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  1. Dan

    Disney isn’t what it was. I’m just another loyal fan who will be abandoning the house of mouse. Universal is the way to go.

    1. Barb

      I completely agree. We’ve had thirty trips to Disney since 1973. No more. It’s no longer magical. It’s no longer Disney.

      1. Joan C Coffman

        Walt Disney would be very disappointed that his legacy was run into the ground.

        1. Joe

          What “Legacy”?!? Being a racist, antisemite who was also bat $#!T crazy?!? Hell, that’s Florida’s new “Public School Policy” in a nutshell!!!

          1. Gay Days--YUKK

            Disney is the man and Joe is not

          2. Dk

            Joe, and yet, here you are.

        2. Kevi

          Been 3 times and loved it, but with ridiculous rising costs (such as paying extra to park on property even though you are staying at the resort), plus openly admitting they are grooming children sexually, I’m out. They probably won’t miss my money but that’s ok, I’ll spend it elsewhere.

      2. Tim

        Been going to disney for 40 years and was always a bright spot throughout my families lives.
        No longer.
        Went twice last year and trips were so stressful with over complicated ride access, poor food, poor service etc etc etc.
        Walt is turning over in his grave.

        1. Jesus beltever

          Disney is loathsome. However, I still love the parks. So if they just nuked Hollywood maybe we could still have the parks and Disney could get back to wholesome. With no trannys

          1. Emma

            Lol, learn to spell first, Dumptard

      3. Sue

        We’ve been annual pass FL residents visiting the parks several times a year. We will not return since the changes to booking parks in advance requirements were instituted. We will spend our $$ elsewhere where we can vacation freely on our choice of activity. Disney is no longer family friendly and has become greatly overpriced.

      4. I'm not kidding

        It’s worse than that. It’s downright luciferic

        1. Lol

          Lol, take your pills and go back to bed Karen

    2. Chris

      Disney world is the best vacation you can ever have… it’s all in what you make of it and do…. sorry for the hater’s on here

      1. Debre

        It used to be the best, not so anymore. My first trip there was in 1982…40 years ago right now…Epcot was about to open…even with just MK it was amazingly magical. I’ve been over 40 times and have watched it grow and expand, but it still kept the magic…..until the past few years. Now the ones in power want to make it just about money, politics, and overly complicated ways of doing things. My last trip there was just for a weekend last October….if they don’t change and honestly try to go back to being the Disney that it was then that was my last trip. You younger people who weren’t there from the beginning have no idea…don’t think that you do.

        1. Disney sucks

          It totally sucks now. I’m not kidding

          1. Wow

            This is how you spend your time?? Really? How miserable

      2. Your part of the problem. Disney is counting on brainwashed customers that will jump through any hoops, pay through the nose and get led around on a leash by that horrible Genie+ app. You do what they say, when they say, and that’s even if the ride works at all. What happened to the days of buying a ticket at the gate and going where you want? You could wait half a day and still not get on Rise of the resistance. They even had a que to get into the gift shop to buy a damn lightsaber, WTF. I’ve never spent so much money for a more stressful experience in my life. So go ahead, sheeple and stand in line all day. Their counting on you being brainwashed and its working. Universal and Sea World are light years ahead of Disney. If you think having a positive attitude is the solution for the crap service, then you need to raise your standards. The amount of money they charge for what you get is criminal, you probably took out an equity loan to get on that terrible starcruiser hotel too. Think about that while your waiting 2hrs in line or paying $15 per person for genie+ and then paying for the ride also. Not mention you paid to park, ticket to get in( on reservation now) no thankyou.

        1. Sabo

          I agree with you. Just about to tell my age.
          I was there the first year, Disney world opened.
          I was there with my daughter and her family, the year before COVID. I went into a gift shop, wanted three of one item, the most helpful young lady helped me. Said they could even send it to my hotel room in the park. As we walk for me to pay for my items, long line, we started to talk. She kinda starts to whisper, you know if you go on line with Disney, you can get all this stuff for 30 percent off. But it ends at midnight tonight. I handed her the stuff and thanked her very much. I went back to my room, went on line. Saved myself 100.00, plus free postage. Don’t mess with those shops, order it on line. All my grandchildren got their Disney toys, I didn’t have to be insane to get it.

          1. Spiritual Warfare

            Don’t buy disney stuff. They’ll just keep having the slaves make more

        2. K

          Sea World praise huh….don’t get what’s so nice about a park that abuses sea animals.

          1. Disney sucks

            Compared 2 disney sea world is angelic

        3. Jesus believer

          That star wars hotel is a joke. Disney is a joke

          1. Lol

            So are you, yet here you are, KAREN

      3. The truth hurts


    3. SemperFiAimHigh

      We are a like minded couple and doing the same. Bye bye pedo-Disney.

      1. Mel

        Lol, Donald Dump land isn’t gonna open any time soon though, Proud Boy.. so not sure where your pregnant at 17 daughter and her boyfriend Buck are gonna take your Dumpist family. Maybe Mar a Lago.

        1. Jesus believer

          Mel trumpets r ascendant and disneys going down

          1. Lol

            LOL, silly Karen, take your pills

    4. Mattemer

      Why isn’t it what it was? Because this website is literally catering to the people that complain about every little thing, just wondering what in the real world is preventing you from going?

      1. Clown world

        Hello disney is Satan’s personal playground. Place for pervs. Let’s put gay stuff in your face. Why? So we can lose our lunches?

        1. Bob

          Lol, poor miserable you, there’s probably an imprint of your lonely ass in your easy chair because no one cares about you, and you still have the energy to be so miserable against people just because they’re gay?? Unbelievable

    5. G. Gra

      I’m with you there. We canceled reservations at Fort Wilderness the past summer and went with Universal Orlando instead. Half the price, more park time and less hassle.

      1. Money talks & disney listens

        If Kim k wanted 2 she could have the whole park to herself. Disney would let her

  2. Nabari

    This makes sense as it will allow them to raise room rates every few months. 🙄

    Everything is purely $$$ now, it feels like the customer service is just gone.

    Let’s make it as difficult and expensive as possible to visit the parks. If you don’t want to spend the money, it’s fine.. if it’s something you really enjoy doing, if it’s a tradition, if you have a pass or you’re DVC members.. well, you’re all just screwed really. (Myself included.)

    1. Jim

      Disney is pricing then self out of business they keep raising prices and offing very little in return.

      1. Oh no u didnt

        Disney let’s gay people diddle each other in their parks. It’s on film

        1. 007

          And YOU watch it regularly along with the kiddie p0rn you keep. So take your meds and go to bed, miser@hle L0S€R

    2. T

      You have ran Walt Disney into the ground. You should have just left things alone. You are about nothing buy money now. You added California to the original part and have raised prices so high that an average family can’t even afford to go! I hope your proud of who you have become because I am pretty sure Walt is rolling over in his grave shaking his head….$$$$ is all your about not about reaching little kids and their hearts. You should be ashamed!!!

      1. Kevin

        You’re. So many typos in your post it was mind – boggling!

        1. Beyotch

          Get a life kevin

    3. Thanks for writing these reviews,I have been wanting to go for so long but it sounds like just another money grubbing park,I will focus my plans somewhere else

      1. Shame on u disney

        Please! And don’t go to any more stupid marvel movies and don’t watch the new disney literal demonic cartoons they have on hulu

        1. 007

          Lol, DUMFUKK KAREN.

      2. David

        When will Bob Chapek Go! Bob Iger said he was his big mistake bring him to Disney. What does he have on the board, let’s boycott till they dump him .Also let’s look at the board members and the company’s they work for and stop buying the goods they sell, that will effect there bottom line, of there company’s .💵 💵 💵 💵

  3. Shary

    You can still book over 1 year in advance. I dont see a problem.

    1. Simon

      Me neither. I got AKL at Christmas and New year for 3800 for 11 nights. There are ways to find it cheaper. Also for me the Magic is still there

      1. Philip Annis

        Are you sleeping with the Giraffes or Zebras?? Lol JK, but that’s a steal; enjoy!

      2. People r thick

        3800 why? You can take a world cruise 4 less

  4. Marilyn Bennett

    We just returned from an 8 (on property) day stay, including 8 days of tickets with park hopper. We have been there about 17 times since it opened. This time we were very disillusioned with the parks. Early park entry was a joke. Only a portion of the park was open for resort guests only. We got there when it opened and the line at the Dwarf Mine Train line was at least a quarter mile long, outside! They had to be letting people in long before the 1/2 hour early opening. Only people that have lots of money can afford Lightening Lane. For a family of 4 it would have cost us $68.00 for ONE ride. Disney is only catering to those that are wealthy. Food has gone up tremendously too since we were there last. Stand by lanes were generally way longer than estimated times. A few breakdowns on rides too. We probably won’t go back 😣

    1. Andrew Moore

      They are letting in at least 60 mins before posted times. We noticed this in February. Arrived 35-40 mins in advance to find the queues already stretched far passed the rides normal queues.

      1. All about the benjamins

        That’s right. If Cardi B wanted 2 have an orgee in the tea cups that would let her

      2. Disney is sick

        Enter sooner! Spend more!

    2. Barb

      It’s all about the wealthy now. They only care about money. We have been going since 1973. Last trip out of 30 was in 2018. We were never on a rude that broke down. Now it’s constant. We rarely base construction because Disney didn’t want to ruin the magic. Now, it’s right in your face. The “Disney” in Disney World no longer exists.

      1. Craig

        Agreed 100%, we used to go every few years and couldn’t wait to go back after each trip. Last time we went in 2019 we noticed the magic was gone, had no urge to go back. We always tried to stay at the Polynesian but even that had no charm anymore. All about the $$$$ now.

      2. maggie

        You are so right. I wish more people would boycott them and watch them fry. They deserve it

        1. Miles

          Lol, take your meds and go back to bed Karen.

      3. Go away Disney

        They like to disrespect Walt. But his tyranny grandson and bitter old granddaughter are the ones to disrespect

    3. Amy

      We are just wrapping up 8 days at all 4 parks and a deluxe resort. Totally disappointing experience. So much has changed and things that made Disney special are gone. Now it’s just an over priced tourist trap with minimal amenities.

  5. I currently have an annual pass and own DVC. I am doing a buy back for the DVC and just letting my annual pass lapse. It’s just not the same anymoe.

  6. Brie

    My family has been going yearly for as long as I can remember, and it really hurts me to see this company be as greedy as it has been profit-wise. I don’t think I’ll be returning until Bob Chapel is out, or until something changes in the company. It’s a real shame.

  7. Kimberli

    “Cheap Chapek” & his team’s wok-ways is ruining Disney. People will pay more for more but will boycott when charged a lot more for a lot less. Reinstate clean morals & values
    and fans will return and increase. Lose Chapek & wok-ways & Disney will win back loyal fans.

    1. John

      Has nothing to do with morals or the fake “woke” agenda you keep claiming /preaching. Go get some mental help asap please.

      1. Very tolerant of others aren’t we.
        Because of what they believe, you go right to mental health.

      2. Dan

        There is a woke agenda when Mickey wants to peak into my kids pants and suggests to a 3rd grader to get a surgical procedure to make him feel better! Get the He’ll out of my sight Disney World!!

      3. Jesus believer

        Mental help is a scam to get money. Pray for God’s will. Quit giving $ to vipers

    2. Saint

      Yes. No more woks!

      1. Stacey

        I didn’t want to be rude but when I saw wok-ways I thought they were referring to China in some way lol. Took me a moment to figure it out.

        1. Liars

          Sure u did stacey

    3. Ray

      The Star Wars experience is a joke. Trick people with the edits in advertising. Who can afford a 250.00 Light Saber or a 190.00 R2 D2 RC figure. One ride and the rest of the place is a series of overpriced gift shops with low inventory to boot. I hope you’re family eat a big breakfast because the food prices will destroy you. The money is not worth college kids dressed up like Star Wars figures. Lazy concept for wealthy people.

    4. Kate

      Did you mean “woke” perhaps? This word salad is delicious.

    5. Lol

      What TF are wok ways?? Do they give you stir fry as soon as you enter the park or something?? Go back to bed Karen

      1. FL man

        You wouldn’t be Democrat if you couldn’t be condescending

        1. Bob

          You wouldn’t be a Dumptard if you couldn’t h@te on people just because they’re gay.

    6. Money lover

      Bob Paycheck

  8. Laura Fuscardo

    Does this affect DVC bookings as well? Honestly, we’re having a hard time finding the benefit to owning a DVC membership. The benefits continue to dwindle! My husband has been a DVC member since the early 90’s.

    1. Andrew Moore

      DVC can book 11 months in advance so can’t see this changing really.
      Let’s hope not anyway!

    2. Bernie Madoff

      Dvc is ponzi scheme

  9. John Mahilo

    I used to love going to WDW especially recently for the restaurant selections. But now I’m done….prices have gone up aggressively while services have fallen off the cliff. It’s all about value and the value is gone. First went in 1972, last visit 3 weeks ago. Good Bye Disney Hello Universal!

  10. Roger Davis

    Why don’t they just close down or sell out to universal ? I’m sure Elon Musk would buy it and run it correctly like it was . Been Passholder for years and stayed in resort, but they’ve ruined it now , no magic at all

    1. Disney a coven

      Black magic

  11. We our family of 9 went this April for 8 days, we could only get one character meal for the 3 kids. No Mickey Mouse to be seen unless in parade. You could only see princess at castle. Trying to get a meal was troublesome. When we last went before COVID and change of guard at Disney. It was so much better. It almost felt like work. But we made if fun for kids.

    1. Dawn

      That was April and meet-n-greets are now back to how they used to be. More and more is “returning to normal” as the days go by.

      1. Later Disney!

        Yeah right
        Everything breaking down and that never happened b4. Splash mtn best ride going away

  12. Kathy M.

    Can you imagine how much more crowded it would be if it was cheaper? Of course the rides are getting older after 50 years of Disney so it’s not surprising that more maintenance is needed. Thank goodness they are maintaining as much as they do. I have been there many times, although I admit not for a couple years due to the pandemic and being older now. Many happy memories with my family and friends. Also like Universal and have been there as well. Had passes to both in the past. People come here from all over the world for the experience. Appreciate what you have right here in Florida.

    1. Get a clue

      You have no idea Kathy

  13. Angela

    Man, you all will really complain about anything.

    How many of you wailing frequently booked your ROOM ONLY reservations beyond a year? This change makes it equal footing for everyone. You can’t even book airline tickets as far out in advance as Disney was originally letting people book. Most hotels have caps on how far out they book.

    And if you all are really so done with Disney, then why are you still reading articles about it and taking the time to comment? At least there’ll be more room for the rest of us who understand that the pandemic has changed everything, including Disney.

    1. Brad


    2. Duh

      So people won’t go and they will change their behavior

  14. Dawn

    People need to just quit. Consider yourself lucky that you can even afford a vacation. There are so many bigger problems in this world right now stop throwing temper tantrums. Think about your job. Is it the same as it was pre-pandemic? Doubtful. Every business is short staffed nowadays because nobody wants to work. Im sure Disney is not immune to this phenomenon. They are probably trying their best during an impossible situation, just like every business in the world is. I know where I work people are doing others’ jobs, filling in where needed, and trying their best to deal with what has been dealt. Without saying what I do, we are probably one of the most needed and most unappreciated people on the planet right now.
    I understand you’re spending a lot of money, but how about doing something different while the magic isn’t what it once was for now? Just go to a beach or something. Have a picnic. Staycation. I don’t know. All I know is I’m so tired of hearing whiny entitled people complain about Disney.

    1. Cry to Jesus

      Disney is Hades

  15. E.Chambers

    My family are going back to wdw this October. First time we have been back since before COVID and w/out dinning plan. Eek which saved A LOT of money. I don’t eat a lot but my 2 boys do. Just trying to hash out details save as much before we go. I hope this won’t be our last time. Yet my husband has had it . Something has to give especially w/prices …

    1. Hollywood Kills

      Going to get worse
      and worse. Let Kim K have it
      She just throws money away anyway

  16. Ray Ackenhouser

    Nothing about this is new. Anyone who’s tried to book that far out before knows that they always wait for late Sping/early Summer to release the following year’s availability. It’s been like this for years.

  17. Stacy

    I’m honestly as disappointed as I am disgusted. We had a good run but it just doesn’t feel family driven anymore. I feel exploited by corporate greed. Hello universal.

    1. Get out!

      It isn’t 4 the traditional family it’s 4 the pervs and transhumans

      1. Bob

        No, it’s 4 h@teful Dumptards that have to be miser@ble in life just because gay people exist.

  18. Carolina Ramírez

    Well I’m sad to read all these comments as we are going in November. Going to make the best of it! Positive vibes only.

    1. Lorena S

      I too am going in November – I’ve already paid for the trip so I’m going to go and also make the best of it. I wish you a wonderful, “magical” trip.

    2. True vibes

      Mark Zuckerberg ruined this country

      1. Mason

        Man wants us to be in the meta verse while living in pods.

  19. When I saw the article about a family of four two adults two kids staying at the Star Wars Hotel being charged over $6,000 for two nights stay and being served food right out of a cafeteria I was blown away and said to myself never would I go there again. And this is from someone who in 1975 spent a magical time on my honeymoon there and for many trips after that until it became again like you say All About the Benjamins

    1. Spiritual Warfare

      So true

  20. OB

    I’m a native floridian, I have been going to Disney since it opened in 1971, I grew up on Disney, I raised my kids on Disney, I was an annual pass holder for many years until 2017 when I started to notice the changes in the resorts and in the parks, I love everything Disney, but it has become very expensive and the amenities have disappeared, they keep cutting things out and keep raising prices, and are charging for things that I would have never thought they would, a perfect example is paying for parking and your staying at the resort, with what it cost to stay at a resort. What it cost to stay at Disney today you can travel somewhere different in the country and do more with your money. I’m a blue collar worker and I choose to spend my money at Disney, but I don’t anymore, the magic of Disney is disappearing, due to the greed. Disney is has forgotten about the loyal Disney fan that made Disney what it is, and that is very sad to see.

    1. Military mama

      Amen brother 🙏

  21. Lorena S

    Let’s be honest – it doesn’t matter how high the prices of the tickets or the hotels – people are still going to go….maybe not as often – but they’re still going to go – and Disney knows this. It’s very unfortunate but true.

    1. Make me stop

      Doesn’t have 2 b true

  22. Maggie

    We were Annual Passholders since 2005, going 4-5x a year or more. We have watched the decline and greed of Disney increase yearly. No longer a family friendly placem Its more a woke evil place that I want nothing to do with. Their greed will get them and hopefully they will go back to family values.

    1. Steve

      They won’t. It isn’t just them, it is all of European civilization. It is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

    2. Miles

      Lol, I guess if you’re not straight and Christian in this world, you’re automatically “evil and woke”. You clowns are absolutely mind numbing with your bigoted h@te.

  23. maggie

    right?? LOL 3800 I can go to Africa

  24. Wendy

    Took my grandkids in June, our very first trip to WDW and to Florida, and my kids and grandkids loved it, but my husband and I were unimpressed. It was a total money grab, the food prices were astronomical. We weren’t going to pay it so we filled up at the hotel breakfast in the morning and we all ate kids meals in the park. That saved so much money and was a reasonable size. But the rides and cost of LL is nuts, you can’t leisurely stroll through no, you are running around the park trying to make a reservation to ride a ride. That sucks the magic out. Only saving grace was the moment my grandson met Mickey Mouse, he was in total awe and so excited. That was magic, too bad the crowds and cost are so high or it would have been even better.

  25. Tim K

    Disney does not have to exist.

    1. Bob

      Neither do you

      1. I'm telling

        Was that a threat Bob?

        1. Lol

          Yes. I’m coming for you watch out

  26. Your mom

    I’m so happy to hear so many people aren’t coming to Florida anymore. Please tell your friends too so they refuse to come as well. Help make Florida great again.

    1. Lol

      They are.. but they’re just waiting for the awesome FBI to finish with Donnie Dumps Mar a Lago home. Plus, no one wants to witness adult children crying outside the home because their daddy’s house is getting searched.

      1. HAHAHAHA

        Donnie dump will be ur next Pres

        1. Miles

          Lol, you’re one of the poor babies wailing outside of his home right now aren’t you? Want your baba??

  27. Kevin

    Florida is a terrible place, stay out! We are all white supremists and redneck loving trumpers. Ask Joy bay whatever her name is from the vue, she knows all. Ron D is the biggest racist on planet Earth, hiding in plain view. We did Busch Gardens for the first time this year. Waaay better! Toodles

    1. Get covid

      Those harpies on the view don’t have a brain cell between them

    2. Mason

      Obviously you are being sarcastic , because you are calling a woman from the view smart.

  28. BoohooRighty

    Tell me you’re a fox News buffoon without telling me you’re a fox News buffoon

    1. Leftist

      Ok marxist/communist/socialist perv

  29. European Wolf

    perhaps we Europeans have a different perspective on vacations yet it was crystal clear at Paris Disney that it was an overpriced business with no interest in the clients. We were shocked to pay the price of a 4 star hotel for a shabby room, having an industrial breakfast in an airport hall. We never returned. Why going there when for the same price or cheaper kids can have fun in a nice swimming pool or at a beautiful beach in Italy or Greece?

    1. Barbara


    2. Steve

      I have never been to Disney Paris, but that sounds right.

      1. Jesus saves

        Oberammergau passion play

  30. Barbara

    As it should be! Finally! Natives of FL are moving to Universal however. Even cast members of Disneyworld have said they’re doing as much for their fun times. Shhh. Don’t tell Mickey ;). I never understood how they could allow people anyway to book so far out but I get it if you’re international which is what most of the guests are when you go.

  31. Jo

    The Magic is gone. I don’t mind reasonable increases but what their doing is just plain greed. They charge more and give you a lot less. You would stay at Disney resorts or go to the parks and they were so clean and the buildings didn’t have paint peeling off., you had free transportation from airports to Disney resorts and housekeeping every day. We have been loyal Disney fans going to Disney every year for years. I think of families with small children who will not be able to afford Disney.

    1. Mason

      By 2032 I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney Parks are only affordable for millionaires.

  32. Steve

    Why would you stay in one of these hellholes? Get robbed for paid parking on top of the insane room rates while the staff literally robs your room while you are out. I would sooner stay at the Super 8.

    1. Scary

      You might get some service at the super 8. Disney employees act like they could shank u

  33. Shane

    November will be my last trip!

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