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  1. Salle

    He’s wrong, he made 0 good films in his career. He didn’t “make” anything. He was just a script monkey and read it.

    1. Bob

      I’m sure you could do it just as easy…

  2. Mickeymouse3

    I’m curious what he thinks were his four good movies.

  3. Walt

    Thats 4 more than I count.

  4. Donald R Barber

    I’d say four is probably about right. He’s never really been in an undisputed masterpiece, and once he got super-famous he didn’t really have the option of doing something “under the radar. You have to go pretty early in his career to find a little known Hanks film, which means they generally got greater scrutiny and anything less than knocking it out of the park gets damned with faint praise.

  5. AnonymousAnonymous

    I appreciate the sentiment and Hanks is mostly right. I think he was probably taking a stab at the “4” number. There is more…but not much more. Here is my list of his ONLY good movies in order of release.

    1) Splash
    2) Big
    3) League of Their Own
    4) Sleepless in Seattle
    5) Forrest Gump
    6) Toy Story
    Honorable Mentions
    1) Apollo 13
    2) Philadelphia
    maybe – Bachelor Party & DaVinci Code

    Interesting that in this Century, most of Hanks’ films have been Dreck!

  6. Doug

    I thought he was good as Walt.

    1. anonymous anonymous

      …but was the movie good?

  7. anonymous anonymous

    …but was the movie good?!

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