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A woman in Mickey ears and sunglasses. Starbucks at Downtown Disney at night. A girl laying in bed speaking.


  1. S1

    Time to ban all influencers from the park

  2. Salle (They/Them)

    Of course a white lady would do this

    1. Steve

      Yeah, a black would punch them and start a fight, then get away with it because we have a black-centric culture.

  3. Arianna Ibarra

    doesn’t seem too rude to me. you work at a high volume store, maybe get a bit of a backbone.

  4. kayla

    I’m sure this Starbucks employee has seen and dealt with worse patrons than Kel. Just wants her 15 minutes of fame, which is actually against their contract to discuss customers. Sounds like she’s not cut out for a high volume job and just wants to whine for attention.

    1. Josh

      Sounds like the “influencer” should learn patience and or maybe make her coffee at home

  5. Royz

    Yes, be kind and respectful of ALL cast members…and have tolerance that the cast members are doing their best in their roles at DL or WDW…

    These influencers, yes are starting to be self indulged, egotistic stardoms, unauthorized, company public relations people in a way.

    Unfortunately, even though there are “stars” in every kind of media now a days, I think it is stretched thin

    Stars used to be thought of in film, tv, sports, music.Now anyone with a phone and camera can be a “star”… gosh is this how we think of entertainment?…Instead of Hooray for Hollywood, its Hooray for Youtube…ok lets change Hollywood, to TubeyWood.

    Back in the day, on Disney Channel, was a program called Disney World Inside and Out, hosted by real actress and actor, not a Youtuber. Then on WDW resort Tv the Must Dos with Stacey. Other than that you could request or purchase VHS tapes or DVDs of the parks and resorts, or even better purchase a souvenier book about the parks. Yes i said a book.
    Point being unless authorized by the Walt Disney Co, no one should be a self proclaimed representative of ghe company…its time too cool these influencers cool their jets. Oh and if the Youtubers are so set on this, um , try an audtition for the Disney Co., yea you jnow the thing actors and actresses do every day.

  6. ThatsRight

  7. Julian Herring

    Why do some people have to bring in the race card, so sad.

    Black, white, yellow blue whatever people are people all over the world.

  8. drew

    “Influencers” are human garbage and should be banned from the parks.

  9. Bill

    Again ban people that pull this .. you rude to a cast member you are banned ..castmembers should out all of them fkn pricks

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