I understand she was in the hospital after this so called incident but who can prove it happened when and where she said it happened??
          See y’all in October!❤️

      2. Bev

        First of all…celebrity?? LOL secondly, waiting three years to announce she was injured and now wants Dollywood to help her? Seems fishy.

    2. TerraRising

      It is. She’s been trying to get famous for years. The typical kid of a celeb thinks their opinion is so important. She’s not hurt she’s butthurt no one’s paying attention to her. I hope Dolly doesn’t settle with her and this writer needs to stop calling her a celebrity. She’s not.

      1. Diana

        Money hungry attention getter sounds like to me 3 yrs and now it is brought up did she let anyone know at the park the day it happend come on now really she just wants in the spot light and get free money smh

        1. Debbi

          She waited 3 yrs to tell the public..she was in the hospital after incident and Dollywood knew them .

    3. My family and friends have gone to Dollywood on two vacations and we had children, teens, adults and even seniors. We never experienced and dangerous situations and some of my grand and some of their parents rode on a great many rides as we were there for six days. I really find this story suspect for ulterior motives and find it very hard to believe. We have booked another trip for August of next year as well.

      1. Temperance

        Use to ride blazing fury no injuries…it was our fav. No other reports of injuries caused by any ride ride there..$$ grab, nothing else.😏

    4. Yeah


  2. Dannice

    Sounds fishy to me!!! Just saying something after 3 years? I hope they look closely!

    1. Sherry

      Really? A REAL issue would have been handled by Dollywood at the time. This girl is just looking for publicity.

      1. Michelle

        Maybe not a popular opinion but I didn’t care for this coaster. I love Dollywood and ALL of the other coasters but this one is a rough ride. My head jerked from side to side the whole time and it hurt. The teen girls riding in my row also said they weren’t sure if they’d ride it again. It is more rough than most coasters I have been on but it’s just my opinion.

        1. Amy

          I’ve ridden this ride multiple times. I freaking loved it! Never had any issues. It is a little jerky but six flags has parks every where filled with jerky roller coasters.

      2. Yeah

        And money!

    2. Bryan

      Sounds like she is just after money. Why would you wait three years to even mention the incident?

      1. Linda

        It is jerky for sure. I have rode this many many times over the years with my grandson. But we loved riding it over the years. If you was injured you don’t wait 3 years to even mention it!
        Your loss now if it’s true at all!

      2. David

        Three years? Too bad. It obviously didn’t bother her too much until now. I’d make her prove it in court. The child of a wrestling legend who never measured up just wants cash and exposure. Pretty sad.

        1. Brian

          I just keep losing respect for her. She just recently created an OnlyFans for medical bill money. This sounds quite suspicious. I’ve ridden that thing tons throughout life and have never experienced problems. Even rode the Tennessee tornado which is insane jerky with no incident. This chick needs to go away.

  3. NoelleFoley’sBigTiddies

    I should be like this zilch and make one when I got lifelong PTSD from Mr. Toad’s 30 something years ago. Get ready to pay up Disney!

    1. Kh

      You must have been on that ride with my then young son about the same time :).

    2. Jennie

      Post-Toad Stress Disorder. 😉

      1. Jacqui

        Knowing the kind of person Dolly is, she would have gone above and beyond to make things right when this girl first got hurt. If this was really that bad of an issue #1 this girl would not have waited three years to say something especially if she was so worried about other people getting hurt as she claims. I really hate saying this but I feel like this is doing nothing more than trying get money. Very sad how nasty people can be!

  4. Synda

    Because her dad’s in the WWE she thinks it makes her a celebrity? *eye roll* And she waited 3 years to say anything? Daddy must have ended her allowance & now wants a payout from somebody/anybody.

  5. Tery

    Ms Dolly, please be very careful! Sounds very suspicious to me. I have to wonder if this woman reported the injury at the time it happened! I have never had the privilege to come to Dollywood but I hope to one day very soon. God bless you and shame on people who try to take advantage of innocent people! And who said that she is a celebrity just because her father is in the WWE?

    1. MS

      I’ve never had the chance to go to Dollywood. I’m also not someone who rides roller-coasters, they’ve just never been a ride I enjoyed. I’m a 59 year old woman, I’ve grown up with Dolly Pardon’s music. I’ve also grown up watching WWE. I have always had Total and Complete Respect for Dolly. I’ve always felt Mick Foley was a Great Wrestler and A Good Man. Now, I’m reading about both of them having their characters deflated at the Same Time. I Whole Heartedly believe IF, again I say IF, there were ANY TRUTH to this incident and injury. DOLLY WOULD HAVE DELT WITH IT ACCORDINGLY 3 YEARS AGO, WHEN IT SUPPOSEDLY HAPPENED. I Also Believe IF, again I said IF, this were TRUE, Mick would have reached out to Dolly, Dollywood, Media, ANYONE and EVERYONE who would listen, about the Dangers of this Ride. I Personally, ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION, think by EACH and EVERYONE of the People discussing, commenting, taking sides, whatever on this nonsense. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR HELPING A DISHONEST PERSON, DEFLATE THE CHARACTER OF 2 RESPECTED PEOPLE. This is just MY OPINION.

      1. Amanda

        This is the most accurate statement on here. All points. And I know there are people who want Dolly to sue for defamation, she is just not that person. 🤷🏼‍♀️ She’s incredibly smart but also doesn’t care what people think. She’s said some version of this in multiple interviews, “I try to do the right thing, people can think what they want, everyone has a right to their opinion but I know the truth so it doesn’t bother me none”.

    2. Kim

      I agree

  6. Lis

    I hope this gets dropped and she gets a suit filed against her for defamation of Dolly’s name and park Gotta hit it hard to keep others from following suit.

    1. PsychoSadie

      Not saying it didnt happen like she claims.. but you have to take into consideration that in 2014 she started training as a professional wrestler. As someone who has trained myself, Its not a question on if you get injured in the ring, but WHEN.. often times in training. I trained in 2010 and to ths day still have injuries, foot, shoulder AND head/neck issues. Im about 90% certain she got this injury from wresting and MAYBE aggravated it on that ride.

  7. Jeff

    It’s a little fishy that she is just now coming out and saying something. You should’ve reported it immediately to the park personnel. Sounds like you’ve had to many chair shots just like your dad! I’ve also ride this ride more times than I can count. The safety harness on this ride is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

  8. Walt

    She probably has neck and back injuries from all that makeup she’s carrying around on her face…

    What an ugly B!

  9. Deb

    Whatever! Finally reporting an “incident” 3 years later is complete BS!

  10. S B

    I think this is a shakedown of an honorable woman. If she had a REAL concussion that was that bad, she’d have been really sick and would have reported it then, not after three years!!

    1. Best ATC

      As someone who has treated individuals with concussions, it is possible to have sustained a head injury from the fast, jerky motion of a coaster. It’s also possible to think that the symptoms occurring after the ride were just normal motion sickness. Concussions are no joke. They can cause lifelong symptoms. However, do I think she has a case? No. Rides are an at your own risk activity. (Maybe there should be a sign that warns people of the increased head motion…) Lastly, females typically have less developed neck musculature which would increase their head motion on this type of ride. Does it suck? Yep. Is Dolly on the hook? Nope.

  11. JustMe

    This girl is a joke! She’ll do anything for attention. Qhen the Undertaker retired, he didn’t mention Mick in his speech… Did Mick say anything… Mo. But this piece of trash blew a gasket all over the internet for no other reason than to try to be someone. She’s no celebrity. She’s a wrestlers kid who appeared on a season or 2 of her Daddy’s reality show. . GTFO

  12. Steve


  13. Kay

    This is definitely not the definition of a celebrity and seems attention seeking. If she really needed help, she should’ve been fully evaluated immediately after the incident. It’s hard to imagine getting a concussion on a roller coaster unless she was not sitting and secured as instructed.

  14. Kh

    Why is she just now saying something? I’ve ridden that ride many times, and I’m an old woman. Never had a problem. Riders should realize that we take a risk when we participate in these rides.

  15. Catus sack

    And i am sure the time she spent training to be a wrestler..had nothingnto do with her injury….this is a scam

  16. Southern Gal

    TN has a 1 year statute of limitations for personal injuries. This “celebrity” would know that and would have filed a lawsuit 2 years ago if she thought she was truly injured. Why wait 3 years and then publicly make such an accusation? Let’s see the medical records for her diagnosis and treatment since Sept. of 2019 and her explanation for how any injury occurred. Why is this even considered news?

  17. Scott

    First, is she really a celebrity? I read that she was related to one.

    Second, Dolly doesn’t own the park anymore. Herschend Family Entertainment owns it. I think the journalist should have known that. Or it should have been fact checked

    1. AH

      Dolly has never owned the entire park. HFE ran it before she bought a chunk of it and continues to run it to this very day.

  18. Lisa

    This is to you my beloved Dolly, did she ever reach out to you or any of your staff at the time of this so called accident?
    I believe if she had, unless there was a order of privacy…we the public would have already heard about this when and if it really happened. Now unfortunately I wasn’t there that day three years ago to confirm this. I’m just speaking my opinion.
    Seems like to me it’s something that has been boiling for three
    years and she finally came to the conclusion that this is what she needs to do.
    Now all that I have said is strictly from my perspective and mine only I do not know this girl personally as I do not know Dolly (but I sure wish I did) but if I had to choose to be in anyone’s side I would be first in line on Dolly’s/ Dollywood’s side.
    Me and my family grew up with you and we love you dearly.

  19. AmericanbyGod

    We keep season passes for Dollywood every year. Living barely over 2 hours away it’s a much easier family getaway than Disney, and a ton cheaper. We ride Mystery Mine every time and it’s quite fun. I am a 50-something grandpa and have no issues with any part of this ride. Sounds to me like this bimbo got smashed on the mat and is looking for something else to blame for her ignorance. Yeah, that sounds good, with all the sick things going on in this world lets try to hit Dollywood, one of the last parks with real family values, up with a little defamation of character and try to get a payout since daddy must no be supporting her anymore.

  20. Becky

    Every ride at Dollywood has a sign at the entrance warning of speeds and potential issues. It is a roller coaster… if you don’t think you will be jerked around a little than you must not understand what they are. 3 years to report an issue is ridiculous.

  21. Tony Tone

    This woman is just looking for money and attention. What a piece of trash…..And to try and take advantage of Dolly Parton after all Dolly’s done to help others…..shameful.

  22. CoasterLover

    I call BS. My whole family has been on that ride many times…my daughters were probably 10 and 12 the first time we went. No one ever complained about a rough or jerky ride. Also..I don’t know how you would get a concussion so bad it lasted 3 years…that sounds improbable if not impossible. I’m calling her out as attention seeking.

  23. Dan

    Wow! So glad she brought this to my attention! I really NOW need to bring up the stubbed toe I got walking off the Space Mountain Ride back in ’72. After all these years, I never realized this is probably why I wasn’t the fastest kid on my little league team. I’m so glad you opened my eyes to, obviously, a severely delayed prognosis of a toe pain I had for 50 years now. Hey Disney…get your checkbook out…btw, she looks SO, SO affected by her ‘injury’. Also, can’t she just name ONE, only ONE, of her ‘favorite’ activities she can no longer do?

  24. Cheryl

    Did she contact Dollywood or go straight to social media? Is this for publicity?? Yes, I’m skeptical. That’s just how it is these days

  25. Chris

    Well for one, she is not a celebrity. The title needs to be changed. Two. This happened three years ago. If there is no report she made at the time of her visit to the park or any trips to a medical facility regarding her visit to the park, then I don’t believe her. She just randomly decided three years later she had a concussion? Nope.

  26. All I know is if this causes them to close Mystery Mine to ‘inspect’ my kiddo will be furious!! I also have ridden this ride a few times and I see it as a normal ‘jerky’ coaster. Hope she didn’t ride Thunderhead or TN Tornado 🌪 bc those will take your head off.
    How annoying…🙄

  27. SP

    #1 this girl is not a celebrity, her daddy is, maybe
    #2 this happened 3 yrs ago. Did she report her injury when it happened?
    #3 why does she think that Dolly Parton would help her by reaching out on social media? If you’re looking for compensation for a legitimate claim then get an attorney and file a formal lawsuit
    #4 does she think the world is as stupid as she is?

  28. josh goodknight

    I find it odd that she waited 3 years to say anything. I have rode that ride many times and many times in one day and never had a problem. the other part that is odd is she recalls about what time she was on the ride. I can’t remember what time I did what last year and she wants us to believe she can remember from 3 years ago. My mom always said that you can always tell if someone is lying, because they add to many details in their story.

  29. Jesse

    Sounds like a lot of bs. Just trying to get money from someone that has done a great deal for the folks there.

  30. Paula

    A few thoughts: 1. I wouldn’t consider the spawn of a WWE wrestler a celebrity. 2. Pretty sure that when you buy your ticket and enter, there’s a legal waiver for any injuries that may be incurred, except in the instance of gross negligence, which dies not seem to be the case here. 3. There’s usually “ride at your own risk” signs all over these places. 4. It’s not a good idea to call out America’s sweetheart/icon/hero in public. That usually doesn’t go your way.

  31. Sue

    She’s gonna need to have medical records to back up her claim. You can’t just come forward after 3 years and make a claim like that.

  32. Ron

    Another attempt at extortion by a psuedo-celebrity looking for a free ride. Go to a chiropractor and get cracked then go get a “9 to 5” like everyone else! The world (including Dollyworld) does not owe you a living!

  33. Kevin

    Wow, playing fast and loose with the term “celebrity.” I don’t think the daughter of a wrestler that was popular 20 years ago really fits the bill.

  34. I see a money grab. Who waits 3 years to say anything?

  35. Jason

    Dollywood actually already addressed the issues with this ride when they took out a big section of track and replaced it with a smoother section back when they were shut down for COVID. It’s a little late to be trying to claim they’ve done nothing at this point.

    1. Nc Girl

      I hope so! I used to keep season passes every year and that was the one ride I avoided cause it was so rough. We’re gonna try season passes next year so I may actually try to ride it again. But I do agree it never was bad enough to cause a concussion… Maybe a really bad headache, which is what happened to me. But that’s all.

  36. Steven

    That you refer to the child of a D-list celebrity as being herself a celebrity is laughable!
    This coaster isn’t any different than any other steel coaster in it’s essential design elements and safety features. Riders take inherent risks riding thrill rides. Your head and neck may get bobbled around. Most adults and teens possess the muscle control to prevent injury.
    This seems like the case of a wannabe trying to get free press!

  37. Carol

    You take the ride, you take your chances.

  38. Matt F.

    I can’t vouch for this website (findlaw.com), but according to it, “plaintiffs have one year in which to file a lawsuit for personal injury, three years for lawsuits involving personal property, and six years for the collection of rent and debts” in Tennessee, where this allegedly took place. I have no idea if this woman filed a suit prior to this, but if she wanted to sue, it appears that ship has sailed.

  39. Brian

    I’ll be simple. 🙄

  40. MabesNY

    I’m sorry this happened to her but it does seem strange that she waited 3 YEARS to make this known. If she’s trying to prevent this from happening to others, why didn’t she warn everyone about this earlier??

  41. Libby

    You ride the ride, you take the chance. There’s a disclaimer on your ticket. And you waited three years to say something… I smell false statements here. A celebrity? Not hardly. A scammer more likely.

  42. PsychoSadie

    Not saying it didnt happen like she claims.. but you have to take into consideration that in 2014 she started training as a professional wrestler. As someone who has trained myself, Its not a question on if you get injured in the ring, but WHEN.. often times in training. I trained in 2010 and to ths day still have injuries, foot, shoulder AND head/neck issues. Im about 90% certain she got this injury from wresting and MAYBE aggravated it on that ride.

  43. Martok

    I’ve ridden this ride several times. The only two issues I’ve had is that the seats are designed in such a way that the male anatomy can get squished at certain points, and my ears always hurt from being banged into the shoulder restraints. I still ride it. I just know where the boys are going to get crunched and my head is going to get tossed and brace for it.

  44. Patricia

    What does she want from Dolly? I know you can get hurt. I got in Disney but they were having trouble with the ride. When they stopped and started it rapidly my head went back and hit a metal bar behind me. It bothered me for quite a long time. I survived but never went on that ride again.

  45. Rebecca Gerou

    Hey stupid, you are not a celebrity! I don’t really care who your father is or was. I don’t believe you were injured! Why did it take over 3 years to say anything. By the way, I used to work at Dollywood – every ride has a “warning” sign. So, if you were injured it’s your own fault! I’m on Dolly’s and Dollywod’s side!

  46. Jennifer

    Dollywood did a refurbishment on this ride a year ago where they changed some of the track. She can’t say they have done nothing about it. She probably wants a settlement. You accept the risk going on any ride. Everyone reacts different.

  47. Kelsey

    This is sad. *Major eye roll*
    She’s a really bad actor so I would advise her not to pick up acting. She’s wanting a pay day or just so she can get the attention she’s asking for. I love that ride. I also am not a child looking for attention. Also I like how they bring in how she was diagnosed with a hearing problem in May when that is irrelevant. But okay 👍 🤣 this whole thing she’s sputing is bull. Clearly.

  48. Larry Rice

    I guess she finally realized being with some idiot who dresses up like a clown who goes to every wrestling event in America doesn’t pay the bills so she’s going to have Dolly do it.

    1. Colleen

      I don’t believe her I think it happened at a wrestin match& she just happened to go to the Park to make it as it was the ride& why come with it now if it was real why wait 3 year’s send her home packin

    2. Colleen

      Oh boy do I agree with ya she must be goin broke& wants dolly parton to support her now. She’s a joke& needs to go get a life. How dare her go after someone like Dolly of all people

  49. Kristy

    Do not come for the mystery mine!! That’s been a favorite since I was a kid and that is still the only ride I will ride. Looking for a little fame and we don’t care!

  50. Colleen

    I don’t believe her I think it happened at a wrestin match& she just happened to go to the Park to make it as it was the ride& why come with it now if it was real why wait 3 year’s send her home packin

  51. Connie

    I’m 70 + years old, I rode this ride this year (2022)…..hard to believe anyone could be hurt on this ride…not sure what happened to her to cause an injury as she described…..there are warnings at every ride to not ride if your body is not up to the specifics of the ride….

  52. F E

    Dolly Parton doesn’t own the park. I also have questions about where the injuries actually came from. Also why she is just now saying something. Trying to drum up public support I guess. 🙄

  53. Rachel

    Entitled I’m tired of rich celebrities please let’s stop for a second here and recognize the levels of narcissism. #lethollywooddie

  54. Rhonda Shoemaker

    Wrestler + Concussion + Neck injury + roller coaster + bad acting = PITIFUL. Her lawyers should have coached her better.

  55. Lori

    Why did she wait so long to come forward with this? People choose to get on a ride. No one forces you do to that. You have to assume some of the risks involved. I have ridden this ride and had no issues.

  56. Jizzbag

    Could it have been from all the wrestling? Idiot.

  57. Victoria

    My husband and I visited Dollywood for the first time last year and are returning again this Christmas. Dollywood is by far the best theme park we’ve EVER been to. This coming from people who live in Florida who know ALL parks here. Dolly has done a BEAUTIFUL job in making an absolute original and family fun place. The rides are SAFE and exhilarating!!!

  58. Leann

    Girl, you’ve just ended your “career”. You don’t blackmail Dolly.

  59. Sam

    I don’t believe she is hurt. If she actually did get hurt then it was probably because she was doing something that she wasn’t suppose to be doing. I’m sure dolly parton wouldn’t let the ride continue to operate if she thought someone could get hurt on it. Again this could be a scam because she isn’t famous like her father. This could be from where she got hurt trying to be a wrestler and couldn’t make it so she figures she will scam dolly parton out of some money.

  60. Oh my Gawd(In my best Valley Girl voice)!!
    Is she serious??? Looks like either Daddy cut his little angels allowance off and told her it’s time to get a job or she’s just trying to get free press… What are the things she can’t do because of her injury’s, apparently she can drive? A person would think if she had such bad neck,and injuries with her hearing she wouldn’t be able to drive?!
    This is terrible to take advantage of Dolly,she is probably one of the most giving stars in the world, I wonder if this spoiled brat has any idea how much Dolly does for children,gives to charities and community ?
    If God ever put Angels on earth, Dolly’s probably one of them, if I was this Women and just Gold digging, I would definitely think twice because Karma will really bite you in the ass…

  61. Nicole Gillenwater

    Her dad made his money acting hurt(some might have been real). She is just making her money playing hurt without getting hurt! Dolly could buy and sell her!

  62. Eddie

    After 3 yrs she can remember the date, time and the ride, l wish a concussion would help my memory like that

  63. Jessie

    I’m a season pass holder at Dollywood and Mystery Mine happens to be my favorite coaster in the park. I could see how it could jostle you, but not to the extent this girl is claiming. Also, my husband and I got stuck on Mystery Mine once and had to be evacuated. The staff and managers were exceptional at taking care of us. Dollywood also has paramedics and nurses on staff. I can’t imagine if this girl was actually hurt that it wouldn’t have been handled properly by the park. If they were informed! They can’t read minds. Publicly announcing it 3 years later is a publicity stunt.

  64. Steve

    First of all this is a person trying to get famous. Secondly I have been on that roller coaster many times from childhood to adult … no way this happened. What a joke

  65. Ally

    Why wait 3 yrs to say something? I just rode that ride in August 2022. I fully believe it’s all for attention and looking for money. Where are the medical notes and hospital paperwork saying she had this happen at the time? The only thing the article said was she was diagnosed with something in 2021, 2 yrs after this “supposed” issue at dollywood.

  66. Mel

    Ok…so the daughter of a WWE actor is NOW a celebrity……lol…she is after money. She raised money to help her with “future” medical issues, yet pampered herself…..lol she is playing everyone. What a joke!!!!

  67. Di

    Someone wanting something for nothing maybe.

  68. Dee

    1)She’s not a celebrity 2) Dollywood is owned by Herschend Family Entertainment, not Dolly. 3) Mystery Mine is a steel coaster and extremely unlikely to cause injury. There are, however, wooden coasters there which I no longer ride because my older body can’t take it anymore.

  69. DW Fan

    They rerouted the entire coaster and removed much of the decoration following this incident. This appears to be attention or money grabbing when the response was already swift and extensive.

  70. SHeim

    This is freaking hilarious to me. How after 3 years is she just now coming out about this, if she was really hurt and suffered long term issues from a “concussion and neck injury” how is being diagnosed with a HEART CONDITION from it?!! It has absolutely nothing to do with her neck or head. Plus she is only trying to get money because her daddy won’t and she couldn’t make it in the wrestling business either. She is a money hungry and attention seeking brat and that is all it is.

  71. Jason


  72. As somone one was born and raised in Tennessee and will never leave dollywood is considered one of the safest parks in the south my parents being going since they were my age my grandparents remember what is was like before it was called dollywood so I say it’s the person’s fault for getting injured

  73. Dawn

    Nope nope nope, should’ve, could’ve, must’ve done something about it when it happened not wait 3 years after the fact.

  74. Nancy

    Can you say “money grab”? And seriously “celebrity” is an overstatement. Just because you have “followers” does not make you a celebrity. Stop trying to scam the park and go ask daddy for the money instead.

  75. Jesus H Christ

    Has daddy’s money dried up already or did he just cut you off? Sounds like a scam from a wanna-be celebrity to me.

  76. Chris

    I’m still waiting to hear the name of the Celebrity. So far I’ve only seen some random person claiming injury from several years ago. The whole thing smells like fraud.

  77. Sterling

    Celebrity isn’t the only thing I don’t believe. She’s a wrestler’s daughter? And her dad didn’t notice her physical disability for the last three years? Is she an abused child afraid to admit to her parents she was hurt? Poor Dolly. Surely the park has insurance, if she can prove her “case”. But why beg from Dolly directly? Sleazy top to bottom.

  78. Michelle

    I to have been to Dollywood every year since 1995 and I just think this person is after money since she can’t make it anywhere else , in other words a con artist.Dollywood is great

  79. Carol

    So, why didn’t she file a lawsuit? It really depends on what she is claiming was the reason she was injured and exactly what the medical diagnosis would be, but the Statute of Limitations in Florida is either 2, 3 or 5 years. So, she may still have time. That said, though, for someone complaining of a next injury, she sure did move around a lot in the video. Shaking her head up and down, left and right, turning quickly to look at (possibly) someone in the seat next to her.
    As someone who had a neck injury due to whiplash in a car accident, moving even to look at someone next to me was tear producing pain. And shaking/moving my neck up and down, was a no go because you didn’t want to have that blast of pain. Not saying mine was the same kind of injury, but….. And, if she is a celebrity, one would think she’d have access to attorneys? Just saying…….

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