Comments for Anthony Mackie’s Falcon Replacement Officially Confirmed

(Left) Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres AKA Falcon and (Right) Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America in Marvel's Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Mike

    Buckey was Steve’s best friend he should have been the next CAP. Disney forced the issue to make the next CAP black to virtue us signal. Buckey would have been the natural choice having known Steve even prior to the War.

    1. Tommy

      Falcon became Captain America in the comics. Disney did not make that up. Bucky would be problematic officially being Cap with the whole Winter Soldiet assassin background.

      1. RL

        Thank you! You can tell who read the comics and who didn’t. I’m sure Bucky and Steve talked about why wouldn’t be a good idea at the time for Bucky to be Captain America. In the comics he does becomes Captain America for a while.

        1. fdasd

          Yes, you can tell that RL and Tommy have never read the comics and only read that Falcon was Captain America from some other non-comic reading website. Bucky WAS Captain America in the comics. Way before Falcon was.

          1. j

            They are trying to include a more diverse cast throughout the Marvel universe. Iron man was white, Thor was white, Captain America was white, Dr Banner was white, Black Widow is white. They are just trying to include every culture/race for a more diverse cast. Just look at Namor, he brings a Mayan /Hispanic culture to the MCU.

            1. B9b

              Oh yes let’s talk about that diverse cast. Let’s talk about how they changed the entire background of Namor just so they can hit there Check marks. Explain how in the comics namor’s heritage is Scottish and now we get a mayan

              1. Nothc

                Mayan is more interesting visually and ethnically.

              2. David

                A Scottish Atlanta. Totally makes more sense

            2. Jack Jack

              Why does everything have to turn into a race thing? HELLO! They made ‘What if” cannon by opening the multiverse. Anything goes now.

            3. M. B.

              Then they should create their own original characters like marvel did when they created Black Panther. We don’t need to change what’s established to diversify in fact it should be a civil law case everytime it’s done.

          2. Not Your Name

            Yes but he gave it up right away and falcon took over. But I guess you forgot to say that did you.

        2. Chrys

          I do see why many people think Bucky should be the choice. Him and Steve were the best of friends and it would make sense. But as friends would also have to be honest with each other, and they both knew that was not the correct choice. I understand why falcon was chosen because even from the very first Captain America there was a reason why Steve was picked. And for this reason alone Falcon makes sense

          1. Matt

            Yeah cool way of calling yourself out as a biggot. Read the comics and come back after you realize Falcon becomes Cap regardless.

      2. King Henry G.

        Can we let Dianey control its characters. They’ve BEEN knocking it out the park with the MCU. IF the plot ALWAYS goes the way you want, then WHY WATCH? CAPTAIN AMERICA can be DIFFERENT & BETTER than anything before. Time For New Representation! LET’S GO CAP!!

        1. Raymond

          Lol! They have been “knocking it out of the park”? In which alternate universe is that occurring in? That comment was so Brie Larsonish!

      3. Michael

        Bucky was captain America. Before falcon in the comics so marvel should have followed the pattern

        1. Not Your Name

          Yes but he also gave it up right away and was cap for long, so why tell that story in a movie?

        2. DT

          If we want to split hairs here, Clint Barton was Cap before Buckey. So why did it not go to him? He was Tony’s pick when Steve died, so why not add him in as a nod to killing off Tony. Who stayed alive well after Steve Rogers, but nobody’s complaining about that, since it was done well and it fits the alternate scenario. But let’s be honest. Considering the MCU line up and how Nebula never took the gauntlet; MCU IS obviously an alternate universe. I mean it’s in the name.

      4. Justin

        Falcon took the Cap mantle back in like 2014 or 15 or so. It’s recent. Designed well after the MCU phases were mapped out. Bucky was Cap long before that. I’m not mad at it either way, but new age comics (last decade or so) have all been designed to inject political wokeness into the readers perspective. Having grown up with comics, it’s a little annoying pulling real world drama into the thing that was my form of escapism. I guess art imitates life. I’m all for it at the end of the day. I’m happy to see these things on screen and being Hispanic, it’s nice to see POC being represented in comics and movies. Just pointing out what I’m seeing.

      5. Capfan19

        Agreed. Some obviously don’t read the comic and forget bucky was a murderer

    2. Daniel

      You’ve never read a captain America comic book in your life. The falcon was Captain America’s sidekick for 40 years. He already became captain America years ago in the comic books. You don’t know anything about the character, go away

      1. Brandon

        You go read the comic, Bucky was Captain America BEFORE Falcon. Not to mention he was his best friend. The obvious choice to be Captain America is Buckey. But as many said this was a play to make a black Captain just as it was when he became Captain in the comics. It’s just kinda crazy as at least Buckey has his arm and it’s power while otherwise Sam is just a Batman type character. All the phase four movies have sucked and phase 5 and beyond is going to be way worse. Once you go woke you go broke.

        1. Kathy Franklin

          I’m usually not big on changing a character’s race. Whether he was changed in the comics to enhance a black character or not, comics to screen do not always transfer.
          That said, unlike the Johnny Storm change, Sam is a developed character in his own right, friends with Steve and the reasons behind Steves stepping down from and passing on the mantle are explained. Some dislike the reasonings, understandable.

        2. Nicole

          Then you must be rolling in it bc you sound like a complete idiot!

        3. Jim

          Nothing makes me laugh harder than a majority race freaking out over not maintaining a majority and then claiming that all lives matter. What you really are saying is all lives matter as long as we maintain control. Ridiculous.

          1. Will

            Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care.

        4. Nobe

          I love the passion, behind the color of fictional characters, What shade of purple is Thanos really?

        5. Jimbo

          Cool. Glad there will be an extra ticket available at all the new showings, since you won’t be going. I hope Disney can survive without your dozens of dollars.

        6. Sunenheru

          Isaiah Bradley has entered the chat. He was Captain America before Steve Rogers. He was black and it’s in the comics. 🤯🤯🤯

        7. Not Your Name

          Think you need to read them too. Bucky was Cap for a very short time then Falcon. Why would you right that into a movie? Bucky becomes Cap in one scene then the next he gives it up. Not a very good movie is it?

    3. Jayne1955

      I thought Buckey is the white wolf?

    4. Thorsbigtoe

      Seriously “Mike’s had to make him black smh read the comics please.

    5. Monique M

      The current comicbook Captain America is Sam Wilson. So no, it’s not. Bucky has been cap as well but it wouldn’t make sense since he hasn’t made amends yet. Disney/marvel is catching up to all the current comics. If you’re not happy, deal with it.

      1. A

        No the current Cap America is Steve again, Sam is bk to being the fulcan again.
        I have no props with Sam being Cap. There’s a good chance that Steve will be de aged (like in the comics) and take over again anyway.

    6. Jimbo

      Imagine having such a stupid opinion, completely unaware that Sam Wilson becomes Cap in the comics. Ignorance truly is bliss.

    7. James

      Thanks for pointing out what REALLY bothers you about it. Yes Bucky held it 1st. But since when does Marvel movies stay on point or exact timelines?? Task Master is a single FATHER in the comics…but they made him a woman didn’t they?? But of course GENDER isn’t a problem for people like you. Just color. Smh

      1. Jack Jack

        Thank you. I’m surprised they aren’t complaining about Thor since they’ve obviously never opened a comic book.

    8. Leroy

      He was the replacement in the comic books. Get over it.

    9. Sunenheru

      This is the problem when you just say stupid stuff without understanding the material. Buckey is Caps BF however in the comics for awhile Falcon was factually Captain America.

    10. Donny

      I don’t care who the new Cap was in the comics. Anthony Mackie was a great Falcon and was awesome in The Falcon and the winter soldier. He is going to be great Captain America. Besides for the MCU storyline Winter Soldier had way too much baggage to be the new Cap, Falcon was the only logical choice to step up and take the shield.

      1. A


    11. Him

      Typical White Boy comment. You dudes think everything is supposed to be about you. Leaving this punk comment.. Fix yourself. All Marvel Comics weren’t White Clown.

    12. Why do your need to know?

      You’ve never read comics. You’re just one who says “bull*hit” just to hear yourself talk

    13. Not Your Name

      Do you follow the comics? Bucky was Captain America for a little while then turned it down then that when Falcon took over. Has nothing to do with race.

      1. A

        Actually he never turned it down what happend was Cap was killed at the end of Civil war 1 then Bucky took over, then Steve came bk was an agent of shield then Bucky was killed by Sin (red skulls daughter) in the Sin story line then Steve took over as cap then he was aged and Sam took over and then he was De-aged and took bk over as cap again.

    14. Bubba

      It’s getting annoying whenever there is a black character and the snowflakes cry that it’s a “woke agenda.” Black people exist.

    15. Kevin S.

      Bucky also killed hundreds over decades and was a wanted terrorist who is basically on probation now.

    16. Joe

      You idiot! Falcon becomes Captain America in the comic books so they are following the natural progression of this character. I would like to see Bucky as Captain America but that never happens in the comic books. Research a little

    17. Reggie

      And bucky killed a few people and was the winter soldier who could be possibly controlled again… so black red yellow get over the skin

    18. Big poppa

      You never read the comics. Falcon became capt America in comics. Get your fake facts straight. Fckn right wingers are almost as bad as antifa.

  2. Dale

    I still not understand why is Mackie leaving this awesome role. I really enjoyed him and Bucky working together.

    1. Brandon

      Did you read the article, he’s not leaving. He’s going to be Captain America while Falcon will be played by a new character.

    2. Because he’s hot garbage that’s why, he was really good support role but terrible as a lead character. It’s sort of like Christian Bales Batman (Chris Evans)vs George Clooney BM(Anthony Mackie) George Clooney is a phenomenal actor but a terrible Batman, Anthony is a great actor but a terrible Cap. I agree with most here I think that the role would have been better played by Sebastian Stan, that story line could have really dug deep into hi struggles to becoming human again, learning to trust again, and he was certainly making strides with the time he spent in wakanda imagine though taking that a step further and maybe somewhere down the line Mackie could have stepped into that role that’s a possibility, but as many before me have said, these guys go back over 100 years, they fought in WW2 together and nearly brought down Thanos the first time for Christ sak8!

  3. Is Ralph

    I think the 1st guy is correct. Even though the Falcon was Captain America’s sidekick for 40 years he didn’t become captain america until 2014. Bucky is the official 2nd captain america. So yes a agenda first period

    1. Just a guy

      So it’s an Agenda that they cast a black person as Captain America and not the Russian controlled assassin who killed many people before becoming good? You guys need to check your souls…

    2. John Savman

      In the comics it was Tony’s idea to make Bucky Captain America, not Steve’s. Steve was dead at the time from the fallout of the comics version of Civil War. Bucky’s time as Cap was problematic as he was far more violent in his methods than Steve ever was. Once Steve was revived it was acknowledged that Bucky wasn’t a great choice due to his background and the next time Steve needed to step out of the Cap role he handpicked Sam. The MCU already skipped Steve dying at the end of Civil War so they might as well skip Bucky becoming Cap and save that story for an episode of What If?…

    3. James

      Thank you for at least putting it THAT way and not making RACE an issue.

    4. Raymond

      Actually what is “stupid” and “goofy” is trying to make something about fictional white privilege while they are removing a black man from his role in a series.

    5. Sunenheru

      Timeline doesn’t matter because the MCU timeline is off from the comics. Also since you want to talk timeline you should know Isaiah Bradley was the 1st Captain America and he’s black..

      1. Not Your Name

        Which was actually brought up in End Game. Isaiah was in the movie when they traveled back to WWII. But they never really went forward with it. They just mentioned he was the first.

    6. Cassiebells

      Hindi ka kawalan, Marga

  4. Kathy Franklin

    I’m usually not big on changing a character’s race. Whether he was changed in the comics to enhance a black character or not, comics to screen do not always transfer.
    That said, unlike the Johnny Storm change, Sam is a developed character in his own right, friends with Steve and the reasons behind Steves stepping down from and passing on the mantle are explained. Some dislike the reasonings, understandable.

  5. Someone with a brain

    What a loser lmao

  6. Jayne1955

    I think he will make a great falcon. I’m at least willing to give him a chance.

  7. Chris Wood

    As much as I agree with. Sam was unfortunately Capt America in the comics. But I do agree Buckley should be Capt American or the White Wolf in Black Panther

  8. Larry

    Just a bunch if idiot’s. Marvel comics & the MCU has already been established as different parts of the multi-universe so that would mean that characters and stories are BASED from the comics but cam be changed for story purpose. Like they did for the ultimate storyline. Doesn’t mean you or me have to like the change but it happens in FICTION. Reading the comments just shows REAL life racism.

    1. Marlow

      I agree. Movies are a different media from comic books and changes are necessary. You can enjoy both in different ways.

  9. STFU

    Wow….grown people arguing about the race of a fictitious character in a non-thinking, made-for-the -masses form of media. Seriously, have you not read the news of the REAL world lately? Is there nothing that worries you more than the cries of your fragile ego as you see someone on screen who doesn’t look like you? I have some unsettling news for you: there are other people that buy movie tickets and toys than us White Bread. And I’m pretty sure that, as a business, Disney would like to collect their cash as well. So go ahead and gouge your eyes out if your small minded sensibilities can’t share someone else’s intellectual property.

    1. @STFU: Well said! However, yes there are terrible things happening all over the world and even worse in our country thats failing at pretending we have our ish together. I agree that our focus and energies could be better and more efficiently utilized trying to better our own communities. So that brings me to my question for you, it’s two fold. 1: If you’re so worried about the affairs of the world, why are you wasting time here and most importantly why waste time on replying and trying to correct the thinking of others when there are those closer to home that could use your help?

  10. Russel

    It’s a natural progression He’s Captain America now, someone else has to become the falcon

  11. William GEOFFREY Mahl

    How can Ssm become Captain America without the super soldier serum?

  12. Jerry Owens

    I grew up with the original Captain America, Nick Fury. I understand what you are doing, but this is not the caricatures I grew up with. I’ve read these from the 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

  13. DR Who

    Wow just wow, Buck was Captain America way way way before Sam. You obviously have only read Newer Comics. Kind of feel sorry for you for being so ignorant, don’t believe me Look it Up.

  14. Gaal

    Does any of this really matter?

  15. Eric

    Both were Captain America. But Falcon was made CA for diversity. Like they made Thor a woman. C.A. bit them in the rear. Thor did not. But the diversity move hurt Marvels bottom line BAD. Which is why they shifted back to the norm. Seems the people buying comics are not the ‘woke’ crowd marvel was peddling to.

    Disney will keep taking white characters and making them minority to sell to that crowd. All while the same crowd whines about ‘white washing’ and doing the exact same thing online like they are dogging here.

  16. Logicbomb66

    Except both in the comics and for purposes of justice a black man should be captain america. Bucky still has the stigma of being the winter soldier on his conscious.

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