Comments for All-New Universal Store Trumps Disney, Blows Fans Away With Breathtaking Offerings

Universal Orlando Airport Store

Credit: @MCO on Twitter


  1. Chris Wood

    Universal is past Disney and leaving it in the wind. Disney is all about diversity, pandering to inclusivity, its dropping the ball and doesn’t see what’s in front of them. If universal doesn’t go woke, then the new Epic park will be the end of Disney pretty much

    1. Think Alittle

      Universal has *been* inclusive. Much more than Disney. Start trying to make a little sense.

    2. Billy d

      Chris, you are an idiot.

  2. Jim

    Disney’s CEO is all about offering the minimum while charging the maximum. Universal is expanding and growing while making things easier for guests and offering better experiences. If Disney doesn’t make a change, they will lose their vacation destination of the world status that they’ve held for so long.

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