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  1. I’m not sure if she will be successful with this lawsuit. She broke the rules of the slide, you aren’t supposed to go head first. In fact, the rules specifically say to “Lie back with your head and torso against the slide surface with legs crossed below the knee”.

    When you don’t follow the safety rules of the park you should not be entitled to compensation of any kind despite how injured or entitled you feel.

    1. stevectpa

      So why didn’t the ride attendant advise her of that? Or are there no ride attendants, which would be hard to believe?

  2. John

    Read before you post, it’s a mat ride that is designed to go head first. That being said all 3 of my underr 100 lbs kids went down many times without any issues.

    1. I actually did read before I posted. The exact rules for the slide say “Lie back with your head and torso against the slide surface with legs crossed below the knee”.” That does not sound like head first to me. That is from Cedar Point’s website.

      1. Capt. Obvi

        Cedar Point is a different theme park than Universal Volcano Bay.

        1. I typed Cedar Point but meant Universal. I looked up the rules for this specific ride and quoted what it says.

          1. Carl

            Read the entire article. Near the end, they said they recently changed the rules to make it safer. You used to go head-first with mats. Now you lie back without mats.

          2. Capt. Obvi

            I concede but in my defense I can only go with what I read.

  3. Jarvis

    So about 8,000 people a day, 56,000 a week visit Volcano Bay. A few hundred injuries in months does not sound dangerous for water slides, pools, and fast rivers. Quite safe really.

    1. Joel

      Your statistics are leftover from the ridiculous claims the anti-Covid people used to make. “So what if millions got sick and possibly died. AS A PERCENTAGE, it was a very small number of people.”

  4. Guest

    Isn’t the statute of limitations 2 years for personal injury? Why wait 4 years to file a lawsuit?

    1. Yes it’s 2 years. Why this person waited four years is beyond me. That combined with the rules of the slide, I don’t think this will go far.

  5. Wayne Hentley

    A 78 year old woman felt ‘elbow pain’? That’s a good one!😀😀😀

  6. Simplejack

    I hit my head on a universal ride too. I can no longer do the dishes or laundry, cook, vaccum, wash the car, mow the lawn, do any type of repair, or take the dog out. I am learning to live with these limitations, but my wife is devestated.

  7. Cindy johnson

    Seems like she was brain dead before the accident. Why do people choose to defy the rules. The I’m so special and victimization card will probably be denied.

    1. Cindy johnson

      Those kinds of injuries can get more money unless she was negligent.

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