Comments for Massive Universal Coaster Closing Down Later This Month

Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Judy

    This ride doesn’t need a “brief refurbishment”, it needs a time intensive, lots of work done refurbishment!!!

  2. Rob Chapek

    It’s closing for a regular week long refurb, the title makes it sound like it closed forever, write better.

    1. b hughes

      Needs a big refurbishment. Been on 100s of coasters & this is by far the worst for jerking head around. Do better Universal….could be so good

  3. Mighty Mike

    This coaster hurt my back not. (Not an injury or anything, it just smacked me around.) It was brutal on my poor boys. (If there’s any confusion over which boys I mean, I have no sons.) I hope they’re making it less of a painful experience.

  4. Classified

    This coaster is not even safe to ride on and it’s something discussed within the workers. That’s why you feel it so shaky and rattling when you’re on it.
    Like when dueling dragons got destroyed because of the sinking ground.
    This coaster is not in a steady state and needs to be redone, not refurbed.

  5. Katie

    I hope they update the music, that’s been my only issue with the ride.

  6. Derek

    Why are they close it down for

  7. Anna

    They need to update the music

  8. Keith Sudziarski

    I call that coaster the Ball Cruncher! No Bueno

  9. Justin

    Music needs to update to more better songs.

    Ride use to be awsome when it 1st open. Now it’s lost the thrill. Ride is extremely shaking and bumpy. It’s a shame

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