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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind with Spaceship Earth in the background at EPCOT

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  1. Martin

    Well, all Disney really cares about is the cash and not the customer. Simple. People are tired of giving their retirement savings away for a family fun adventure. Disneyland is pricing itself out of the market. No teenager or young adult can afford to go to Disneyland at all. It’s financially impossible for young individuals to have fun at the happiest place on earth!

    1. Ash

      Disney parks were getting outside affordable before the pandemic. Now they adjusted for inflation. They had pent up demand from people itching to get out of isolation. They borrowed against future sales. They cut services. They saw the crowds and raised prices again for good measure. They decided annual pass folks weren’t profitable enough when they saw those crowds. They proceeded to alienate a large fraction of customers. I’m interested to see what ‘perks’ will show up the quarter after next when they realize what they have done.

      1. Joseph

        Ever since they got involved in Florida politics, our family, along with most families we know, will not cross through the gates of Disney again. (We live 45 minutes from the gates of WDW and would stay at the resorts and visit the park’s quite frequently.)

        1. Steve-O

          At least be honest about it–if they’d gotten involved with politics you agree with you’d have no issue at all with it.

    2. Rachel

      It’s not that Disney doesn’t want you it’s that how Disney does businesses fundamentally changing very quickly the advent of streaming has completely changed any and everything about the experience people can be angry about the quality of the service being cut but the sad truth is a struggling dying company is going to do just that struggle die try to contain profits and cost cutting if you wanna bougie experience for the Ritz Carlton go take a luxurious vacation somewhere but Disney is not gonna be some thing that’s luxury. The golden era is over. It’s hard to watch this company self destruct

  2. Re

    Going to Disney is now just a dream for families. You have to pay an arm and a leg now and most people live paycheck to paycheck. Lower the prices and you wiil get the crowds. Make dreams come true for families.

  3. Jarvis

    Time to start advertising to child predators and groomers since that is their highest and most holy customer. Woke public teachers, SFO sex events, jails, sex workers, Hunter Biden types.

    1. Tony

      Bruh, you’re insane. Next time you decide to read up on baseless conspiracy theories, you might to lay off the drugs.

      1. Steve

        Which of the groups he mentioned are you in?

    2. Chris Hansen

      You seem to know an awful lot about this. Why don’t you have a seat over there…

  4. DeLaunhardt

    I guess “pent up demand” is only so “pent up”. As a relative local I knew that abusing clients the way Disney has would finally catch up with them.

    …no wonder there stock continues to stay low………

  5. Dave

    Bob paycheck needs to go. This clown has ruined the parks with his greed. Genie+,I mean really? You pay enough to come to this place now it’s extra when your actually there..just bring back the dam fast pass and stop making people plan their day while on vacation. What happened to the good ole days of showing up to what ever park I want on whatever day I want. Disney better wake up especially now with universal building their new park .

    1. Steve-O

      While I sort of agree, there was ALWAYS some planning involved with going to Disney to maximize your day. It has crossed into the abjectly ridiculous point, though.

  6. Lowcrowds

    The comments to all these low crowd articles are hilarious. It’s the last week of August. This always happens. Last week of August and most weekdays in September are the lowest times crowd wise at Disney. Kids are going back to school, hurricane season, daily thunderstorms, and uncomfortable high temps/humidity. Not a good mix for a lot of people.

  7. Concerned

    There’s this misconception at Disney that LGBTQ is not a sex act that a person chooses to do and therefore can choose to stop. Claiming that LGBTQ is genetic like your skin color doesn’t make logical sense, because you can’t change your racial make up, but you can stop an LGBTQ act anytime. Though like other addictions, it may be difficult to change a LGBTQ habit, it should be doable with proper training.

    Even if LGBTQ is really genetic, it can still be stopped by the perpetrator. Flasher, sex with children, desiring your neighbor’s wife, killing your enemies …. are built in some people’s genes but do they always act out on whatever their genes tell them to do, or do they control their impulses in civil society? In short, LGBTQ is a choice with many harmful consequences, including infertility, and therefore must not be promoted as a normal life style (ie, to be adopted equally as the straight lifestyle) to gullible kids.

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