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cinderella castle and alligator


  1. Terry

    Yes a few years back at Coronado Springs

    1. We’ve seen them several times over the years, like in the nooks & crannies of Tom Sawyer Island. They minded their business & we didn’t agitate them & we all survived. It’s Florida, they own the land, it’s part of nature! We’re just visiting.

  2. Tom

    Uh, it’s Florida. Alligators shouldn’t be *that* big a surprise.

    1. ingrid cantrell


  3. S/S1/Steve/SS

    Once I become CEO, I will have alligators run Disney and make America great again.

    1. Kurt

      See ya later alligator…
      (someone had to…)

      1. ingrid cantrell


    2. Steve

      I’m not the same person as S1, but I suppose low IQ makes it easy to assume S is just short for Steve.

      1. You can’t find a puddle without a gator in it !! It is what it is !

    3. Mason

      Disney World is going downhill. So they could in at least thirty years.

    4. Danielle

      That is a very poor taste comment after a little boy was snatched and drowned by one at Disney. I understand your constitutional right to free speech but as someone who recently lost a family member, this comment brought great sadness for the loss of that young life.

      1. Bill

        Was not snatched by Alligator. That was the lie the parents came up with when the did not keep their eye on him and he drowned

        1. DPH

          Bravo Bill. About time someone called them out. A lot of what the parents said made no sense. It is a tragedy that the child was killed, but it didn’t happen the way that the patents said that it did.

    5. Lol. Probably run the parks better.

  4. With the increase of rats at Disney theme parks, it’s no wonder the alligators are coming closer to people and closer to the park. Not to mention that it’s Florida and there is something like 1.3 million alligators.

  5. Mel

    Why is it “insane”….it’s Florida. Alligator territory…..

    1. Hal

      Just looking for Captain Hook!

      1. Kay

        That’s the best answer yet! Lol *tick tock* *tick tock* *tick tock*
        Cue the jaunty tick tock Croc bassoon number.

  6. James

    Don’t tell people to narc on the gators and get them killed

    1. RJ

      It is illegal to kill alligators here in Florida. $10k fine and jail time. You can have to call state or police and they call an alligator wrangler and they move it to a state park or reserve.

      1. James

        Dude, I live in Florida. If you report a gator to FWC, the trapper does not relocate them, they are either killed, or are brought to a breeding farm to make more gators to eat. They are never kept alive as once the call is placed, the gator has been flagged as a nusiance (aka dangerous). This is how the trappers make most of their wages. It is right on the Florida fish and wildlife website if you want to see it yourself

  7. Bob

    This is Florida Florida has alligators 🐊 if there’s a lake it’s going to have an alligator 😀

  8. I worked at the Yacht and Beach Club when there was a young alligator in the water behind the resort. A security guard was watching it waiting for animal removal to come and remove it.

  9. Shawna

    If you’re going by the picture then the castle that is pictured is the one that is at magic Kingdom in California not Florida. That is Snow White’s Castle not Cinderella’s. There is a difference between the castles. So it would not be normal for alligators to be out.

    1. Knowitall

      California’s park is just Disneyland, not magic kingdom, it has sleeping beauty’s castle, not snow white’s lol And the one in the picture is Cinderella’s.

  10. TB

    Snake 🐍 while waiting for splash mountain. CM were pretty pressed about it.

    1. Hal

      Just looking for Captain Hook!

  11. Mason

    As a Floridian I know for a fact wherever there’s water there is a gator. The gator looked liked a baby too. It obviously came from Bay Lake. Even though Disney removed some gators from WDW, they won’t get rid of it. Since hey life finds a way.

  12. Gator Girl

    I get Gators in my neighborhood all the time. I love them. I wish I could hug them. But that would be a bad idea.

    1. DJL

      Saw a snake at beach club. Nobody cared.

    2. Jen

      I read an article about a guy who has an emotional support gator last week.

  13. Floridian by birth

    If you know where to look they are all over Disney World and property.Seen plenty in the Magic Kingdom.They we’re here first.Are they supposed to be under a curfew,when patrons present.LOL 🐊

    1. Muff

      Lmao! Right!

  14. Ann

    In Florida, assume any body of water contains an alligator! In Tallahassee, a neighbor found a alligator trying to get his dog by way of the doggie door!! They are everywhere!!

  15. Cheryl

    You’re in Florida. Gators are everywhere. Just stay away from them thru can move fast

    1. Cheryl

      You’re in Florida. Gators are everywhere. Just stay away from them they can move fast

  16. Lisa

    Dear lord. That’s a baby gator 🙄

  17. McG

    Not an alligator.!!!
    …that’s a Cayman, they only grow to about a meter in length and are more shy than an alligator, they rarely attack humans.!!!

  18. Jen

    Disney was built on a swamp. Yes, there are gators there. I’ve seen several there. I like to play my own version of Hidden Mickey. It’s Hidden Gators.

  19. Heather

    It’s Florida. If there’s water there’s gators.

  20. Frank

    I’m surprised there’s no charge for viewing it.

  21. Kathy

    many times..not an uncommon sight

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