Comments for All The ‘Shrek’ Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Shrek The Third Babies Swarming

Credit: DreamWorks


  1. Lisa

    I totally agree with this. I didn’t like Shrek the 3rd, enjoyed both Shrek & Shrek Ever After, and loved Shrek 2.

  2. Chris U.

    I somewhat disagree with the rankings. Original Shrek (1) is my favorite movie of all time & I’ve probably seen it over 100x (I’m 45 yrs old), followed by Shrek 2 which I also adore (Puss-in-Boots!). I didn’t mind 3rd movie although it wasn’t my fave…but the ogre babies & dronkies are oh so cute! I really didn’t care for Shrek 4 much at all as it seemed so very dark and not the same lighthearted nature as the first scripts. So MY ranking worst to best is actually 4, 3, 2, 1. 🙂 Thanks!

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