Comments for Disney Park May Change Name Due to Problematic “Accusations” About Walt Disney

A man with a smile face hat speaks into an Earphone microphone under a sign that says "Walt Disney World" with "Walt" Crossed out, Cinderella Castle with golden fireworks behind it, Walt Disney smiling in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle with a confused emoji overtop.


  1. Ron

    This woke BS has got to stop, they are destroying everything, becuse there little feelers are hurt, this is what an entire generation of Participation trophies and coddling looks like

    1. Star

      Agreed. I don’t think they were trying to be racist in those past movies nor do I think Walt was. Before anyone tries to call me racist, nice try as I’m a Caucasian married to an Asian and we have lot of diff mixed family members on both my husbands side and my moms. It’s getting to be too much these days. Just be kind to everyone and stop trying to read too much into everything. My husband who is Thai isn’t getting bent out of shape over lady and the tramp Siamese cat depicting the Thais aka Saiamese

      1. Cel (they/them)

        When you say “I am not racist, I am (anecdote).” That is a pretty big sign you are racist. A non racist doesn’t need to defend themselves.

        1. The Great American

          The sissy in the chat has been identified

          1. chris americunnn


        2. Chris

          Grow up with that bs comment.

        3. X

          Cry baby cis Gen transition yet?

        4. Zara

          Oh shut up, the fact you use pronouns proves your an idiot

          1. Just saying

            You is a pronoun

        5. joe f

          It seems non ea it’s are always having to defend themselves. Walt wasn’t racist but look at this stupid accusation.

        6. Nick

          Except folks like you prove her point

        7. Marie

          Says the person who seems to have multiple personalities (they/them….? You don’t even know who you are….)

          1. Dave

            Amen to that.

        8. Dave


        9. Sue

          Cel or whatever your name is. I think your the what is the problem with today’s generation anything someone says or does offends someone I call bs. Why do t we just change everything so some one doesn’t get there feelings hurt bc we do t want to do that. Now do we. I will call it like it is. And I don’t care if you get offend or not. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Just like the people sueing Sesame Street bc they didn’t pay attention to there black child. Aww poor child will be ruined for life. But let sue bc it’s the right thing to do. All these crap is a bunch of bs

          1. Justin Ju

            Woke ideology is killing this generation. Be a man or a woman and live for what is right. If you are going to get rid of Walt, then remove anything that he created….you wouldn’t have much leftover.

            1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

              First off, what you call “Woke ideology” is better termed respect for others. Caring about how what you say affects others is both the Christian approach and the right thing to do.
              What you are espousing is both selfish and rude.
              As for being a man or woman and living for what is right, is exactly what Disney’s Inclusive Key is all about. Letting he/she/they live their lives without your bigotry. And yes, bigotry is the correct word.

              1. S

                No it isn’t. And I plan on removing the so called “inclusion” key after seizing Disney in a hostile takeover. Pointless virtue signaling and virtue signaling will one day be outlawed. I will be ratting out woke execs and employees as communists just like Walt did.

              2. Mike

                Absolutely ridiculous logic. You fools are simply destroying our culture. Walt Disney recreated the Main St. and the ideals of his time. Whether he was a bigot, and anti semetic, or anything else is problematic. He was a visionary, a truth teller, and a man who successfully mirrored the reality of his youth and time to posterity. He remains, and should always remain, a cultural icon. As to wokism, no matter how hard you try you will never normalize your sick agenda. You need mental help and not confirmation. Leave Walt Disney and his legacy alone.

                1. Meltigger

                  Right on Mike! Perfectly said.

              3. Meltigger

                There is nothing respectful or Christian about woke ideology. It is about succumbing to every new PC trend. Christianity says to love your neighbors but Woke says love them only if.they agree with your current agenda. That is not being a Jesus follower.

            2. Bigbotz

              Just saying “woke” proves you’re an easily manipulated fool. Go away.

        10. Alf

          You are ridiculous.

        11. Chris Wood

          Unless your name is cel, I find anything who uses them/they in replace of their name, high suspect. It people like you who are ruining this country with their woke, nonbirnary nonsense. I bet your just some bitter lonely, who wants to make everyone else’s life miserable.

          1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

            I believe the correct pronoun for Chris Wood would be Bigot/Bigot. The biggest clue was the “people like you” phrasing.

            1. SP

              Why don’t you go suck a d!ck and STFU. A single person cannot be referred to with a plural pronoun, not physically possible and your woke ideology is what is wrong with the world today. For the love of God stop being offended by every single thing you see or hear.

            2. Meltigger

              Scott quit calling people names. Chris is correct. A single person cannot be a them/they which refers to more than one. You talked about Christian ways of living earlier and you really need to read the Bible because being “Woke” is in opposition to it.

          2. Douglas Vitrano

            I love this comment

        12. Mem

          That is the most uneducated response I have ever read.

        13. Sean

          Coming from the voice of experience? Before you judge someone, picked the speck out of your own eye.

        14. Non

          Just stop it already

        15. Douglas Vitrano

          Grow up honey bun 🙄

        16. Geoff

          What a stupid argument. Everyone is different and one person s innocent thought is another person’s eternity in a pit of fire.

        17. Ken

          And someone who uses they/them is also racist. Trying to force others to conform to something that doesn’t exist in real life and only perceived as reality in his or her mind falls under the racist code. In your user name you do the exact same thing as you claim as wrong. You are trying to apply a double standard.

        18. Kevin


        19. Erika

          Your pronouns say they them so anything you say is seen as mental illness and irrelevant LOL!!

        20. Joe Mama

          You’re an idiot. Being called a racist means nothing these days. It’s the go to phrase when the woke want to try to win an argument. Either that or use phobic at the end of whatever buzz word you are crying about.

        21. Wing

          You’re either a he or a she fool You’re an individual not a group

        22. M

          You’re either a he or a she not a they. Seriously how is society supposed to survive when we don’t know what gender we are?

      2. Zara

        Well said

      3. Craig

        Yes. There are old stories told when stories were just stories. And yes sailors would want the red head!

      4. Thomas

        There was inherent racism and stereotypes in movies of the past. This does not necessarily mean Walt Disney himself was racist, rather the American psyche of his generation were taught set morals and beliefs we see wrong today. We have far more understanding of racism and stereotypes today making movies from the 1920’s – 1980’s sometimes difficult to watch.

      5. Pepsiman

        A little bit of nitpicking. “Caucasian” refers to the Caucasus region which is in West Asia. It is made up of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. I don’t know why people use Caucasian for those typically of British, Scottish, Irish, and German descent.

      6. JCD4

        That fact that a man born in 1900 didn’t think or behave the way someone born in 2000 does should come as a surprise to no one. It doesn’t minimize his accomplishments. These “woke” children keep judging past events and people in the context of today,which is ridiculous.

      7. Stingray

        So sick of a minuscule percentage of woke idiots trying to find racism, sexism etc. in everything. Trying to wreck a good man’s name who has done so much good for ALL races. Main stream USA is getting pretty tired of ot as well and there will be a pushback to rid ourselves of all this stupidity.

      8. They were not trying to be racist? What does it matter if they were trying to or not? It’s insensitive & it pushes a stereotype that misrepresents or provides a limited scope on a type of people. And trust me, if not racist they are prejudiced.

      9. photobug

        I am Jewish and consider this absurd. Keep the full name!

    2. umopapisdn

      It sounds like your feelings are hurt. I’m glad that you were able to find a shoulder to cry on today. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you feel entitled to.

      1. Buzz

        Disney was clearly anti-Semitic and violently anti-union, just facts. Sorry if that hurts YOUR feelings.

        1. Keil Fleischbein

          Unions suck bro. Don’t compare it to antisemitism lmao. Unions are thug mafias.

          I’m jewish and I take offense that you would equate antisemites and people who believe in traditional employment.

        2. S

          No he was absolutely NOT anti-semetic you liar. Those are urban legends that have been debunked and people have been sent to court for espousing those lies. Walt donated regularly to Jewish charities was the 1955 Man of the Year for the Beverly Hills chapter of B’nai Brith.

        3. Chris

          No Buzz. Where the Eff do get that garbage. Idiot.

        4. George

          You please take a hike your the problem in America today ! L

        5. Jayne1955

          Disney was not antisemitic. Of the Jews that worked at Disney Studios, and there were MANY, it was hard to find any who thought Walt was an anti-Semite.Walt insisted there be no churches on Main Street, so it would be inclusive, and Rabbi Edgar Mannin was one of the religious leaders that delivered an invocation at the opening of Disneyland.

          1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

            The same filmmaker you quoted had a little more to say on the subject. The actual quote begins with the phrase “Casual antisemitism aside”.

            Who wins when we argue about whether it is a good idea to avoid offending people? For starters, those who fear America’s ever more diverse future, or who don’t want to be held accountable for their own offensive ideas — or who just want to own the “libs.” Andrew Silow-Carrol, editor of Jewish Week

      2. Sharon

        I agree with the opinion.

    3. Marie

      Exactly! Mr. Walt and Mr. Roy are spinning in their graves due to what the family and corporate has done to this park and the image of the creator.

    4. Thomas Simpson

      Says the Cis, white man of privilege.


      1. Buckeye0728

        Keep drinking the Kool aid

      2. Justin Ju

        Cis….shut up!!!!

    5. Diane C

      I agree! This nonsense needs to stop. They have done so much damage already. The woke management it taking away everything and charging more, where is the end?

      1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        What damage? They offended the bigots and they stopped coming to the parks resulting in declining attendance? Except they are setting records. The parks are sold out on a daily basis. Try again!

        1. S

          No they are not sold out. Numbers ALWAYS lie.

          1. Bigbotz

            People are complaining that the park is too crowded. Stop making stuff up. They print money.

            1. S

              I speak the truth. Why don’t you stop lying?

      2. Kaiser Soze

        Non binary doesn’t exist, just ignore them and they’ll magically turn back into a prince or a princess.

        1. Wz

          Agreed very true

    6. Jon


    7. Buckeye0728

      Well said my friend

    8. Poop

      What a snowflake this ron is. More like HIS feelers are hurt because he can’t wear his klan robes to the park anymore.

      1. Bigbotz

        Does your shift button randomly press itself or are you just retarded?

    9. Umbrella Man

      This is what a generation of ignorance and poor education looks like. My dude, you’re grammar is awful

    10. Mark Sheldon

      Yes as a native myself i love all the movies and disney ..song if the south is a classic and it makes me sick people try and speak for me and wreck it for all

    11. Bill R

      Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty ??
      Today’s woke crowd would have had a stroke watching All in the Family or Married With Children on TV.

      1. Bigbotz

        Just saying “woke” makes you as ridiculous as them changing the name. People were racist, doesn’t change accomplishments. Stop trying to erase history.

    12. DJTluvspuin

      We cant keep blaming people fo what went on in a different time and space… Just learn and move on. What will change in anyones mind changing from walt disney to disney. By the way F U Desantis you creep!

    13. Douglas Vitrano

      If those kind of people ask me what my pronouns are, they’re Patriot/Freedom Fighter. And if they don’t like it, TOO BAD

    14. Ed

      Americans need to get tough. You’re letting the minority opinions of the few over write the majority in many aspects of life. If you continue to stay quiet and live with insane self serving people pushing their agenda. Then you’ll only have yourself to blame. Over the rainbow was a wonderful experience every year with Dorothy. Now a rainbow divides people and labels them. The funny part is the majority doesn’t care about these “crisis topics”. Do what you want but don’t push it on the me. Logic seems to take a back seat. Spend billions on wars, weatheretc. Cancer, Healthcare education, parenting and cost of living is where the money should go. If you really wanted your “cause” to be accepted or whatever you were trying to do well…you blew it. You took it too far. There is a huge backlash coming. You can feel it. The majority has had enough. The politicians and corporate leaders in charge need to ignore the vocal, brainwashed, selfish and confused. Get back to make believe. Especially at Disney. Rant is over 🌈

    15. Henry Cross

      Exactly, just more propaganda to take down our once Great Culture & fill it with Woke Socialism!

    16. Bigbotz

      The generation of the participation trophy is the 1960’s and up. Started with the Boy scouts of America as an advertising campaign to get people to sign up.

    17. Ronisnotsmart

      That generation passed and new ones have come. Yet you still hold on to that one chestnut don’t ya? Maybe when the last of you makes a boom the world will be able to get better.

    18. You’re a cunt

    19. LockTrumpUp

      Typical Trumper. Stop whining.

    20. Meltigger

      Absolutely agree. I’m getting fed up with every little thing being made to change or having these notes on the movies, it was bad then just as it is now. My word, grow up and have some fun. Quit being so dang fragile about every Itty-bitty thing! Keep the name Walt Disney and start honoring the man again!

    21. owen

      Ron you are 100% correct!!

  2. Please Stop

    Let’s change everything because of a vocal stupid 1% group of morons!

    1. umopapisdn

      Okay, if you insist.

  3. S1

    I would be fine changing it to W*** D****y World.

    It has a nice ring to it

    1. It’s funny bro

      You still gotta take out the D. You know feminists hate the D.
      W*** *****y World. 😜

  4. Working Man

    Ugh enough already, why is everyone so overly sensitive to crap that came out over 60-70 years ago? get over it, its not what they believe in now, its just part of history and if you dont like it then don’t watch it or follow it. You can’t erase the past just because you don’t like it or you dont agree with it.

    1. umopapisdn

      People who think this is the real reason are delusional and their childhoods failed them miserably.

      This is just how capitalism works. Everything must change constantly. That’s how growth happens.

      Stop railing against capitalism by all of your lame cries about wokism. It makes you sound idiotic. Just trust the process of capitalism. It’s here to save you from yourselves.

      1. Keil

        “trust the process of capitalism”

        “Consume product and then become excited for next product.”

        Woke NPCs like you are funny lol. y’all advocate the society where we eat bugs, live in pods, own nothing, and are happy.

      2. Marie

        LOL….spoken like a true, “tolerant”, clueless person

      3. Mark Sheldon

        No way

      4. JC

        Capitalism does NOT work and never will.

    2. Chris

      Agreed. The article points out that a German director was hired in 1938, implying that Walt was anti-Semitic, without putting any of it in context. That’s just one example of the crap these young reporters dish out.

  5. Ronny

    Typical for morons. They just don’t know better. They like to fill there time with dystroing old, popular family history. That is sad, very sad.

    1. Wombat


    2. LockTrumpUp

      Yse. Vrey sda idnede

  6. Freedomrocksusa

    Keep it as it is!!!!!!

  7. Not a sheep

    “Walt Disney’s infamous Disneyland Resort opening speech”. “INFAMOUS”… Who writes this garbage, or better yet, who proof reads this garbage?

    1. Tom Mitchell

      The infamous “To all that comes here, welcome.” speech. “Infamous” for being so welcoming. I guess “they” are angry Walt left out the part where he welcomes all of the trannies, homos, bizarro fake genders, and every non-white skin color in his speech. Wasn’t inclusive enough for all of those groups of outcast wannabes.

    2. Thomas Simpson

      Omg. I was coming here to say the ex to same thing! Someone doesn’t know what infamous means!!

  8. erik the red

    Might as well change it to Woke Disney World after all the terrible decisions that have been made lately by the company.

  9. Let’s let the WOKE crowd support Walt Disney World. It would have to close for lack of finances.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      That is why it is setting records for income, right?

      1. S

        It’s not you liar. In fact Disney is cooking the books like Enron.

  10. Poops

    A mouse by any other name,is still a mouse! There is a place in heaven for you people who have a life that’s with no respect,beware Mickeys army .99%of world who are not stupid like you

  11. Michelle

    You cannot fairly evaluate this man’s life in a past society that was very different based on today’s hypersensivity. I’m SO tired of cancel culture ruining everything!

  12. Thinksmarter

    I feel like articles like this are just meant to rile people up. Where’s the proof they’re actually considering this other than some guy’s TikTok comments? Not exactly an official announcement. Think logically before losing your heads, folks. You’re playing right into the frenzy.

    1. Anonymous

      They’re also big fat lies created by well-known liar Jim Hill! 😡

      1. Lon

        The left is destroying everything. Family values and religion mean nothing to them. We’re not China though they want us to be. So sad to see what’s happening to our country.

    2. Ava

      My thoughts exactly. The woke millenials who write these articles (I myself am a millenial) like to throw unfounded claims out there, sit back and see how many comments they can get. Sometimes this site is honestly a joke.

    3. Mark Sheldon


  13. D

    This absolute BS💩. How do you get away with writing drivel based on a “tictocker” source. You write hear says, half truths based on 60 year old rumours and then get away with it by saying at the end of the article
    “ It’s important to note that this is just a rumor based on a cultural shift and, likely, the removal of Walt Disney World Resort’s iconic welcome sign, featured in @swizey’s video.”
    I wish it would just stop before real damage and someone gets hurt.

  14. Mark

    Bunch a woke wussies! Quit trying to erase history! You can’t learn from it if you don’t know about it and not subtle one of these little Wokies was alive back then to know. All based on hearsay and rumors. They try to ruin anything that might possibly hurt their feelings

  15. Kim

    Walt’s visions were revolutionary and still exist today. I was a young Child of 4 when I first met Walt, he had a White Bird that would come and sit on my windows edge and I’d talk to that Bird for hours until one day Walt decided to make me a Bird too. Once I became a Bird I had and still have unlimited access to every part of Disneyland and beyond even til this Day I’m still respected as Walt’s bird. He also trained me to look for him should he come back reincarnated. I have found him and you won’t believe who he is Now.

    1. Ava

      Well, who is he now? I always thought he was in his cryogenic tank.

  16. Seadog

    Really now.
    Da maus is going woke?
    Go woke, go broke!

  17. Kurt

    So, a guy speculating on tic tock is now enough for everyone to lose their minds?
    There is the real problem.

  18. Tom

    If Walt offends you, stay home.

  19. Jon

    I ment Walt Disney at Disneyland when I was a little kid. He was amazing and so interested in my views off the park.
    Later I worked at Disneyland and cleaned his private apartment and train car.
    Views were different in the 30’s and 40’s so basing a name change on that is wrong. It was named gor the man and creator of the park.
    Change the name and I will never go to the park again.
    I am upset with all the WOKE changes anyway and I feel it teaches our children that if you disagree with something it has to be changed.

  20. Namcy

    This crap needs to stop.
    Thus has never bothered anyone prior.
    Leave name alone and stop banning shows, movies ect that were in the past.
    On other words stop trying to erase the past and being so offended over frivolous things.
    Get over it and leave it alone.
    BTW I’m offended by this!!

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      No one is erasing the past, what they are doing is not glorifying the racism and bigotry displayed in certain Walt Disney productions. We do not need to perpetuate these stereotypes.
      The Jewish peddler Big Bad Wolf has a place in this world, not in a theme park, but the dustbin of history.

      1. S

        There’s no such thing as stereotypes and there is no racism or bigotry in past Disney movies. Sit down and shut up. It’s your beliefs that belong in the dustbin of history. You belong in Room 101.

  21. Dankus

    You people need to stop believing rumors like this just because they conform to the political trend you’ve latched on to. Walt Disney World isn’t changing it’s name. Wokeness doesn’t have anything to do with something that is not happening. Why are you so gullible.

    1. Tom Mitchell of Santa Ana CA

      It would seem incredibly stupid for that company to make that kind of a move…but then again, the Disney corporation has made a name for themselves for getting involved in incredibly woke issues as of late. Who would have thought that a multi billion dollar entertainment cooperation would involve themselves in what is being taught in elementary school, and have the balls to ignore what the voters of the state wanted? The Governor had to knock them down a few pegs and remind them who’s in charge. So when people get fired up about a rumor involving woke Disney, remember that it’s coming from somewhere.

  22. GreenJimmy

    IF the name changes it won’t be fore those reasons. It will probably come down to some dollars and cents crap. WALT is 4 more letters you have to put on everything from letterhead to busses and other signs. Some numbers pusher probably stayed up late one night and said hey if we shorten the name it saves us 3 million a year.

  23. They’ll call it The Disneyverse lol because it will be multiversal, an expansion past Inifinity and beyond.

  24. Jack

    TikTok might actually even more infested with low IQ mouth breathers than Twitter. Stop paying attention to these half-wits.

    1. F*** The Youth of Our Nation

      TickTock is for snot-nose little ((✊🏻)) jerk-offs. I wouldn’t put much stock in something some nobody said on that g*y-ass platform designed for airheads.

  25. Jessica

    This is the problem with judging the past by today’s standards. Even some of the most “woke” people in the 1950’s would be considered racist/homophobic/whatever by today’s standards. In 75 years I’m sure we’ll be seen as just as backwards. Humans tend to forget how much time it takes to change things and that the very people we vilify are the ones who made small steps that allowed the change to happen.

    1. Jenny

      Jessica, I agree! Walt Disney was a man before his time! He created a company that has brought the wonder of childhood to all that enter his parks! A place where adults can forget adulting and be children again! He wanted his parks to be for anyone! His vision was one of entertainment for everyone! Let the vision speak for itself! Have you read the quote over the gate that you enter going into Magic Kingdom at WDW? It should remain Walt Disney World!

  26. Mike Darookey

    Fa**y woke ho**s. How do the woke fatties manage to make it through the day without hurting themselves from all of the wrongs that happen all around them? It must be torture living as a miserable leftist tw*ts. My wish is for every woke cu*t to put the barrels of a shot g*n under the chins and rid us of their cu*tery.

    1. Bosco

      Psychopath – you should never be allowed in another Disney park with a comment like that,

  27. At this point, they may as well get rid of the “Disney” portion of it and create something brand new. What Chapek has been doing is not Disney, it’s Chapek’s world. They are changing classic stories that are responsible for their success and what they are turning out is junk that has way too much CGI, awful plots, and terrible acting. The movies are getting worse and worse and it’s been ages since a Disney movie has been released that could be considered a classic.

    I know things have to change and I know people hate Walt Disney and what they think he stood for. But it was Walt Disney’s vision that created Disney in the first place. If they don’t like who Walt Disney was, make a new company and leave Disney alone.

  28. DisneyFan

    If this is true and the company goes through with this…that will be the last straw for me. The re-theming of Splash Mountain, the removal of once free perks like Magical Express and FastPass+, insane price increases and now this? I’ll never step foot in a Disney Park again if they remove “Walt” from the name. Sickening.

    1. Travis Weberling

      @DisneyFan, I wouldn’t be surprised if 1 of the reasons if not the main reason for all the changes the company is supposedly doing might be because of this “War” between The company & our “wonderful Governor” Ron Desantis over the Reedy Creek tax exemption they’ve had all these decades, as well as making the shareholders & corporate sponsors & partners happy.

  29. Bryan Cooper

    Lmfao wa wa wa all you wittle babies just constantly cry about the past and your oh so horrible rasicism!! You cry babies need to stfu and get over yourselves already. Nobody deserves that much recognition especially stupids like you. If anything we will just continue mocking and laughing at you mentally ill moronic idiots lol😂

    Congratulations 👏

    1. George

      Spoken like the true racist you are…bravo

  30. Holly

    This is ridiculous! I’m sick of history being modified or erased to make people happy and in this case for monetary benefits. I am a frequent Disney goer but getting more infrequent as unpopular changes continue.

  31. Mike Johnston

    Has it dawned on anyone who is overreacting here that this has not been reported on or confirmed by any other source? Do you think it may be someone trying to get the crowd riled up (successfully)? Maybe relax and hold the vitriol till we know this is true. there’s another rumor that states they are thinking about changing the name simply because Disney World is what people call it anyway and it simplifies things. Nor everything has to devolve into to a political battle, which we have proven over and over that our insults cannot win.

  32. I can believe as intelligent human beings we are now days making a Federal cases

    of everything Races, Religion , Politics etc.
    If it was not for Walt Disney there never will be what Orlando and Kissimme áreas are today but a swamp.

  33. Frank Malfatto

    I’ve been going to Walt Disney World since the year it opened. Leave the name alone and let people call it what they want. Don’t dishonor him and his family for woke nonsense. It’s easy to accuse someone when they’re not here to defend themselves. It will always be Walt Disney World to me…Disney World for short. Don’t dishonor the Man that started all this for all of us to enjoy

  34. GS

    As a former cast member and Disney collector I am very upset that this woke up agenda has clouded the park I personally don’t that that Walt would have caved to the whims of these idiots that have perpetuated these woke asanine ideas and views Walt was a leader not a follower and these new corporate ass clowns starting with Eisner to today have weakened the Disney name and spirit it was just reported they have lost millions in revenue for their new views and direction..Stop the insanity..if you don’t like the way it was designed …move on and let the people who care for the original Disney imagineering to keep that spirit going..do you really think that changing a attraction to appease a psychopathic mind celebrates anything???? In my mind I have a zippy de do dah day everyday even without brear bear and uncle Remus!!!

    1. Tama Hero

      the left always accuses anyone of white skin tone to be racist. meanwhile they virtue signal to anyone of darker skin tone. it’s amazing that they fail to realize the bills, rights and acts they fight for like government handouts, free college (mainly for people of color), even gay and trans rights. that segregate us as a country, and create a divide of vitriol are what the politicians that run the left want. libtards that accuse anyone that doesn’t follow their belief of virtue signaling, are always accused of being racist, homophobic or transphobic. without any proof, evidence or even a hint of any of those. it’s almost like they’re projecting their negativity on to those that are innocent. they despise whites, heterosexuals and “cis” gendered people. and then victimize themselves as a defense mechanism, when they’re argument is flimsy. and don’t get me started on the psychopaths that want different pronouns, or sexually identify as something bizarre.

  35. Mason

    Doesn’t surprise me since Walt loved everything the liberals that run the “Walt” Disney Company despise- American Patriotism , the nuclear family, and anti- communism.Besides my sister who was a Disney cast member told me that they have been trying to cancel Walt for a long time.

    1. bob

      jeez, everyone is really uptight, get a life, yes i have a life and its great, if you dont like Disney, dont go, dont watch the movies and unsubscribe to ITM emails, yeah Disney went woke, but im still gonna go and have a good time and please dont call me a jerk or racsist or anything else, unless you look at yourself in the mirror, stop judging people for their beliefs and you might actually love life and like yourself

  36. Chazatl

    Whatever. They continue to cater to a vast minority of people. Just like the pride garbage for the alphabet group. Every time pride month comes around I go to the Disney shops and still see 100’s of shirts and merchandise 3-4 months later. Nobody buys that stuff but I guess they got to virtue signal.
    But changing a name of the park and stepping on a man’s legacy? WTF 😳


    Walt Disney World needs to grow a set like Gaston. Quit kneeling for all the fairies and the princesses.

  38. Jonah wood

    Who cares if he was a racist or not. When he grew up it was a different time. Different things were acceptable and everyday norms. Erasing history because of woke nonsense is bananas. Time is context.

  39. Joshua David Whitmore

    Back in the early 50s, there WAS no ‘woke’ culture, no massive media coverage. But this is a fact: Walt Disney testified at the McCarthy Hearings, and unabashedly threw many of his co-workers who had the audacity to strike for fair wages, as well as other entertainment people under the bus and accused them of being Communists. This ruined the lives and families of many many people. SO….go ahead and defend good ol’ Walt and blame “woke” culture for damning him. We can keep loving some of the films he made ( he also made crap, let’s not forget)….I know I will!…..and still look at who this man was.

  40. Mario

    More woke BS.

  41. Jayne1955

    Everyone just calls it Disney World already. And Disney wasn’t a racist. I strongly suggest everyone read The Vault of Walt by Jim Korkis to explain some of this crazy stuff.

  42. Jamesh

    I stopped supporting anything Disney awhile back. Their inability to make real movies, them shoving their “woke” agenda down everyone’s throat, to them finding people guilty before being proven as such… They don’t care about anyone… Don’t them fool you. It’s all about what will bring in the biggest profit without regard for any realism, fairness, integrity or morale. When Walt said Disney would be constantly evolving with the times, I don’t believe this is what he meant. He’s probably rolling in his grave.

  43. KDC

    Will it be Bob Chapek World, or Planet Bob?

  44. Aime

    The same group of people that insist I accept their beliefs refuse to accept mine.

    No difference to me about the name change. We are letting our passes go after a lifetime of being annual passholders. In time, the Orlando location will basically resemble a generic theme park like a passing carnival. There is already no more magic that set it apart from other theme parks in the past.

  45. Joe

    I used to enjoy going to Disney, it was a wondrous place to explore. These days it has become a “Woke” cesspool that is way over the top! I’m sure Walt would already be flipping in his grave over the clowns presently running this company’s reputation into the ground! Instead of Walt Disney, it’s now Never Again Disney!

  46. Tama Hero

    the left always accuses anyone of white skin tone to be racist. meanwhile they virtue signal to anyone of darker skin tone. it’s amazing that they fail to realize the bills, rights and acts they fight for like government handouts, free college (mainly for people of color), even gay and trans rights. that segregate us as a country, and create a divide of vitriol are what the politicians that run the left want. libtards that accuse anyone that doesn’t follow their belief of virtue signaling, are always accused of being racist, homophobic or transphobic. without any proof, evidence or even a hint of any of those. it’s almost like they’re projecting their negativity on to those that are innocent. they despise whites, heterosexuals and “cis” gendered people. and then victimize themselves as a defense mechanism, when they’re argument is flimsy. and don’t get me started on the psychopaths that want different pronouns, or sexually identify as something bizarre.

  47. Just so you’re aware, there is no “cultural shift”. This crap is just a few weirdos on Twitter. Twitter is not reflective of real life.

  48. Nick

    Ridiculous how people try to put these long dead people on trial. You’re not some top level detective, you’re not going to prove all these accusations, just let it go. You wanna claim all those small parts in movies were racist, then start with judging yourselves for enjoying them.

  49. BrianB

    Just leave Walt alone. He’s not around to defend himself. And if “Walt” is racist, then so is “Disney”! And how about “World” – it’s a big piece of land in Florida but it’s certainly not the whole “World”! 🤣

  50. Joel S.

    Alf, I totally agree with your comment. It would be nice if people would call their Dr. Office and get back on their meds. Is their lives so boring they have nothing better to do but rant about nothing they understand.

  51. Lindsay

    Who the hell cares? We should just name it Black Is King…yanno, because that’s the only people that matter anymore.

    Sorry not sorry…

    No one calls it Walt Disney World anyways. We call it Disney World. But Let’s redo everything so it only appeals to one group of people…Christ!!!

  52. ITM has finally gone too far with their National Enquire reporting. There are far better sources of Disney news than this shock value reporting you have been doing for the last year or so. This story was irresponsible. I will be unsubscribing.

  53. Umbrella Man

    being woke means being aware of social issues and injustices. All the people crying about woke culture are wearing their badge of “Ignorance” with pride, theyre acting like being informed is a bad thing

    To the same people, good job you accomplished nothing by posting here. you fell for the bait, plain and simple. Some random blog posts this and you assume it’s real news. This was literally written to drum up clicks from people easily baited by easily debunkable information, much like yourselves. No one is trying to cancel Disney. Come out of your persecution bubble

    1. Thing

      Yet you stopped to take a substantial amount of time to read Post that our “accomplishing nothing” and then post here. What does it say about you?

  54. Thing

    Absolutely ridiculous. This country has gotten out of hand. There’s an old saying that is very fitting. The lunatics are running the asylum. When they make you believe absurdities they can make you commit atrocities.

  55. Melt The Snowflakes

    Rumor or not, the very fact that this is even thought about proves how totally screwed up this world is now. If they remove Walt’s name the silent majority will be heard. You can bet on that.

    1. Alyssa


  56. Tommy V

    It will always be WALT DISNEY WORLD for us and all true fans. Chapek and his minions will slowly change it to Chapekworld!

  57. Douglas

    All you woke pronoun people just make me sick.

    1. Alyssa

      If u don’t like it, then don’t comment. Easy as that.

  58. DJTluvspuin

    We cant keep blaming people fo what went on in a different time and space… Just learn and move on. What will change in anyones mind changing from walt disney to disney. By the way F U Desantis you creep!

  59. Alyssa

    This is NOT ok. They can’t just change the name cos it’s Walt’s legacy and I know cos I’m related to him and EVERYTHING he created.
    Leave the name of the park AS IT IS!

  60. PxssedOffDisneyFan

    So my comment which had truthful statements was removed…

    I was never a fan of having his name in it anyway because he died before it was built so it was left in as an homage to him and to get people to spend money.

    Don’t change the name due to his alleged racist/anti-semitic viewpoints. He was a man of his time. Was he racist? 100%, they were all at that time. Doesn’t mean we have to change things – his stereotypes and caricatures were wrong then and wrong now.

    SOTS may have employed the largest black cast of any Disney film then but why did it have to be that film based on those stories? Why couldn’t have Walt employed black stars for movies like Shaggy Dog or Mary Poppins?

    There were way worst truths about Walt. What’s the common thing you see in King Neptune? Fantasia (Ward Kimball has a ball with this in the commentary)? Pollyanna? Little Hiawatha? No one complains about this and clearly this site protects those people.

    1. rose (she/her)

      as a black girl, I love disneyland. I love Disney movies, I love the parks, I love going there. that being said, I can acknowledge that Walt Disney was racist and intolerant in many other ways. it makes me sad to know this, but I believe it’s important to understand that things we love may not have savory backgrounds. for example, Harry Potter used to be important to me, but it’s so full of intolerance that I can’t even read or watch it anymore. it’s okay to let go of things we love and allow them to change for the better. Disney has a LOT of work to do on the tolerance field, and it makes me happy to see them starting to make these changes. in my opinion, they could be doing even more. all of you crying in the comment section are probably white, and couldn’t possibly understand the sadness a little black girl went through when all the representation she saw in Disney movies before princess and the frog came out were racist caricatures and underrepresentation. Disney can do better. you all need to grow up.

  61. Bert

    What a pathetic attack on a man who can’t even defend himself. Walt Disney was a genius, and his creation should live on without the meddling of this political world.

  62. joe

    Woke pussies

    1. Nick

      When will this whinge fest end.. seriously 🤦

      If it wasn’t for Walt Disney we wouldn’t have the movies we have today

  63. Lee

    If it was not for Walt Disney and his imagination there would be no Walt Disney World. I hope they come to their census and leave the legend alone.

  64. True Liberty

    So happy we didn’t renew after the pandemic a bunch radical nutcases that seem to support grooming children and wokeness around every corner. There is a lifetime of things to do in Florida without supporting the crazy bastards running Disney.

  65. Ange

    Don’t change anything. Please keep the name “Walt Disney World” and keep the original Welcome sign. This tradition needs to stay, displayed and preserved as designed, by Walt and Roy Disney.

  66. Charles Tennenbaum

    What the hell is “infamous” about Walt’s Disneyland opening day speech?
    And the anti Semitic rhetoric has been put to sleep long ago.

  67. Inieves

    This is total WOKE BS!! If they do this they going to tear this company apart!! Feast for the firestorm that is coming!! Walt Disney WILL NOT BE ERASED!! from his creation

  68. Tom

    You people have nothing better to write about. You make trouble where there is none. Get a life!

  69. CRT

    Disney is destroying itself from the inside out. I don’t believe that Disney is going to exist, at least in its current form, in 15-20 years. The parks and the movies will be split up and sold to separate owners. I wouldn’t be surprised to not even see Disney in the name of the parks in the future.

    1. S

      The parks and movies won’t be split up, but its already in the works to break up Disney and take away Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, ESPN, the Muppets, Pixar, and everything else Evil Iger bought. A little thing called antitrust and trust busting. Teddy Roosevelt famously used it to destroy robber barons like Rockefeller. Disney will have nothing left but its homegrown properties, be set back decades, and put back in its place as nothing but an animation studio with some theme parks that asks “What would Walt do?” to get things done like they did after his death. Disney will be made great again.

  70. C

    Conservatives create something beautiful, liberals move in to destroy it.

  71. Nope

    All I’m saying is when Walt rises from his Frozen Tomb in the year 2057 he’s going to be so pissed

  72. Jal

    So, they want to pay Walt’s legacy and enjoy his legacy, but also want to remove him from his creation.

    That’s not hypocritical at all.

  73. Elijah

    I’m going to chop this TikTokker’s head off!! Heck, I will kill every woke person on the planet!

  74. Christopher Findley

    So we can see that no one is perfect but covering up or trying to loose things done wrong in the past will have us repeat it. Like did you know the Rhode Island was the first state before the United States wxisted to outlaw slavery. It’s why it’s called or was called the Providence Plantation as in it’s a huge farm that does not allow slavery. unfortunately the word Plantation has been removed from its name and shortened. It was a vision for what America could be. Don’t repeat this mistake Disney. You need to remember Walts original vision. I place of real imagination not just great creativity. That’s what makes a great story a great story. Seems it’s been forgotten. Walt nor I or anyone on this planet or ever have existed on this planted ever got everything rite. But not trying and covering up mistakes you can learn from is silly and down rite dangerous. If you need help redirecting to remembering why Disney does what it does to rediscover how it was great drop me a line. I not really anyone but I do understand these kind of things.

  75. Thomas

    I am not certain why accusations of Walt Disney that occurred more than 50 years ago is suddenly so damning. This is a man born and raised in a completely different time and probably would not hold the same values today as he did during his lifetime.

  76. Jake

    Oh no! They’re going to rename it Disney World instead of Walt Disney World? [sarcasm]

    This has nothing to do with “woke” culture, it’s just a rebranding. A harmless one too.
    99.9% of the world already calls it that 😂

    1. S

      Except they aren’t. This “rebranding” is not happening and false. Disney also has no right to do so.

      1. Jake

        They have a right if they open the company. 🤷🏻‍♂️

        1. Jake

          *own the company

          I really need to proof read before posting

        2. S

          No they don’t.

          1. Jake

            Yes… They do

            1. S

              No they don’t. The government however has the right to seize and nationalize Disney.

            2. Jake

              Okay… Whatever, S 🙄
              But, you’re wrong 😂

              1. S

                I am 100% right. Disney deserves to be nationalized and have its job dictated to it by the White House.

  77. Michelle

    All I can say is that man built a legacy that has lasted through generations. The park was named Walt Disney World because his brother wanted to make sure the world knew who put his blood, sweat, and tears into bringing the park to the world. It is his vision and it had BETTER keep his name. Anyone who knew Walt Disney personally would have had time to say anything while he was alive. He has been labeled a communist, a racist, a misogynist, you name it but in the end the work speaks for itself. He left a legacy of happiness for those of us who is enjoy his creations so do us all a favor and leave the man’s name alone!

  78. F

    I would take a 1000 “supposedly” antisemites by today’s illogical, contortionist thinking OVER 1 pedophiic groomer who cherishes nothing but themselves and their obvious hatred of all humans, or any of their stupid, Immoral, uncivilized, disgusting twisted, kink, fetish, death cult, violent anarchy any day of the week.
    When you sick twists live under the rules, laws and force you so gleefully inflict upon others then you might get a say until then STFU!

  79. Woke bullsh*t. Sadly it will be the end of WDW. Oh well!… Fun while it lasted!

  80. Steve

    This company should shut down. Nothing Disney does is quality anymore. Their parks are an overcrowded and broken down mess. Their movies are woke garbage written by toddlers. If you still like this company and it’s products, you can have them. Stripping off Walt’s name may be the most merciful and honest act they have ever performed. This isn’t the same company and doesn’t deserve to pretend to be.

    1. Xonia Book

      Agreed 100%

  81. Lanie

    This BS needs to stop. I don’t care if your feelings are hurt over some imaginary BS! Stop destroying everything! The perceived theories have not been lining up with reality and we keep giving in and making changes. History does not change and by trying to is dooming. Society is doomed, I am terrified for my grandkids one day.

  82. Tea

    So….someone just thinks it’s happening, the reason for it, and doesn’t have actual proof….

    I’ve been calling it Disney World for as long as I can remember. Don’t actually know anyone that calls it by its full name. So not a big deal to me. 🤷‍♀️

  83. BigJ

    I guess we just found out that Jess Colopy follows the worst possible leads to non stories. And it’s done with great consistency. Everything from throwing shade at beloved YouTube content creators who have been literally harassed in public to the world’s worst rumors. Kudos sinking to that new low.

  84. Your mom

    There truly is a simple fix for all of these Disney problems these days. Shut everything down in Florida. Native Floridians would rather have a swamp where everything Disney is located.

  85. Marcus

    It’s always unfair to retroactively apply today’s social norms to the past. The racist elements in some Disney films was acceptable at the time the films were made. It’s fine and right that Disney is changing those problematic elements today. But it’s silly to suggest Walt Disney should have know better in the mid-Twentieth Century. I also disagree with criticism of the Founding Fathers (like Washington and Jefferson) who owned slaves. Slavery was always wrong but sadly acceptable in the sixteen hundreds. Society can’t erase Washington and Jefferson because of today’s norms.

  86. MATT

    Walts speech wasn’t played at Walt Disney world’s anniversary because the speech is from Disneyland opening day. Walt wasn’t alive when WDW opened. Idiot

  87. Andy

    This country truly sucks now. I don’t know what’s worse, the woke, censorship happy spoiled babies, or the bigoted morons who think just because they aren’t offended by something then everything is fine. We’re heading for a fall and it’s we’ll deserved.

  88. Roy

    So the author actually doesn’t know anything but published regardless. Can’t say if they’ll actually rename it. Can’t say that there’s any truth to the anti-semite rumor but publish anyway. Get those clicks.

  89. Sandu

    I’m perfectly fine honoring the genius of the man behind Walt Disney everything

  90. HT

    So they’re really gonna do this? Cross off the name who of the man who’s responsible for all their jobs all because of his past? I wonder what would Disney’s Descendants would have to say about this but I don’t think they don’t care too much as long as they’re still getting that money but even then that’s going to run out. This entire generation of tiktokers and pronoun morons are Petty and pathetic. Always having a problem with what happened in the past even though what happened in the past is both bad and good although they see everything is bad regardless. Society doesn’t stand a chance of surviving

    1. MT

      Abigail Disney is the queen of dumping on the family legacy that she lives off of while being incredibly smug and woke.

  91. Dave Davis

    No one thinks it’s fishy about how all criticism of Jews is edited out of existence without even a question as to why that is? These are the same people who think it is OK to constantly make movies with evil Christians or priests killing people, and so on.

    1. MT

      It’s funny how ONE short cartoon was vaguely anti-semetic but it’s enough to pretend that’s the worst thing about Walt Disney or that he was a bigot against Jewish people. All it was is a bad impression of a Jewish peddler based on the fact that there were door-to-door peddlers who were often Jewish and had thick foreign accents. Jewish jokes are entirely off limits now though, even though it was just a stereotypical observational comedic take is all it was. A jab about an accent/occupation doesn’t suggest hatred. Comparatively there are old Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes cartoons that have aged less gracefully and come off as going far even for the time.

      I’d argue that blacks and indians during Walt’s lifetime got depicted as worse with more consistency. Like, Fantasia having a black centaurette who was a docile servant girl for the European-looking ones or how in Peter Pan they had indians as unattractive, backwards savage people and the depiction of post-Civil War plantations in Song of the South. Even then, I don’t think it was an issue of hatred of a race, just outdated ideas of what’s culturally accurate or just finding humor in a culture that audiences didn’t understand at all and just thought, “It’s funny cause they’re different.”

  92. Ben collins

    From what I know that Julie Andrews has said of Walt Disney & how gracious he was to her, waiting until Julie was well enough after giving birth to Emma, before filming Mary Poppins.

  93. Lee

    He’s the man behind the ideas for his park. It was his vision and his full name should remain!

  94. D.L.

    Enough, already. Leave it alone. Leave it all alone. It’s been beloved for many years by many races, colors, and creeds. Don’t mess with success.

  95. Mary

    Stop all this nonsense about Walt Disney! Get a life!

    1. Ben Collins

      Are you a Disney world fan?

    2. Jack

      Enough with this woke crap. Walt Disney was an amazing man and of all people his name and memory should be not be tarnished.

  96. Mr White

    This is what happens when you let Queer O Sexuals and Minorities push their way to the inevitable conclusion of white history erasure.

    We keep telling you but no one listens.

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