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Ben Affleck as Batman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Elijah

    Correction: There’s 3 WB films coming out for the rest of this year. One of them is called “House Party”.

  2. Eric

    You wanna make a really big splash try justice league that will top everything..

  3. Get back to Super hero movies that are not political. MCU has not learned this,it is going to cost them in the end. Saw last BATMAN,a little long but well done. ACTION,ACTION,ACTION gets butts in the seats.

    1. Pinchy

      The Batman was more political than No Way Home, Multiverse of Madness, and Love and Thunder put together, and was better for it.

      Did you even watch the movie?

      1. Yel McG

        He did. He’s just dim.

        1. Whatever

          Political to him just means they have women, POC and LGBT people, not actual politics lol

    2. Willow

      Not to be a conspiracy person. But not buying this can’t afford stuff

  4. Robert

    They got the money they are just penny pinching to much and not to mention the bad decisions the new CEO idiot has been making. Best thing they can do is just sell WB to someone who knows what they are doing. WBD is doing more harm to DC.

    1. DragonDagger

      Exactly. This CEO is more a money manager from Waal Street than an entertainment producer.

  5. Mike

    First Discovery merger with WB clearly wasn’t researched well, wasn’t communicated well to current employees, in beginning at all. It’s a Huge Cluster from the Top! As for competing with Marvel, u can’t even afford to release movies! Stop worrying about Marvel and fix your House 1st!

  6. DanZee

    You mean 2 of Warner’s own movies. The studio is mainly a distributor and it distributes other productions movies.

  7. Manuel Hernandez

    Go woke go broke. No one wants to see raced swapped characters, politics being pushed in movies, or homosexual propaganda. You want to make money? Leave the characters how THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE and stop appeasing the woke mob. More than 95% of the world doesn’t enjoy or accept any of the b.s. that’s going on in movies today. Take a look at Lightyear on how they had a woke moment and it flopped. People are trying to tell you that they’re tired and they are not going to spend their money on indoctrination anymore.

    1. Jim

      So anything that is different than your lifestyle is “woke”? I seriously don’t understand people like you.

    2. Darrin


    3. Don

      95%? You just made that number up didn’t you?

    4. Rixk

      So anything with a message is poison to you? Explain how House of Dragons froze the HBO Max app. 10 million fans got “woke”. Go back to sleep, fool.

  8. Delaunhardt

    News flash gang. People have voted with their wallets and woke movies have done very poorly

    1. DragonDagger

      Woke means to be informed. Documentary do well.

  9. DragonDagger

    AT&T made a big mistake in buying Discovery (and Warner Brother/HBO for that matter). Discovery was on the bring of bankruptcy while HBO was racking in the cash with one success after another giving Netfix a run for it’s money. Now it’s all about getting ride of the debt AT&T created in these acquisitions. Creating content and releasing content is how a media company makes money. WBD doing the opposite is one foot in bankruptcy caused by AT&T’s mismanagement in a market they knew nothing about.

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