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cinderella castle not open ian


  1. Peggy

    Common if you stayed on property you know how rough it was. We left a couple years ago during night joy to get home out of the way. Another time we stayed through tropical storm. I would not expect the parks to open before sat or Sunday can’t help it. Disney has a lot to inspect to ensure guess cm and others are safe from hazards. Tree limbs , facades of buildings. Out door ride tracks and stability . Expect nothing less. It’s for everyone safety.

    1. Rico

      I agree with this sentiment, though an actual cash refund would be nice rather than a voucher for use in the future since I dont live in Florida.

      1. Joyce

        Meal vouchers during your stay would be nice so you could reap the benefit on the same trip you lost a day’s admission.

  2. cedar

    If Walt was still here………….we could trust him to do the RIGHT THING !!

    1. Vince

      What’s the “right thing”, Karen?? Are you still talking about emergency Hurricane closures, or are you just rambling in general here?

  3. JB

    The parks are open tomorrow (Friday) I personally have to wake up at 3:30 am to get ready lol

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