Comments for Walt Disney’s Historic Personal Plane Is Being Disassembled

walt disney (left) walt disneys plane (right)


  1. It is always terrific when we can share our past with the new generation. I think far too often we junk things that can still be useful! Our landfills are filling up at an alarming rate so glad to see that this plane will not add to it not to mention that it was a very pretty plain and historically significant

  2. Thomas

    Well seeing it’s just been sitting in the back lot of the Disney water treatment plant for Years probably not a huge priority until the bosses say so

  3. It used to sit in the Back lot studio tour.
    They should make it a suite and they charge a ton of money. To stay in it. That would be awesome..

  4. Abby

    We used to love seeing it when we would go on the tour at MGM Studios.

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