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  1. Kathy

    Everyone involved should be banned from sailing on carnival cruise line for life.

    1. Roxanne


    2. EMaza

      I totally agree..that’s the first thing I thought after reading article. What a bunch of idiots!

      1. EMaza

        Absolutely ridiculous! These cruise lines need to seriously be required to invest in real security personnel. Real law enforcement empowered to deal with fools like the ones above in the vids & article. They should have been arrested, confined at least to quarters and turned over to law enforcement once docked and taken straight to jail. If people knew there would be real consequences for acting like buffoons maybe they would think twice. Just too stupid!🙄

    3. Nadira

      For real….not just Carnival, but all other cruises. What a shame and disgrace. Adults acting, like 5 yrs old

    4. K Stewart

      One look at the ones involved should be your answer. Stay away from carnival

  2. Sad, you have fun loving people, enjoying cruising, then you got people rude, ruining it for us cool seniors!!

    1. Remo

      Look at who’s making this comment, typical response.

      1. Sunshine


        1. Joe beoown

          Discussing behavior, banned all of them from ever going a cruise again.

      2. KV

        So what did ‘Shirley’ do to you?

    2. Jim

      Nailed it !

    3. Zena

      Too bad when you can’t even go on vacation and have fun people are just sad

  3. Bob

    Low prices attract low class, Knotts berry farm is another good example of this.

    1. lou

      After reading this article I must reply.
      I just returned from a Cruse on the marti gras.there was a lady in a wheel chair wating for a elevator a group of black people turned into the hall and plowed in front of her, filled the elevator laughed at her and went on their way.
      Later anothe group sitting in the smoking area blatantly lit up a blunt and proceeded to smoke it and got angry at security for busting them. Black people do not have any more rights than any other race but they (in groups) think they do.
      This holds true in all phases of life. Carnival offered inexpensive Cruses for people of all walks of life. I hope thugs do not ruin it for us folks who enjoy the low cost and great value for our hard earned money

      1. JohnJones


        1. Brenda

          @JohnJohns “C”’s! 🖕🏽

      2. Aaron

        Wow you’re very ignorant

      3. Brenda

        Wow, you really enjoyed bringing up that Blacks/thugs started the melee, now my question is would you be commenting so passionately if they were white?

        1. KV

          I’m willing to guarantee they would. Obviously the issue is entitlement, which any race is equally prone to. Humans are the problem, not their race. White knights love to believe otherwise though.

        2. Glenda

          Sad, mean drunks always ruin it

        3. Whites don’t behave like that!

      4. Better-Than-U

        You are a sick, uneducated individual. Would you have all those balls to be talking all that “black”talk if you weren’t sitting behind that keyboard? I doubt it. You’re trying to be funny, but we’re not laughing @ what you’re saying, we’re laughing @ this grown man that can’t spell or use correct grammar. Get your life together, then come back and maybe comment on something a little more on your level because clearly this isn’t a conversation that you are ready for.

      5. Mike

        I agree with you Lou.. I was on the Mardi Gras and saw very similar behavior.

      6. Torri

        @Lou I need you to add “some” before “black people”. My family and I as well as my friends and I travel all over the world each year and carry ourselves with class and respect for all races. We don’t believe we are superior to anyone because we are in a group. Furthermore, the same can be said for all races. I’ve seen many feel superior to others and act in a way that would embarrass their race. I’m so sick of everything being about race. This was not a race issue I can find many videos of other races doing stupid stuff like this. This is a home training issue, an ignorant issue, a character issue, a morals issue but not a race one. I’d appreciate it if you would stop disrespecting my entire race based on some ignorant idiots. I just don’t get why it seems like so many people are so divided. Our world is scary enough with these other countries trying to tear us apart…all we’re doing is making it easier for them. It’s sad and ignorant and needs to stop.

    2. JohnJones

      Exactly! Pure trash so they can’t figure out how to behave near decent people.

      1. E Tone

        Unfortunately everything ends up Black or White. Ignorance and degrading senseless behavior happens in any race where there is confusion anger and the diffusion of self control

        1. Marie

          That is the Reason We Stopped going on Carnival. To much Drama. When there is Blacks around there is A Lot of Problems. These Animals are from the Jungle. So what do you expect. It is there Nature to act like That. Just like the Rest of there Animal Family’s.

          1. Top

            So you cave dwelling Caucasians don’t act an ass sometimes? Don’t fool yourself with that jungle crap, Africans were civilized when Caucasians were still walking around on all fours. Do your research!

            1. Who,Me?

              Yeah right. Everything you touch from cars, radio, airplanes, computer systems all invented by Blacks….while Whites were on all fours.
              If it wasn’t for Blacks, Whites would still be in the desert living under thatched roofs. Thank god for all the wonderful contributions to our society by Blacks, you saved us!!!

          2. Mi Mike

            I agree with Marie and I am a black man. They are low class thugs.

  4. Dp

    It sucks to say low class people come in all races. Carnival is becoming the trailer park cruise so pay more to avoid the trash.

  5. Rick S.

    Funny you say that. We have season passes to Knott’s, I live in Cypress, and I also happened to be on the Carnival Sunrise, with my family, when it happened. None of us witnessed it but we knew something was happening because of the loudspeaker. We docked back in Miami on Thursday, the 15th in the AM. It happened only about 2 hours after we left Miami to Nassau on the 9th. First and last time on Carnival for us. The boat, the food, Nassau, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk and the workers, were outstanding. But the element of people that Carnival attracts is not for us. It was a last minute decision to join my two older daughters.

  6. Tanya jackson

    Excuse me all black ppl don’t act like that. U r a poor excuse of a human being.. That’s like me saying all white ppl are trailer trash

    1. Mike

      Well “Tanya Jackson” apparently they do!

      1. Sunshine

        Mike they do not represent the majority of us. White ppl act a fool too!

    2. Mrs Smith


      1. Keya

        As a black person and frequent Royal and Carnival cruiser it’s sad to read the comments of some people clumping all blacks together. However when a white person commits a heinous crime they’re considered “a lone wolf”. Just shameful.

        1. Wow that’s scary, prayers no one was hurt.

        2. Kristen

          I agree. Like I tell my husband all the time, there are trashy folks in all races!! It’s not just one or the other. I’m white and I can guarantee you, I’ve come across some pretty gross white folks. I wish we could all stop hating eachother and just realize that we are all different shades of the HUMAN race.

    3. Twanna


    4. Marie

      That is the Reason We Stopped going on Carnival. To much Drama. When there is Blacks around there is A Lot of Problems. These Animals are from the Jungle. So what do you expect. It is there Nature to act like That. Just like the Rest of there Animal Family’s.

      1. Better-Than-U

        Marie, I’m not going to blame you for your beliefs bc that came straight from the home. YOU WERE TAUGHT THAT! What I do blame you for is holding on to it. It’s time to break the cycle and live in this word united. Quit putting so much division between folks and using races as the divider. The worse part is, you’re passing on to these young elementary school age kids and they are going to school using these words towards our “brown” kids that they don’t even know the meaning of. They are just using them bc they heard them used at home. That’s called “learned behavior”. Check yourselves and stop trying to play the victims. One thing that NOBODY ‘S going to do is put a label on me and my family because I know we are decent ppl. If you don’t like us bc we are black, then the only thing I can suggest us for you to close your eyes for a very long time bc we keep it coming. U feel me!

      2. Kay

        Somebody lied to you!! Oh that’s right you lied to yourself!

      3. Kay

        You need to check your history…..white people are the heinous ones.

  7. Dude, this is a wendy's.

    All cruises are trashy. Except for Tom.

  8. dgggc

    Remove them all from the cruise, simple fix but a pain to do. Get security at next port and remove them.

  9. Tyres

    Didn’t see a lot of ” black people ” at the Capitol Building.

    1. Gloria

      Seriously? Maga in the house! 🤣🤣

    2. Keya

      You can say that again!

    3. Jill E. Bean

      You’ve got to be kidding 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Gloria Graham

    Now that it is acceptable and seems to be the norm; going on vacations where people are doing this in their own streets and not caring, and not being charged with a crime, what can you expect? Sad that consequences for actions are now viewed as oppressive. No Carnival Cruise for me.. Keep your eyes open to the next cruise line, Theme Park where the overflow of ” I am the most important person” decide they can cause havoc without consequences.

    1. Cyndi

      Accountability matters. If you are not charged, banned, etc. it will never stop!

  11. Jaxx

    Should have tossed the lot of them overboard and told them to swim home.

    I hope they were all arrested and banned from ANY cruise ship for life!

    1. Better-Than-U

      Well said Ms. Gamble!!!!!!

    2. Barbara Ann Horan

      I agree 100%. Everybody should take a behavoril and manners class before that set foot on a ship. Is there anyplace safe anymore?

  12. And yall expected something different…..doing it big for the culture

  13. Deb

    Well said Micky mouse 3

  14. Mrs. Gamble

    I am an African American female. I would like to say that this should not be turned into a race issue. I have been on this earth long enough to know that every race does something crazy and silly sometimes. Also I truly believe that the actions of just one individual does not determine how everyone in their race behaves. Unfortunately it works the same way for good deeds as well. Nobody is perfect, sure we all do things that are not so pleasing to others . There are people who kill, rob and etc. In every race but we are all gods children and he doesn’t see color when he look at us . Maybe the fight could have been avoided and other actions taken but that didn’t happen yet their actions should not be held against all blacks. The blame should only be on the actual people who took part in the incident. Talking about us as if we are animals is really degrading to us. People who has never cruised in their lives are being linked to this incident all because of their skin color and that is so very wrong in all aspects. I was on another carnival cruise at the time but I did hear about it. Life is too short to waste time disliking each other because of our different skin colors. We were all uniquely made in the image. Lastly I would like to say if we keep looking at skin colors of one another we will never be 1 nation under God!!!!

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Spot on!

    2. KV

      Agreed, and thank you for stating it so peacefully and reasonably instead of starting another fight. Christ’s sake, it’s 2022 and we still can’t collectively put our prejudices aside!

    3. Kristen

      I couldn’t agree more. There are bad people in every single shade of the human race. Our pastor said something last year that has stuck with me – we are all different shades of the same race….the HUMAN race. God created us all equal. Those people on that cruise ship as well as many others across all walks of life need God. Just because a bunch of people acted like fools doesn’t mean EVERYONE that is African American acts that way. It blows my mind that anyone would ever even think that!! I know it happens (obviously, see some comments above) but it’s just mind boggling. I know some pretty trash white folks that act the SAME exact way. 💯 God bless you 🥰

      1. True, but the majority of blacks are trouble, and the majority of whites aren’t.

    4. Better-Than-U

      Well said!!!!!!

  15. Every one of our 9 cruises, I’ve seen inconsiderate rude people leave their. Towels and junk on a chair all day and never use it. There’s not a lounger for every guest. My biggest Carnival complaint is see in 20 chairs with 20 towels to claim their spot and waiting half hour and nobody uses the chair. I don’t know the details but I’m guessing somebody wanted to lounge and somebody else came back from Casino. And wanted their chair and towel back.

    1. GB

      Very true. It’s very frustrating. They need to monitor that better. People in general are very selfish. Cruising is a lot of fun but the ships are over packed and people have no patience or courtesy.

  16. Twanna

    I love cruising. This is so sad. All people want to do is get out & have fun while we can. We & I mean as a HUMAN race need to learn to respect each other & get along. I really hate this happened & it was over something stupid.

  17. Michele

    Good Walmart of the Seas, aka Carnival! LOL 😆

  18. Lapeatra

    Very ignorant! The race has nothing to do with the behavior

  19. Mrs Finnin

    Sorry ass folks that need to stay home…stop making us look bad and learn.how to act…just got off of Madi Gras and we had fun.

  20. Miles Evans

    We went on a cruise in 2019 and the same thing happened, only it was a group of white people.
    Color doesn’t matter, ignorant people do ignorant things everyday.

  21. Koland

    What a total embarrassment to our race! That is why Caucasians went to Van Ness from everything because of idiots like these. Everyone please don’t think we are all the same these are some different type of folks!
    Just a total embarrassment

  22. Deanna

    It’s still less devastating than the woman who recently got ate by the shark on Royal Caribbean in the Bahamas two weeks ago.

  23. Nae

    Disgusting black ppl make it so hard for all blacks. I’m black and I hate how my race portray them selfs. All cruise ships need to start doing credit checks guarantee it will be very few blacks cruising on ships.

    1. KSmooth

      Mae, doing a credit check will not solve this issue. There are good people with bad credit and terrible people with excellent credit. What Carnival needs to do is follow the airlines and ban the unruly passenger (s) for life.

    2. Better-Than-U

      Nae, if you are “Black”, your “Black” card needs to be revoked because you sound SAF.

      1. Truth hurts huh? At least she is honest, wish more blacks would acknowledged it

  24. Deb

    Nice try. You certainly aren’t black based on your comments. Black people don’t call one another “all blacks”. BTW – black people shouldn’t carry the actions of these handful of people on this cruise ship no more than a white person carrying the actions of majority serial killers in America. You should be defined by YOUR OWN ACTIONS.. and class has nothing to do with money . And it’s “themselves”…. Do better..

  25. Better-Than-U

    You are a sick, uneducated individual. Would you have all those balls to be talking all that “black”talk if you weren’t sitting behind that keyboard? I doubt it. You’re trying to be funny, but we’re not laughing @ what you’re saying, we’re laughing @ this grown man that can’t spell or use correct grammar. Get your life together, then come back and maybe comment on something a little more on your level because clearly this isn’t a conversation that you are ready for.

  26. Pam

    You got to see who’s fighting go figure



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