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Windseeker at Cedar Point in sandusky ohio

Credit: Cedar Point


  1. Steve

    Yet if she was allowed to ride and injured, she would be suing. This adult toddler should have learned at a younger age that you can’t always ride everything you want to.

    Of course an easy solution is to lose weight.

    1. Lo

      Exactly.. they have to be safe nobody singled her out..

      1. Fat in grand rapids

        Dude fell out of a ride and died in Florida earlier this year. As a big guy I appreciate them enforcing safety id rather jot ride and be alive than ride and die anyway

        1. Adriana

          Right?! That’s what’s wrong with today’s people. You’re dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.

          1. Jr

            I’d like to see a pict of this girl,what would she. Want to fall out of the ride,is rather see you cry than

          2. S

            She really is not very big. She is only a size 14. You can look her up on TikTok. If I could post a pic, I would but you can look her up easily. They give e her tik tok name in this article that you commented on.

        2. Chris

          My wife and I have have Season passes Season passes. Last year there was a couple of rides we couldn’t get on because of our fat asses. But I’ve been going this year after we’ve been dieting and there’s no problem.

        3. LLl

          I’m a plus size girl too. This happened to me at California adventure. It was a kiddie coaster and I just couldn’t suck it in. I never thought to blame them. For me it was like oh well my fault for being this big and the guy spoke softly to Mr and gave me 2 fast pass tickets so they handled it well.

        4. Erwim

          To prevent this you can try the seat at the entrance to see if you can fit first.

        5. LES

          Most of the rides at Cedar Piint have “mock” seats at the entrance to make sure you can get in and buckled appropriately.

      2. Aaron

        Uh yes they absolutely did

        1. Safety first how would she feel if she got injured

        2. Erwim

          Maybe if they had a sign that says if you weight this much or more you can’t ride the ride. Then having people try the seats it might work better.

          1. Lisa

            They do have seats at the entrance. She should’ve tried it. She’s just a drama queen whiner.

          2. Thom

            It doesn’t depend on your weight, it is dependent on your body shape. That’s why they have the test seat. Some folks are wide and some are deep. How you are shaped will be the deciding factor.

      3. Pat

        Boo hoo, you couldn’t ride cause you were too small. Guess you wanted to fall or slip through safety restraints. Grow up. Cedar Point don’t need your attitude.

        1. Hillori

          She wasn’t too small. She was too big. They couldn’t latch the restraints.

        2. Kerri with a y

          Next time read the stupid article so you do not look so stupid with your comment.

      4. Terrie

        Although I’m sympathetic to this young woman and her embarrassment at least she’s alive. I’m sure safety for all riders is the parks #1 priority. After the obese teenager lost his life on a Florida ride earlier this year, I’m sure they’re hyper vigilant. No park wants an accident like that just to spare someone’s feelings. I can’t think of an easy way to tell someone they need to exit for that reason. Better sad than traumatic. Move on and take care. Don’t get all caught up in your poor me. It won’t help.

        1. G

          I have been there but at worlds of fun timberwolf. Ya know what though? It was the kick in the ass I needed to lose 100lbs. I can say just this last weekend I was back on that coaster! So take control and win!

        2. Dilbert

          I don’t have any sympathy for her. I swear gravy so I already know that I won’t fit into every space I want to go. Part of it is my fault because I eat to much, part of it isn’t my fault because I also have underlying medical conditions. The point is, I’m not crying about it when I encounter a little embarrassment due to my weight. She needs to get over it. If she can’t get over it, she needs to lose weight.

      5. D. Palmer

        So true. Some rides are balance calibrated for weight distribution. Perhaps next- gen rides could have a number of seats designed for folks in the upper weight range, but then some might complain about being singled out to sit in designated seats.

      6. Chris

        Happened to my brother a few years ago….they have ride seats at the beginning of the line, if you don’t fit , don don’t get in line.

      7. How is it their fault that you too big to get in the ride? Uh might be your fault

        1. Michelle carrico

          State: ride indicates that your not going to be able to rude this machine sorry for the inconvenience.

      8. Maybe that should tell you something. 🤔

      9. FkDsnyGroomers

        I mean, if you’re a fat ass…….lose weight. Nobody’s fault but your own.

        1. Crystal

          Wow rude much?

      10. j

        Theres been plenty of stories where the attendant let the person who had trouble with the restraint, ride. The offended person could have wound up seriously hurt or dead. Get over it

      11. Dave Riccitelli

        It’s simple if you are too Damm big that the restraints won’t close properly then its a safety issue and you can ride period. That’s the policy everywhere you go for roller coasters. So it’s not just cedar point.

    2. Aaron

      Uh no, apparently you didn’t read the article. There were people bigger than her on the ride.

      1. Rob

        So she says bigger than her … Bottom line your too big your too big it’s unsafe

        1. S

          I have never understood why they don’t put an actual ride seat outside of the ride for people to try before they wait and can’t ride. It would solve alot of problems.

          1. Enthused 101

            They actually do at most of the roller coasters at Cedar Point. The one that she is referring to is the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. This is a very old children’s coaster that uses a buzz bar system (the entire cars restraints are connected and go down to the level of the largest person). If they had a test seat for this coaster it would not be an accurate representation.

          2. Over It

            The mine ride isn’t meant for normal adults let alone plus size. It’s small to begin with. It’s a kids ride! Stop trying to get attention and move on!

          3. Hillori

            Most do. Almost every ride at cedar point does

          4. Latoyalamcdonald@gmail.comLaToya L McDonald

            Guess what they do. I’ve use them to try and get out of riding certain coasters because I’m afraid of heights not because I’m huge

        2. Steve

          Safety first! Sorry your feelings are hurt. Someone died this year being to big for a ride.

      2. AT

        Maybe? This is coming from one source.

        1. Chad

          Ya if there were bigger people on the ride then why didn’t they have trouble with the safety bar as well? If this is making her cry and have a breakdown she’s never faced any actual problems in her life. Be grateful your biggest problem is being too fat to ride a rollercoaster. My mom’s dying of a brain tumor and I can’t get on a treadmill to fix that.

        2. Dawn

          It doesn’t matter if she thinks there were people larger than her allowed to ride. Their body builds may be different and as long as their safety restraints were properly secured, they should be allowed to ride. They could not get her restraint secured & that is why she was removed from the ride.

          1. Piglet

            And she probably does not realize how big she actually is. When seeing others she thought was bigger. Maybe she just doesn’t see it

      3. Logan

        Ummm, you do know it depends on where your weight is, some are in the hips, some in the belly, so…. There’s that. If the bar wouldn’t lock then there’s nothing they can do, they get 3 attempts to lock the bar, after that you have to get off. Idk why that’s so hard to comprehend. Where the weight goes matters.

      4. Frank

        That’s what she said. I doubt that’s the truth.

      5. Matthew

        So she says. If they were bigger than her then they wld have been kicked too. How did she know they were bigger? Did she go over and actually check? Maybe if she heard no once and a while, she’d be small enough.

      6. Chip

        If the restraints fit those people, they can fide. They didn’t just kick her out arbitrarily. People are ‘Large’ in different areas. I bet it’s posted in the ride rules.

      7. Al

        People are shaped differently, it’s not all about size. She herself stated that they were unable to secure the safety mechanism. It is not their fault that she did not fit safely.

      8. Sew

        Body shape plays a big part. Maybe the safety bar could lock on the others because they had fat in different places. Or maybe she is just delusional and thinks “fat” people are all fatter than her. I’ve been there myself. I worked at cedar point and they are very strict about safety. Nobody wants to be that person to turn somebody away because of their size but it happens. Nobody has a personal vendetta against her and she only has herself to blame.

      9. clcurtcl

        As a former ride operator there for years, I can guarantee she is lying about people being bigger than her. Also each restraint is its own individual restraint. So if she got kicked out then the ride was able to leave the station, that means it was her that was causing the issue.

      10. Blyn

        Even if they were, their safety bars locked. Hers wouldn’t. That is all they care about.

      11. Jane

        Even if they are “bigger” it could be she was actually bigger in an area that made her not fit. I know I’m a big girl and I’m also short and short torso and that causes some problems for me on certain rides. I’m staying away from theme parks until I lose weight to avoid this embarrassment I’ve already suffered once myself.

      12. J Barnes

        It has to with the safety restraints. I’ve seen people asked to leave rides at Six Flags for the same reason. Two people of similar sizes and one can ride and one can’t. Certain seats may be just slightly bigger and allow a bar to close. Safety come first!

      13. Michelle

        It doesn’t matter if other people on the ride looked bigger to her. If they were able to get the safety harness to close then they are small enough to ride. She was not able to get it to close, therefore she cannot safely ride the ride. It’s not fat shaming – it’s safety! I’ve been unable to ride rides before and while I don’t like it, that’s just a fact of life. I just had to get busy and lose enough weight to close the harness. There is no other way.

      14. Rod

        Apparently you didn’t either. They couldn’t close to safety bar around her. Nothing else matters.

      15. d

        did they get the restraint locked?

      16. M

        Trusting the word of an adult cry baby.

      17. John

        It said the employees can’t get the bar down for her. Maybe the bar was defective or the other people tucked in their gut but whatever reason they can’t let her ride without the bar being down.

      18. Louise B.

        I have seen her before and after baby pics. She’s smaller than me, and I’ve never been booted off rides. The person running the ride didn’t try to push the bar down ..He did it from a distance. If he manually went over, she would have pushed the par down in his presence and it would have been fine. The attendant wasn’t being nice. Watch the part 2 video, she was fine!

      19. Bartman

        We read it. We just don’t believe her. She claims that the safety bar wouldn’t engage against her corpulent belly but people fatter than her were allowed to ride, assumedly without properly latched safety bars. That’s just not logical

      20. Jim

        Pretty sure this was the mine ride. If it latched after she left obviously she was the bigger one and the issue.

      21. Beimakkusu

        What does “bigger” mean? Taller? Wider hips, larger waistline, broader shoulders, more muscles, bigger breasts, longer legs, etc.? All the seats and safety mechanisms have the same specifications. Human beings come in different shapes and sizes. The seat will safely accommodate a certain percentage of the population and not others. When she claims other “bigger”, it wasn’t the park worker that decided she couldn’t ride. It was the safety mechanism not closing that determined she couldn’t ride.

    3. Logan

      Man, a lot of people are bringing up the fact she said there were bigger people than her that got to ride. The thing is, is it matters where the weight is, hips, thighs, belly…. It’ll all be different, depending on the safety apparatus. That’s what people aren’t understanding. I live near Carowinds, and there’s been some rides I couldn’t ride when there were bigger people than me, but their weight was in different areas than mine.

    4. Kim

      You are as insensitive as most people who have issues with others appearance. If it was an invisible issue would you tell that person well you’ve got a bad heart, back, knee issue then the simplest thing would be to go get surgery. You’re an idiot.

      1. Jdabs

        Ur an idiot.. if u don’t for u don’t fit period… u cannot have the lady on the ride unlocked just to make her feel good about herself…it’s not about being sensitive to people it’s literally about safety ….so she needs to stop being a whiny brat and own up to her weight or accept it… the park did the right thing and if you have any other opinion ur a moron

        1. Nicole

          Totally agree, she can fix her attitude and her weight with effort. Come back next year.

          1. Andy

            Seems like you are the one who needs an additude adjustment cause being fatphobic just ain’t it

      2. Karl


        1. Chip

          Ooh! Good comeback!

    5. billnyenotascienceguy

      But did you die??

    6. Walt

      hahahahah I LOVE that term which I plan to steal ADULT TODDLER – exactly and with her weight she probably does not walk either but Toddle. And I am no slim Jim but I at least work on it and don’t throw tantrums

      1. Andy

        Do you not realize that there are over 100 different factors that go into weight? You do know that comparing an adult woman to a toddler because she might walk different due to her weight is fatphobic af. Take your ignorance somewhere else

    7. GoolsJules

      Agree 100%!
      She “can’t even look at food” is the biggest line of BS! She looking then gorging on food is why she can’t ride the ride! Obese people are ruining things like healthcare costs and normal activities.

      1. Andy

        You are ignorant and fatphobic. She can try to lose weight but your hatred and bigotry is unfortunately a part of your soul you can’t change. You are ugly on the inside and I’m guessing out. Have the day you deserve

    8. Shantel

      Wow…. The words I want to say to you I can’t…. But you’re a despicable human being for calling this woman a toddler. You must have a small pen…..

      1. Anon

        Small toddler is 100% accurate.

    9. Katrina

      I feel like I am the only one trying to figure out what coaster she was on that 6 people share a lap bar. I watched both her TikTok videos but she never says which one. I agree with all the comments about weight distribution on rides. I hope she realizes that Cedar Point isn’t the problem, it’s ride manufacturers that set size restrictions. There are several rides at Cedar Point that my fat a$$ doesn’t fit. But I can ride everything at Disney World without issues.

      1. Enthused 101

        This is Cedar Creek Mine Ride a children’s coaster that uses the buzz bar system. They are in rows of 2, 3 rows to a car. All 3 seperate lap bars are connected and are pushed down from the front row (she must have been in the middle row) The bar comes down until it hits the largest person. If when it hits the bar is not secure they have to remove that person. It is a coaster that was built in 1969. They inform you to cross your legs and push them back to give you more room (it sounds funny but really works) From the video it sounds like she was blaming them for telling her to “put her legs in a weird way” so possibly she was doing it wrong.

        1. KristaBella

          Yeah, it majorly sucks having to do that walk of shame, because the restraints or bar wouldn’t close properly, been there done that when the season opened this year on Millennium Force.

          I was in tears as well, but I know it’s not their fault, they are just doing their job of keeping people safe.

          I was still able to ride and enjoy some of the other coasters.

          I learned it does make a deference on where you try to ride on the coaster.

          I was able to ride Millenium the 2nd time I went a week later, because I went to the middle section of cars instead of the very front car and had lost 5 lbs that week in between as well.

          I noticed that the seat belts in the very front and back are a little shorter then the ones in the middle.

          As long as I ride in the middle section of cars I have no issues, but the very front and back are no longer viable options for me until the weight comes off to enjoy the very front cars and back cars once again like I used to be able to ride in 2021.

          Note, if your over 230 lbs and thick in the waist area your more then likely not going to be able to ride most of the coaster rides.

      2. Christine

        I’ve never been to cedar point park but I do know that you don’t put 6 large adults in a row you won’t have even weight distribution and I’m not just talking about fat it’s about height and muscle too. To of those people should have been moved to a different row and bar would of closed fine

    10. Tommi

      Yes this is were they supposed to do if the damn bar wouldn’t go down?? Should they have written her a poem to soften the blow?? HOW IS THIS THE FAULT OF THE RIDE OPERATORS???

    11. Matt

      There is an obligation to maintain safety, which supercedes any one individuals feelings. It’s not just about size. Which, it’s her perception that there were those bigger than he on the ride. It’s also about shape. If the weight is carried is an area that blocks the locking mechanism, then the safety isn’t maintained. The problem is you’ll have people on SM who, because she’s crying, and think they know better than everyone else. Will blame the park. These rides are designed, due to centrifugal forces and Gs, to prevent injury … which despite all efforts, still occur.

      I was in 6th grade with a girl who fell out of a ferris wheel to her death because she was able to get past the safety bar when she had to throwup. Her father who was there and cradled her in his arms. Would wash his arms over and over because he said he couldn’t get her blood off them. Even through it was months later. What she should do is think of her family doing the same, because her feelings were hurt. So should SM who rally to her because she has tears and was embarrassed

    12. Miles

      Exactly! The kid down in florida was overweight and he rode a ride and was too big to fit. Did that woman really want to be spared embarrassment and possibly die? Instead if she really wants to ride the ride she should lose some weight.

    13. Dilbert

      Exactly, they have rules in place that say you have to be ateast a certain height, in some cases under a certain height, and all safety restraints have to be locked in place. If you don’t meet one of these requirements, you don’t ride. It’s not their fault that you’re fat. Yes, I said it. It’s only an adjective. Just like skinny, tall, short, hairy, bald, big, and little. We don’t call skinny people “thin size” so why would we call fat people “plus-size”? I know that I’m not plus-sized, I’m just fat. I was once skinny but now I eat too much and exercise too little so now I’m fat. Who’s fault is that?

      1. Mel

        Love your honesty, especially with yourself!

    14. Grow up

      You think it’s just that easy to lose weight? I’m a mother of a child that has weight issues since he eight years old. Has always been active and a multiple sport athlete. No matter what he did he could not lose weight and was always told by the doctors that when he hit puberty he would slim down and get taller. He is 16 yrs old now and is still having trouble with his weight. He does NOT eat alot. Has never been a big fan of junk or sugary foods. But guess what. The right doctor FINALLY did tests after me fighting with them for years to find out his has insulin resistance and and under active thyroid. Those are the reasons he kept gain the weight no matter what he did. So before you judge somebody and just say well lose weight take in consideration that it’s not that easy!!! There is ALOT of people that have health issues that cause weight gain. And until a doctor FINALLY does the right tests the issues will not be delt with. Did you read where she can’t even eat food without bursting into tears? You think your comment is going to make this poor woman feel any better? People like you are what’s wrong with this world. Instead of being sympathetic you just want to get shame her.. you make me sick..

      1. SCOTT lee-ross

        Your argument is great until you realize that it is just making excuses for one person out of the millions of obese and morbidly obese Americans.
        And maybe if more people shamed her, she would have either lost the weight or found a medical reason and a treatment to lose the weight.
        Finally, as cruel as this may sound, it is no one here’s duty to be sympathetic to a woman who wants to cry because she can not ride a roller coaster. The truth shall set you free.

    15. Tracey


    16. Marie Michael

      How about making all rides compatible for everyone!!!

    17. Carol

      Exactly. Have we not learned anything from the boy who died in Florida because he was too large to ride but they let him ride anyway. If the other people on the same ride as this woman were able to safely close the restraint then it isn’t the same situation has her situation.

    18. Cat

      Easy solution!? Losing weight is NOT an easy solution for everyone. Of course those who say that probably weigh a buck five soaking wet. And gym rats. You have to understand that there are reasons that people are of size or unable to lose weight. No it’s not cutting back on food. It’s body chemistry, medication that causes weight gain, post of pregnancy weight that cannot be lost without surgical intervention. Heredity is also a factor. I’m sure nobody would say anything about a bulimic or anorexic person getting on a ride. Some are so skeletal this they could fly off like tissue paper because they are way to skinny for the ride. But of course it wont ever be mentioned because they can fit in the seat and the safety bar or belt can be lowered or wrap around them. I myself experienced this back in my younger years when I was a size 18. I was on that pirate ship ride that swings back and forth. The safety bar lowered with more issue. The employee was going down the line checking the bars and pushing down on them to make sure. When he got to mine he pushed down extremely hard twice and said he had to make sure. I heard the bar click again really hard and it sounded almost like it cracked. The ride went on without issue. When the ride stopped all the bars were automatically released. Mine started to lift but got locked. I sat there with all the guests waiting to get on watching and laughing while the employees got the bar up. He had in fact cracked the bar due to the force he pushed onto it. Of course i was blamed for it and I heard one of the supervisors tell the employees no more fat people on the ride! He thought I didn’t hear him but damn skippy I sure did. I tore into him like a rabid mongoose! But I have never ever rode another park ride again. I was so traumatized by that and that was 45 years ago. And I still get sick thinking about it. People need to learn respect for others. Just because someone is of plus size doesn’t mean it’s their fault. You dont know their condition as to why. So stop thinking like brats and have some compassion. Maybe offee some consoling words. They might just tell you it could be medication or something out of their control. Unless you walk in another person’s shoes, dont assume. I have to deal with ignorance daily because people automatically think I am at fault for being they way I am. I am of plus size, disabled, senior citizen, Hispanic and female. Not one person knows the reason for why I am like this. Give you just one hint…cancer medication.

    19. Chris Wood

      Here we go again, another victim cry bow traumatic it was they couldn’t get the restraints over her fat belly. Stop crying and loose some weight

    20. Vonselle

      Losing weight is not so easy for some people. You have no right to refer to the person as an adult toddler. Apparently you were the class bully!!!!

    21. Teresa

      Exactly it’s for her own safety

    22. I swear some people just want to get attention if you’re overweight and knew that roller coaster seat belt won’t fit you would you rather die or have them escort you out because you cannot fit it

    23. Mimma

      It is a solution, but it is NOT easy.

    24. Nick

      Well spoken

    25. Skye

      Actually the same thing happened to me and there were people bigger. It’s a horrible situation.

    26. Shawn Pinkston

      You could use your own advise, lose weight, your head is lighter than your ass

    27. Adrenaline junkie

      While it’s embrassing, I would rather be embrassed then dead. I had the same issue last year. I gained weight during pandemic and was not able to fit on some rides. I was disappointed but it’s not the parks fault. What would be ideal if the ride manufactures made the restraints able to fit bigger people safely.

    28. Merick

      Wasn’t about not being able to ride its the fact they have low quality, minimum wage employees who aren’t capable of empathy. Pretty pathetic customer interactions for a company that made 1.5 Billion in revenue in 2019

    29. I agree. I am fat and there is a ride at Disney that I love. Sometimes I fit, sometimes I don’t, even on the same trip. It’s for my safety they don’t let me on. I don’t get upset. They didn’t force that junk food or candy down my throat, I did! I stress eat at work!

    30. Bob

      Right? How many horror stories have we seen of the ride op not being able to secure the restraint. This baby is getting mad that they didn’t risk her life? I am a larger person myself than have the potential to fall to my death. Also I live in Columbus those ride ops will throw their full weight into those restraints before calling it quits. Hell, if my almost 7ft tall full bulk friend can ride all of the rights at kings island kinda shows that this person isn’t showing the full story.

    31. Brian

      The cedar point park do not say in any of their advertising that all the rides have size can be too big ,tall,short..I was going every year untill most of THE rides now are made for small people..I there are a lot of people that get very angry when they pay to get in to find out the park is not made for their body size.the park gives no refunds.

    32. Brandon

      Exactly, I’m not heavy at all but I’m tall and at Universal sometimes I have to change seats as the back ones are higher and have more leg room. They aren’t being mean they are simply trying to keep you from dying. OMG, people today are so entitled.

    33. olivia

      these people get pissed at the cedar point employees because they won’t let them on the ride to die…lol if the seat belt
      doesn’t lock you can’t ride the ride. it’s that simple get tf over it and move on.😁😭🤣

    34. Your absolutely right. I tried to ride the cyclone coaster at Coney Island n couldn’t because Im fat the ride operater said so. I wasn’t offended I only heard the truth. Its for OUR safety to be told we can’t ride something. Not to hurt our feelings.

    35. jen

      she has hypothyroidism, which is causing her to gain weight and not be able to lose it. she’s been working with dr’s to find a solution. don’t be a jerk.

    36. liv

      okay maybe yall should watch the tiktok rather than making assumptions. its the fact she was FAT SHAMED infront of hundreds of people. she knew how it was unsafe to ride that is why she got off the ride. so again, watch the tiktok about it before making assumptions.

  2. Trevor

    If she’s overweight, then she just needs to lose weight. Be honest about your own body and if you can’t fit into certain spaces, then own up to it and move on. That’s why I got my act together and lost nearly 50 pounds.

    1. Chris

      First off, you don’t know her situation, you should NEVER tell anyone they need to loose weight. Some people’s bodies are just programed to be large and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Secondly, she isn’t even that large of you actually watched the video, you would know that.

      1. Mike

        Telling her she’s fat actually caused her to stop eating for 24 hours. If that’s what it takes we need to do this more often

        1. Steve

          Fat shaming works.

        2. Mark


        3. AC

          Wow, what a perfect way to trigger someone into an eating disorder. You must be so well educated and naturally smart!

          1. Nancy

            She already has an eating disorder, too much

        4. Andy

          Wow saying we should encourage disordered eating, definitely shows the kind of person you are, yikes 😬

        5. jen

          she has hypothyroidism which is causing her weight gain and medical inability to lose weight yet. don’t be an ignorant jerk. your comments is disgusting and you should feel ashamed.

      2. habib

        you problem ong

      3. Chris

        Yeah, well they couldn’t lock the. Safety bar soooo…. No ride for her!

        1. Kiana

          Thank you!! Why is she upset that someone else is looking out for her safety!! Embarrassing, yes…sorry if I can’t click myself in safely I’m getting off the ride

      4. Danielle

        Girl u r not that big. N that’s bs. I know where I will never spend my money, that place. I am so sorry u had to experience that, u r beautiful and don’t let anyone tell u any different. Like the adult toddler Steve that apparently never learned manners

        1. Danielle

          And a lot of y’all need to watch and listen to the whole video apparently… She wasn’t to big!

        2. Danielle

          Why do some of y’all comment if ur not going to watch the whole video.. she wasn’t to big. N it’s not about having to get off it’s about the way they went about it.. n God rest his soul but the boy who recently died was way bigger then her.

        3. Lo

          Lol grow up she is whining because she wants attention. And your a sucker for believing that idiot

        4. Rob

          Lol always one….. You don’t know her situation

        5. George

          We just got back from Cedar Point. They check that the bar is locked for each rider on every ride, FOR SAFETY. I’m sure she wasn’t told that she was too fat, but that the bar wouldn’t close and as such she couldn’t ride the attraction. We felt safe because of the fact hat they did check every rider and we definitely would go back in a heartbeat. BTW three of us would be considered obese to morbidly obese and had no issues. If we came across a ride that we couldn’t have the bar in place, we would blame ourselves, not the park.

      5. Sam

        There are test seats for a reason. And it’s for their safety. Sadly many don’t use the seats and slow down the dispatch time.

      6. John

        Very well put. For whatever reason the safety device was not able to lock in place and allow her to ride the ride safely. Too many people have been getting hurt or dying lately because of safety protocols not being followed. Seems like everyone nowadays wants everything both ways. If I ride the ride and get hurt I sue the park. If I’m not allowed to ride the ride for whatever reason I sue. Damned if you do Damned if you don’t. Get over yourself Snowflake.

      7. Becky

        Yes, professional victims!

      8. Nancy DiMauro

        I had a similar issue at Universal. I needed help pulling safety bar down in place (arthritis) since I am somewhat “busty”. The worker would not help, telling me to do it myself. I was asked to leave the ride. A similar ride, with the same type of cars, presented no problem. I complained to guest services at the end of the day and I was refunded my full admission money (for both parks) as were my 6 companions.

        1. StevO

          Figures, you just want something for free! You said yourself you complained at the END OF THE DAY!

        2. Brandon

          I’m sorry you didn’t deserve your money back. I wouldn’t get near your busty chest with a ten foot poll. If they pushed hard or brushed you, you could scream sexual abuse or they hurt me. On many rides they tell you to pull the bar down to keep litigation to a minimum. Man so many people think they deserve special treatment.

      9. Ash

        Clearly she was too big or the ride would have been dispatched. The employees can’t send the ride if the restraints don’t fit, what else were they supposed to do?

      10. If the bar won’t close and she fell out then she would risk falling out and have dying! There goes another go find me page! You can’t win the park has a rule and if it can’t understand that have you aren’t old enough to ride the grown upbride!

      11. Kat

        Um…AGAIN..AS MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE SAID..People KNOW there are height and weight restrictions on rides and for a good reason…if you can’t ride then you can’t ride. No one is building their rides around how overweight this country is…lose weight or lose opportunities

      12. Xcat

        No, bodies being programed to be bigger is a fat people bs wish

      13. Mark L Sheldon

        Shes fat deal with it

      14. Michael

        No one’s body is programmed to be large. Can you be predisposed to have harder time losing weight or have a little extra yes. Being large is due to sitting on the couch and eating boxes of dingsongs.

      15. Aaron

        She was justified though

      16. Rob

        It’s lose not loose and no there’s no such thing as big boned

      17. Being obese is totally unhealthy. If you love someone you should want the best for them. Eating unhealthy and being obese lead to may health related issues mental and physical. Yes you should encourage people you know to loose weight. Not I’m a mean way, but totally do it. It may help them live a longer healthier and more fulfilling life.

      18. waldo

        No!!! Ur wrong!!! Nobody is built to just be fat n over weight ur so full of it!

      19. Dilbert

        Needing to loose weight and being able to are two different things. Just because they’re not able to loose weight doesn’t mean that they don’t need to. Because of a medical condition I’m not able to loose weight but, I still need to loose weight. The difference is that I don’t cry about it when I’m not able to fit into small spaces. I accept that I’m fat. That doesn’t mean that I expect others to accommodate me or to tell me I’m beautiful and stroke my ego with that all bodies are beautiful garbage. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not everybody thinks that every body is beautiful.

    2. Allie

      Ummm…didn’t a kid die for being allowed to ride a ride in Orlando that he was way too big for? You can’t have it both ways. No one would have known about her incident had she not gone public. And I’m pretty no one cares.

    3. Why would you even WANT to stay on a ride if the safety bar can’t be used properly for whatever reason?

    4. Sandii

      Thanks for your brutal honesty. I too need to lose weight to go some our local water rides. I don’t know that young ladies situation. But unfortunately there some rides people can’t go on due to height, weight, disability, medication, etc. It’s just life. No one said it was fair.

    5. Roy

      Same here. I lost 50 cause I took the criticism and did something about it. The days of Tess Holliday on the cover of Cosmo is over.

      1. Brandon

        You’re exactly right but Tess Holiday was replaced with Mark ‘Megan’ Smith (with a Johnson) who is more of a woman than you are! Lol, the world has gotten scary!

    6. Stephanie

      There was a 14 year old boy that lost his life because he was let on a ride he was too big for. This is life, and their poor decision to let him on, even when the bar was above standards when they tried to lock it, cost him his life. She should be grateful that they were looking out for her. It’s not body shaming, it’s safety.

    7. Aaron

      Its not about the weight. They singled her out

      1. Zachary Reece

        Why cause she said so? No buddy she felt singled out cause she was too fat and made up the idea she was to make herself feel better and made ignorant asses like you believe her cause a park is 100% singling her out even though she herself stated the bar didn’t work, sounds more like she made up the people fatter than her part.

      2. Mikki

        1. Why would they single her out? At all? Did they just collectively go, “Her. That one. That’s the one we’re going to prevent from riding today”?
        2. Never trust anyone when they say there were bigger people on the ride. Most people with insecurities aren’t going to admit that they are/we’re the biggest person in the room.
        3. You only got her side of the story, which I’m sure she only heard what she wanted to hear, or remembered the situation in a way that does not at all reflect what happened because she was embarrassed and again, insecure.
        4. This is a safety issue. If there was possibly an issue with that particular cart, then get back in line and try again on a different one. If it happens again, well…
        5. She made it seem like they had an entourage of workers escorting her out of the ride. I’ve seen people not be allowed on rides. They just tell them quietly, and the person walks off. That’s all.

        Stop falling for everything on Tik Tok and stop being angry over everyone who only wants to mitigate the risk of your death on their rides.

      3. Mark

        She was singled out? Yes, correctly as the one that couldn’t fit. She doesn’t claim that she fit: she’s upset that fatter girls did fit.

        If she wants to fit, she can shed fat and do so. –Up to her.

      4. George

        No one singled her out . She singled herself out and is in denial.

  3. S

    As a thick man, all I can say is that if she can’t handle the ride limits, then don’t ride. This will lead to stuff like Florida.

  4. Beth

    I had a similar situation at Cedar Point a few years back but my seat locked and everything and then I was told to get off. It wasn’t about the safety precaution it was about how rude the staff were which was followed by laughing of everyone else on the ride. Guest services didn’t even care.

    1. Dave

      Because she’s an entitled millennial..

      1. Becky

        Amen to that! I am overweight and it’s my own fault. If it’s not safe for me ride please tell me…my feelings won’t be hurt, I’ll be glad someone was concerned about safety!

    2. StevO

      Get thicker skin! Stop being so soft! Bunch of crybabies!

    3. Mark L Sheldon

      Sure it was

  5. Abby

    I really thought what happened to Tyre Sampson would have shown people that there is a reason why they have size restrictions on thrill rides. Why on earth would you want to ride a roller coaster when the safety restraints aren’t able to fit properly??

    1. Lo

      Exactly so many people are being injured or killed because the operators weren’t being safe. She should be happy she is alive and thanking the operator but nope, entitled overweight millennial is whining she couldn’t eat she is wanting attention and wanting to sue . Maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t eat

  6. AJ

    She should probably be thankful the employees were paying attention and that she was kicked off the ride. I’m sure Tyre Sampson would have something to say about that.

  7. Chris

    Theme parks have been doing a very poor job at being inclusive (both to those with disabilities and those of size) as of late and that NEEDS to be addressed. Yeah, it might mean there are certain seats that are larger for example, so you might have to wait an extra ride vehicle or two to get on, that would be fine, but what happened here is wrong on many, many levels and she definitely isn’t a big person by any means if you look at the video.

    1. A “pork seat” would still make the shape of the rider an issue and makes them high profile thus subject to ridicule. It’s ok to let yourself go physically, just don’t expect the world to accommodate sloth.

      1. Tim

        If you’re too big to ride a ride stay off. No difference if your to small. Blaming someone else for your size is inconsiderate.

      2. Andy

        You do realize not everyone size is directly tied to being lazy right? Cause you are it seems the lazy one because you can’t even educate yourself or learn some empathy.

    2. LS

      Safety comes first. You can get over embarrassment much quicker than injury or death. I’m speaking as a heavier person who hasn’t been able to ride due to my size.

    3. Jason

      The problem is designing a ride for the egde cases decreases safety for the majority of the population. Not saying what happened was not troubling to her but safety should always come first.

    4. StevO

      EVERYTHING is not for EVERYONE! If ya ass can’t fit then go to a different ride! It’s really not that hard! Same for kids if your too short you can’t get on!

    5. Kat

      Uh NO…HELL NO…. Rides don’t need to be altered because people are too big to ride. If you’re too big that’s YOUR problem..not the ride or the parks…get over yourself…lose weight or miss out

    6. Mark L Sheldon

      Sure she is ..shes fat

      1. Andy

        And your stupid whats your point

    7. Anon

      They cant just “add larger seats” do you know how much engineering goes into designing and testing those rides. A “simple” addition of a larger seat might not be an option as the rest of the ride cannot support the change. Many of these rides are older and they aren’t about to redesign an entire roller-coaster just to make someone feel better.

  8. Sue

    I am a big person weighing 240 but well proportioned. There was one right at cedar point I couldn’t ride. And it would not be safe to bellyache about it. I am what I am so I moved on. No hard feelings.

    1. AJ

      Mmm, you sound thick in all the right places

  9. Robbins

    With how things are today and you can’t open your mouth without offending someone..they need to have a few seats to accommodate larger’s only right.

    1. Nicky

      Rides can’t accommodate every weight and size.
      There are factors at play such as physics.
      While I’m sure every theme park would love to accommodate guests whose proportions or weight don’t fit in the harness, it simply isn’t always possible.

    2. Kat

      No they don’t ..lose weight and safely ride or don’t ride …period

    3. Mark L Sheldon


  10. Michael

    Seriously she’s upset? I am a big guy and I accept as a consequence of size I will not be able to ride most rides! She should be thankful they kept her off and you can bet if she’d been injured because they failed to protect or enforce rules she’d lawyer up and decry the park for that. Perhaps rides should have a test seat or two for each ride to let folks see they will in fact fit. Ideally this should happen before the person gets in the que.

    1. Erin

      Most of the coasters at Cedar Point with more modern harnesses do have a test seat outside of the regular queue (not fast lane). I normally try them because while I’m a size 11 in pants, I’m a busty gal and some of those over the shoulder ones can be a struggle. I 100% agree – try the seat before you get in line.

  11. Jessi

    I’ve been in this situation before and it’s embarrassing but if you don’t fit, you don’t fit. There’s really no eloquent way for the ride operator to tell you that you have to exit but if you know the belt or bar isn’t closing so you really need to have it explained to you? And as far as there were bigger people that stayed on, clearly they were still able to fasten the safety bar.

  12. Brian

    It isn’t always about being “fat”but how your weight is positened and how the restraints attach. And there isn’t always an easy way to change them to accommodate bigger people in that area of their body without making them unsafe like was seen recently where that was attempted.

    I’ve been there and it sucks but it is for safety. Everybody won’t fit on every ride.

    Yes ride ops should be as sensitive as possible and just try to say “I’m sorry we can’t get the safety restraint to lock so you’ll have to get off”. It will always be embarrassing.

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      They did her biggest complaint was grown men on the ride and girls saying how Embarrassing The girls were empathizing with her and she took it as an attack because she is a millennial

  13. Dave

    I like the crying all over tictok yet she disabled comments. Attention seeking yet can’t take the blowback of comments..waaa waaaa

    1. Steve

      It is always the same. Crybullies.

    2. Nicole

      Can we just take a moment and realize that she waited over an hour for The Mine Ride ant Cedar Point. That ride is one of the most uncomfortable rides there. I am built just like her and dread riding it with my kiddos. I’m sorry this happened to her but next time wait for a ride that wasn’t designed in 1969 and it won’t be so uncomfortable.

    3. Lo

      Exactly she just attention seeker

  14. DB

    I’m a big guy, tall and sometimes fat. Some rides I cannot fold/squeeze/position my body in a way that makes it safe. Embarrassing, sure. Sometimes it is because I am big and tall and sometimes it’s because I need to lose 50 lbs. if I really want to ride, I will lose weight. But to complain that you didn’t fit on a ride and they asked you to get off? People need to stop being so offended by everything anyone says, even if they said it in a rude manner.

  15. Helen

    I don’t even think it’s about a weight thing… if you read her post or the article, it was more about the rudeness of the people employees who were extremely rude about it. That’s the problem. Fat shaming is real and that’s exactly what happened.

    1. Steve

      OK Karen. Do you want to speak to the manager about why your fat ass won’t fit in the seat?

    2. Lo

      We’re you there? Of course she is going to cry about being shamed for her weight and blame the employee they were doing their job so she didnt die.your as much an idiot as her

    3. Mark L Sheldon

      You didnt watch it did you she was upset becouse grown men were ok..on the ride as if ..🤣and girls said how embarrassing 😳 which she says it was ..way to shift empathy to fatshamming becouse your a grown ass fat woman

  16. Laura

    Someone should tell her about the teen who died in Florida on a ride he was too big for. There are safety measures for a reason. It has to be difficult for the ride ops to tell people they can’t ride

  17. Colton

    She wasn’t being fat shamed she was kicked of for her own safety so she dose not fall out of the safety restraints

  18. Ro

    I’d like to know in what way should the ride attendant tell her to get off the ride that isn’t going to offend her. My husband is big & tall but his height isn’t usually the issue at least it never has been until he gained a lot of weight. For the past several years he can’t fit on rollercoasters/thrill rides, so he doesn’t even attempt to stuff himself into said ride which in turn saves him from being embarrassed. He is in the process of losing weight for health reasons & if he can get back on rides in the future that’s a wonderful bonus. My suggestion to this young lady is there are rules on these rides for a reason. God forbid those rules aren’t followed & a tragedy occurs like what happened to that young man on that drop tower last year. Not every ride can accommodate bigger people so if you want to ride them do yourself a favor & lose weight. Simple as that! Stop crying about it!

  19. Amy

    Its disgusting she has every right to be upset. I saw ur video ur smaller then most don’t be upset those people who pass judgement shame on u plus girls have to stick together chest up

    1. Steve

      You are too young to be using the internet unsupervised.

    2. Your right that other people bigger than her didn’t get kicked off the ride. But were they able to lock the safety bar for those other bigger people? And they shamed her? What would be the only logical choice? Let her ride so she would be spared from shame and dead.

    3. Lo

      So maybe next time just let her ride and die? Good call amy!

    4. Mark L Sheldon


  20. Pablo

    Universal Hollywood. Same thing happened to me. My complaint was they did not tell me until I had stood in line for an hour! Have a dummy seat at the Entrance to the ride! Let me discover I don’t fit before I stand in line; then I can enjoy thr rest of my day. That was infuriating: an hour wasted for nothing!!

    1. StevO

      I realllly doubt your first clue was as you were getting in the ride! You waste your own time standing there hoping no one notices your a fatass!

    2. Mark L Sheldon

      Ther was a dummy she ignored it

  21. Fritz

    If the restraints won’t close all the way, the system won’t dispatch the ride. The ops couldn’t have let her ride even if they wanted.

  22. Jo Ann

    A boy here in Florida got on a ride he was too heavy for. The bar did not close right and he fell. He did not survive. There are reasons for ride restrictions.

  23. Brad

    I have been kicked of many rides due to my weight or the stupid bar not going down on one seat.but I can ride in another seat. I have been kicked of the batman, Mr freeze, and countless others. Stop getting butthurt. Lose the weight or go ride something you can ride.

  24. Becca

    Unfortunately she’s at a size that most rides don’t accommodate. For her safety and for all the others they didn’t let her ride. If she was that bothered by it she should have a lifestyle change. If not accept what it is and move along. My son can’t ride alot of coasters because he isn’t tall enough yet, this is no different. They have the rules for a reason , For safety and safety alone.

    Ofcourse it’s sad , but she’s in charge of herself and no one else. Stories like this irritate me to no end. Entitled mindsets.

  25. Jessica

    Shame on that theme park for not murdering her! Idiot broad…

    1. Steve

      This is exactly why I am finding investors for me new theme park, Darwin World. We will be very progressive. All body types accepted on all rides! Our opening day offer will cover tickets, hotel, food, and cremation. If survive, you get your money back.

      1. Ck

        I will buy tix for several ppl I know who reallllly need to go for some rides in there! 😆

  26. Len Koz

    Guess what? There’s height and weight restrictions for a reason. If the safety bars wouldn’t lower, and they did once she was removed, then obviously the problem was solved and her size was the problem. I guess they should start the coaster with no safety bars locked and everyone can fly off because someone’s feelings are more important. Get out of here with this nonsense already. It’s illogical, ridiculous and pathetic.

  27. Jason

    I am a bigger guy, but have lost weight due to my desire to ride. A majority of parks and rides now have test seats so you don’t have to wait in line or be told no. Get over it.

  28. It.’s usually a combination of height and weight that creates the problem a large waist and short legs are harder for the bars to secure.
    If she was arguing and holding up the line l can understand the employees getting frustrated, they are usually about 20 years old and pretty inexperienced.

  29. Terro

    She’s mad because of the way she was treated? Sounds like she was arguing to stay on the ride using other large riders as reference and met with denial anyway.

  30. Lance

    I’ve had several rides that I could not fit in and had to leave. The employees were always very polite and apologetic (even thought it’s my own fault). She said other people bigger than her got to ride, but it all depends on how you are built and where you carry your weight.
    I believe she is just embarrassed about the situation and blaming the park I stead of herself.

  31. Aubrey

    Of course no she can’t fit and is a danger to others on the ride

  32. Tom

    I wish they could’ve let her go with an unlatched safety restraint. The world would be a better place after that run of the ride.
    Unfortunately, the computer won’t allow the ride to run until each and every restraint is locked

  33. Bea

    There are size guidelines and “test” seats on most rides. A friend who was a hockey player with larger than average thighs couldn’t go on a ride with a specific configuration. I have an almost 7 ft son who can’t go on certain rides because he could be decapitated. She is ridiculous!

  34. So if your child is too short not big enough for the ride and throws a temper tantrum they should be able to ride any ride? Same logic..
    No every one can do everything…

  35. UberChemist

    I remember the first time I was too fat to ride something. I hadn’t even considered it, and it was really embarrassing. My first thought was hoping to drop dead to avoid dealing with the embarrassment. Once the rational part of my brain kicked in. I realized that it’s impossible to make a ride safe for every body size; we all get it that some kids are too small, and the flip side is also true. My next thought was to lose some weight.

  36. Josh

    It’s not fat shaming you stupid woman. It’s a safety thing. If they can’t close the bar properly It’s not safe, and they don’t want to have to clean up the mess you make when you fall out. Stop playing the victim card and maybe use this as a wakeup call you need to lose weight.

  37. Aaron Cobb

    There are a couple of rides I have not been able to fit on. I’m ok with that. I’m fat and I enjoy being fat. I’ll eat while yall ride 😁

    1. Debbie

      Hasn’t happened to me, but if it did I would just holler “what can I say, I love tacos” then I would take a bow and see myself out.

  38. Carolyne

    If you are too large to be secured by the safety harness then you can’t ride. Which would you prefer? Your feelings hurt or ending up like that kid in Florida who slipped out of his harness on a drop ride and went splat?

  39. Bob bob

    A news story written and published based on one person’s experience, ONE. This website is desperate:D

  40. Ride operator

    One other thing I feel that it’s. Shame people have to use there size, race or handicap to to get money or to make the theme park look bad. Realize 1 thing most of the people that goto theme parks are the young.

  41. I went to cedar point point about 10 yrs ago n I couldn’t fit on the rides. I was disappointed I drove a long way. I got 3rd degree sunburn even with lots of sunscreen. I would rather then tell me no then something happened and me not being safe but will never go back there.

  42. Trump 2020

    So embarrassed, but here crying to world and exposing herself even more. SMH

  43. Ck

    The kid in Florida was over the weight restriction and they let him ride anyway. The bar didn’t look like it came down far enough but regardless, they didn’t follow safety guidelines and the kid fell out and is dead. They r there for a reason and not to shame and hurt ppls feelings. When in doubt, do without if u even think the fit will be tight – else you might just be embarrassed. If that bar doesn’t click, it doesn’t matter if you weigh 100 lbs or 300 lbs. You ain’t goin. Simple as that.

  44. Mihai

    What does “dezcriging” mean in the article?

  45. Dave

    Which rollercoaster was it? Because I guarantee that there are signs out front with something along the lines of “larger persons may not fit.” And I’d also be willing to bet that there is a test seat out front so people can see if they can safely close the restraints before waiting in a long line.

    Like, it sucks to go through that sort of situation (been there, done that; it’s embarrassing)… But you’ve got to plan ahead for rides like this, and they absolutely provide the tools to plan ahead (test seats, warning signs, phone apps, etc). It’s not the park’s fault that you don’t utilize the tools they provide. 🤷

  46. Matthew Stauffer

    At Dorney Park, which is in the Cedar Point family, I rode a ride then I walk around to get on a second time and I was told I was too big too ride. This was right after I rode it already. So either I rode unsafe, which is scary. Or they were just jerks and discriminated. I haven’t returned!!!!!

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      Diffrent seats ..its not about you even if you think it is mommy lied

  47. Jack

    I get kicked off rides a lot. I’m 6’8″ and a lot of rides don’t accommodate anyone outside the “norm”. I hate it as well. They should make a few seats that can accodate a wider range of people. It seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult. Sorry that happened.

    1. Anon

      The amount of engineering that goes into designing the rides is insane. the amount of safety that has to go into everything. What seems like a very simple change by offering a bigger seat could very well require a change to the rest of the rollercoaster. There are distances that the riders are required to be away from any support while on the ride. A larger seat makes that distance smaller. They may have to redesign the entire ride just by adding a bigger seat

      It would be “easier” to build a new ride to accommodate a larger range, but they aren’t built very often because they cost a lot of money.

  48. Bob

    If the restraint won’t lock for whatever reason you can’t ride. This is guest problem not a Cedar Point problem.

  49. Wil

    Yet, when you look at accidents, injuries, and fatalities on theme park rides, it is very often due to a body that cannot be properly restrained. Ride restraints must be capable of preventing even an unconscious body from falling out of the vehicle.

    It sucks that she was unable to ride, but no, she wasn’t “singled out.” If a dispatch is delayed while operators attempt to secure the restraints, naturally attention will fall on that. Naturally, if that person is unable to ride, they will feel some embarrassment, naturally for the trait that left them unable to ride. That isn’t “fat shaming.” Maybe she did feel shame, but if it centered on her weight, well, she’s fat shaming herself.

  50. John

    The same thing has happened to me and it is very embarrassing but life goes on

  51. Chadwick

    Hahahahahahahahsahaha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  52. LaNae

    Had this over grown baby gotten hurt she would have sued! Get over yourself!! You don’t always get what you want!!

    I was over weight for most of my life, I can’t imagine throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that I ate too much and couldn’t fit on rides!!

  53. Gabe

    I completely agree……
    I’m fat and because of the medications I’m currently on and the fact that my diet has sucked lately and I haven’t been exercising I have gained a ton of weight.
    I used to be very cut up and fit on all the rides but since I’ve gained weight I went back to cedar point and realized there were several rides I couldn’t fit on.
    Of course I’m smart enough to know that the rides are designed that way for safety reasons.
    So instead of getting butt hurt like all the younger generation people tend to get today I just decided not to come back until I’ve lost some weight.
    Yes it was embarrassing enough being there with my daughter and not fitting on several rides but it’s not their fault, I’m the one who got fat.

  54. Mat

    I call BS. You’re not that large that they couldn’t fit the seat belt. I’ve been in rides with people a lot larger than you. You are just looking for your 15 minutes. Give it up…

  55. Brandon

    How about you thank the employees for saving your life and you go on a diet and stop blaming others for your problem.

  56. K h

    Girl, if they had not removed you from the ride you could be dead. Thank your lucky stars you are alive and go lose some weight. Seriously stop being a baby about it, you are in control of your own body don’t blame the ride operators. If you had died your family would be suing them.

  57. Diane

    I too years ago had the same experience at cedar point on a ride right at the entrance to cedar point. It’s sounds a lot like the same thing. They couldn’t get the latch to click into place. Without that clicking into place I would have fallen out of ride. And it was because of my post partum tummy. But at rhe entrance to that ride they have a seat u can sit in to make sure that can fit. Big boobs will not allow bar to click either. I did not try out the seat and went through the hour wait to ride the ride. Bad mistake. I was very embarrassed when they couldn’t shut it. But employees were very apologetic and they were embarrassed too. That experience though is what changed my eating habits. I WOULD NOT go through anything like that again. I feel for the girl but it was for her safety. If u look at her hips and belly that is more then likely what caused the bar from shutting. I just wish employees would have handled the situation better. Now days though getting grade A employees are in short demand.

  58. Ryan

    Good lord, stop crying.

  59. K

    This actually makes me really mad. I almost lost my life on one of those rides. I was WAY high up in the air and my harness popped on a ride that spins like a globe and turns upside down. I had to HUG my body around the bars and grip my own arms so hard it was painful. Nothing I could do but hope my grip didn’t loosen. If it had turned upside down and THEN popped, I would not even be alive. I was like…13? Maybe 15?

    If the operators of the carnival rides say you’re too big, then you’re too big. Just accept it and stop making it about discrimination, my god. The lives of other people matter, too!

  60. Simple solution: loose weight

  61. Dave Thompson

    I have hypothyroidism, the treatment I was put on is thyroxine (synthetic hormone that helps top up the loss of thyroid hormone due to the condition). That, from my understanding and research is the ONLY way to boost the thyroid levels (sorry to say that my understanding is this is the only way to treat hypothyroidism). So stopping (what is in essence a hormone top-up treatment is not wise). Also, just to be clear, the potential side effect of thyroxine treatment is weight LOSS not gain. To be fair a size 14 is not that massive, yes it is overweight, but today again what so many have said before, this was NOT a weight issue but a safety one. If the bar does not shut fully you WILL suffer SEVERE consequences that are FAR worse than being asked to leave a ride. On a side note, I wanted to be a fighter pilot but at 6ft 4 tall I was told I was not allowed to be because I was too tall. I didn’t feel the need to make a video telling the world I was upset at the air force because I was turned down based on my height. Maybe if I had called them out I might have been made a Top Gun pilot….. where’s my video camera and how do I sign up to insta-tok?!?

  62. Mark L Sheldon

    They didnt say that the var woukdnt close she freaked out and copared herdself to grown men already seated welcome to short and way to fat boohoo

  63. AT

    People have died from not fitting on rides. Maybe there could be a process improvement so people don’t wait in lines to be told they don’t fit.

  64. Brit

    This stuff drives me insane. You can’t play the victim when your safety is on the line. It’s not singling you out- it’s protecting your well being. People should be even more aware of this with the recent tragedy of that 14yo being too large for the safety restraints to work properly. More parks are adopting the idea of restraints suitable for larger guests so they can safely enjoy the rides considering a large majority of Americans are overweight or obese these days.

  65. Alan

    as a ride operator not taking any chances any more after what happened in Florida..if you don’t fit sorry not sorry..

  66. Kat

    I understand how she feels especially when the bar didn’t go into the locked position. I have about 40lbs to lose (I’m 5’2) & have been fat shamed in stores when I’m buying a blouse for my daughter & have been told, “this blouse will not fit you” or “we are out of x-tra large” (I’m between med & large) or when when buying shoes a man said “what size are you, a 10 or 11?”. I’m a 7.5. I was humiliated. (Now I raise my voice & tell off anyone who tries to fat shame me). This woman should be thanking them for saving her life. A young man recently lost his life on a ride for the same thing. Being fat shamed by someone who probably has the character of maggot verses a safety issue where your life is at risk, are two different things. She’s humiliated yet her anger is misplaced.

  67. Betty Crocker

    As someone who grew up going to Cedar Point multiple times every summer I find it hard to believe that they didn’t warn before the ride. Some rides have the actual seat at the beginning of the line. Also I grew up 200 Lb would NEVER expect to get on any roller coaster…I agree loose wt or stay home..these day I just hang with the grandkids..

  68. Morty

    I have a ton to say here. I’ve personally been to this park hundreds of times. If you wait in any line you will see dozens of guests having to leave the ride. This is called basic safety practice. I’ll start from the top.

    1. My friend was told “you too big” by an attendant one time. He then went on a weight loss journey because of it. It lit a fire under him and he lost 40 lbs because of it.

    2. She complains about being singled out and “not the full grown men” but then by her own word, the me. Stayed and the bar shut. So guess what. It was not them. It was infact you who was causing the issue.

    3. As previously stated, I have been to the park with overweight friends. The safety restraint system is on a ride by ride basis. Just because you went on 10 other rides, doesn’t mean you will fit in number 11.

    4. The girls were likely teenagers. As with almost every park they make up a large portion of daily guests, but I’d say even more so at cedar point that Disney or elsewhere. If you’ve even been to highschool, you know how teenaged girls can be. Yes it’s mean but it’s not a you thing. It’s just how they are.

    5. She seems to be putting out this idea that staff was against her or singled her out. No. They are mostly highschool grads or 1st year college kids working here. They deal with these same cases hundreds of times a day. They do push the restraint. But they aren’t going to send the vehicle if the system doesn’t pop up the little green light. They aren’t going to risk their jobs, a potential personal/civil lawsuit, other people’s lives in your row, your lives… Just to protect your fragile ego. They don’t care to single you out. You just happened to be the problem here.

  69. Dave

    If the bar doesn’t go down, you can’t ride.

    It doesn’t matter if there are bigger people on the same ride. They were able to pull the bar down.

    If you ride a roller coaster and you and not properly secured, you could be injured or killed. The employees are not allowed to let you take that risk.

    Grow up.

  70. OHarriet

    I would think she would be appreciative of being kept safe by park staff. If the safety harness didn’t fit, she cannot be on the ride. Pretty simple. But I smell a lawsuit brewing.

  71. Phil

    Yikes, the world we live in now where people cane be held accountable for their own bodies and then call out in hopes they get somewhere or something from it. #pathetic

  72. They want you not to DIE if the safety bar won’t close they won’t let you ride if you have a brain that makes perfect sense 😊

  73. You are such an embarrassing person. Get a grip on your life. Yes, you, ARE overweight. You would have sued this park if you f$&a^s got injured.

  74. JB

    A teenager literally died on the Free Fall ride at Icon Park because he was too heavy for the ride and was allowed to board anyway. This woman’s criticism is utterly invalid.

  75. Gary Dunlap

    I am 6′ 8″ 310 lbs and I have not been to Ceder Point for over 25 years. Every since they went to the drop down shoulder restraints on most rides ( not just roller coasters) they now restrict me from riding. I understand the safety issues but where is the discount for the entry fee to the park when I can’t ride better half of the rides. I will not pay that kind of money to stand around and watch others have fun.

  76. Gloria Graham

    Here is Florida we have had 2 incidences of someone falling from a ride. Both times it was due to the inability to properly fasten the safety bars/belts. Surely, she has realized her size over the years. Most assuredly, this cant be the first time she couldn’t fit into something. If this upsets her then it is up to HER to fix the situation..or accept it.

  77. Heather

    So do you want another Florida where you fall off and die. I’m sorry but if you are a big person you know that there are weight limits and size limits to everything. I don’t want to be cruel but get healthy lose weight and then you can ride anything you want. Stop blaming all these places or even suing them because you couldn’t write a ride because you were too big. Your family would be suing if you felt off and died people you need to grow up sup acting like two year olds realize that well there are limits to everything in this world

  78. Tony

    So she is mad that the park employees did their job and saved her life? Like, really?

  79. Karl

    Don’t eat like a pig an loose weight, don’t blame cedar point! Blame yourself..

  80. Jack Sparrow

    Why are fatties always so annoying and utterly insufferable.

    1. Harry

      Time for another burger sweetie

  81. Harry

    Guess she’d rather go SPLAT from 400 feet l.

  82. Judy

    Being plus size you know that might happen and you aren’t “singled out”. It happens to everyone whose body composition makes it to where the rider is unable to safely ride. It sucks that this person couldn’t ride, but it is what it is. Other people who “are just as heavy or bigger” still could ride means their body composition was different (meaning their weight is distributed differently therefore allowing them to fit). Erin ok I’d you rather them push really hard to get the lever to click to just put yourself in danger? People have just this year DIED from being too big for a ride. Your safety should be the #1 focus and I know it’s hard to see it in the moment, but be glad you’re alive! Yes it would be embarrassing, hiding behind a trash can adds to that embarrassment and it would make me feel more so like I’m equal to trash. I would have removed myself completely from the area and gone to a private bathroom stall perhaps to compose myself. The last thing one would want in that situation is MORE attention, yet there they were by a trash can…. Not eating for 24hrs and being miserable is a testament to how angry you are at your own relationship with food and your weight. Chose to take this moment as motivation to kick jump your new healthier life style! *before anyone goes thinking here’s a skinny girl saying just be happy you’re alive and it is what it is, must be so easy for you to say being skinny – I am a plus sized thick thighed big booty girl who does worry, especially on new rides that I’ve never been on, if I’m going to fit or not*

  83. matt

    Boo frigity hoo. “Fat shamed” is better than a funeral. I know I am too fat to ride and even when I was borderline, yes it was embarrassing but I knew who created the problem and it was not Cedar Fair. I took a long look into the mirror. This generation blames everyone else but themselves for the situation that they have created. So, you are fat. Live with whatever shame you decide as there is only shame if you decide to feel shame.

  84. Andrew

    bro go to the gym 💀

  85. Ben

    She says she was embarrassed how she was treated Infront of people she doesn’t know, and people she will never see again, but has no issue going online whining and crying in front of potentially millions of people about how she was a victim because the park was more worried about safety than her feelings

    1. Michael Lewis

      Well said.

  86. Lisa

    I live in Florida, and was devastated when that poor boy died from falling out due to his size. It is my understanding that all the rides he tried to go on turned him away with the exception to the one he died on. I remember reading how excited he was to finally get to go on a ride. The problem was that this ride manually overrode its mechanics to allow bigger people ride them which ultimately is how this bou fell out. I am a parent and it is heart breaking to even think of how this family is feeling. I bet they wish the ride would not have allowed their child on due to weight restriction. I think everyone should find out the weight restrictions before trying to get on because it will save the embarrassment this woman felt along with keeping her safe. The parks are not anti overweight people rather they are for safety, and when they loose track of safety, then we have people killed or hurt in the accidents that stem from it. Think about this, should we ignore hight restrictions to just allow people to ride or keep them safe.

    Before they edited that video of the boy who fell out, I saw the moment the ride came down, then you can hear him hit the floor. It is something I can never get out of my head, and even worse, the family had to see that. My hurt still hurts for that family. And again, it happened because they manually overrode 3 rides to accommodate bigger people so no safety checks went off before it took off.

    I am not a small person so I would have two options. If I am over the weight restrictions and really want to ride that ride, I would lose just enough to be under the weight restriction or I can chose to think of my safety by respecting the weight restriction and not ride it. Either way, whether I like it or not, is putting your safety and others first.

  87. S

    She’s saying she was so embarrassed but goes online to tell everyone she was too obese to ride a ride.

  88. Becky

    When I used to go, the ride operators used to watch out for people who may have trouble with the restraints. If they saw someone approach who looked a bit bigger, they’d shout “Turkey!” – and usually tbh that meant someone was getting size checked and kicked off. Definitely embarrassing for the guests and the people around

  89. She says there are people bigger, but they were able to be within the safety restraints. People carry weight differently. While it is embarrassing perhaps it is a kick in the pants to eat healthy and exercise. I’m sure it was embarrassing to the employee to remove her.

  90. Michael Lewis

    If the safety bar wouldn’t go down all the way, what does she expect?? They had to ask her off. Here’s a thought, lose some weight?

  91. Loretta Clark

    It’s no different at KY Kingdom in Louisville KY. You don’t know when you first arrive until after they take your money and you’re inside the park and you can’t get on any of the rides because you’re too big. At that point it’s too late and they won’t refund your money

    1. Joe Smchmo

      But that’s your issue as an informed consumer. Everyone understands there’s limitations to rides and if you’re either too small or too large. It’s a safety concern.

  92. Tracie

    If a safety bar doesn’t come all the way down you should not ride the ride. Look at the kid at Disney that should of not rode the ride he died on. This is for peoples safety , sorry if your offended better then being dead.

  93. Brittany

    I mean if you’re too big, you’re just too big. She should be glad they didn’t let her on god forbid something happened. I’m sure she heard about what happened to a kids that’s was Here in Orlando smh

  94. clcurtcl

    I used to be a ride operator there, this was no “fat shame”. If the seat belt and/or lapbar cannot close, you cannot ride period. The ride has sensors that will not allow the train to even leave the station without it closing. Also we are taught not to severely force a restraint into someone as it could potentially injure them. CP did absolutely nothing wrong in this scenario and this is just a sad excuse for attention.

    1. clcurtcl

      Also side note every restraint and ride is made by a different manufacturer with different weight requirements so just cause you rode a few others does not mean you can ride everything. And every ride says “guest of a larger size may not be able to ride” at every ride so shes also lying about that.

  95. Misha

    Why do people think that this is a discriminatory thing??? You’d rather fly out of the ride to your death?? Move on, girl. Not everything is for you. Is it embarrassing? Yep! At least you can lose weight and come back later and ride. What about people who are too short or tall to ride? There’s nothing they can do to change that!

  96. Steve

    It’s embarrassing but it’s a safety issue. I’d use this situation and channel into having better life choices.

  97. Dizsie

    Some people, due to various health conditions or other factors may not be able to simply ‘go on a diet’ to be to enjoy theme park rides.
    Rude manufacturers need to keep this in mind when designing rides. We are not a one size fits most world.

  98. Chris

    I had the same experience about 10 years ago, but instead of crying about it, I made a change. I lost over 100lbs. I went back 3 years after working out and changing how I ate. Not only did I fit but I had room! It’s amazing how people cry and say they should’ve let me ride. I looked inward and knew I needed to change. She looked outward and wants them to change. But you can only change YOU control is the inner.

  99. Lisa

    they may have saved your life. did you hear about the young man in Florida who was too big and they let him ride anyway..he fell out and died…

  100. Jessica

    I love that she turned off comments on her post. Of course they didn’t let her ride. They aren’t going to jeopardize her safety to save her feelings. It wasn’t about her specifically being targeted or them trying to embarrass her. They don’t want the lawsuit that comes the minute she is injured or dies being thrown from that ride. It sucks, it’s embarrassing as hell, I completely get it. I’ve been in a similar situation myself before, it’s mortifying. But it isn’t personal.

  101. John Wayne

    Try putting down the fried chicken? I realize that there are health issues that cause weight issues. However I have a distant relative who just refuses to back off the two plate at a time buffets and needs a electric chair because she won’t stop eating more than necessary. This country is becoming a gut busting mess where people eat crap and we’re too busy with this body shaming garbage. If you are fat because you eat too much don’t complain when you’re treated differently!

  102. Mac

    She’s obviously some overweight but certainly Not to the extent that she is morbidly obese. I think it’s a shame that she was treated this way Obviously if the roller coaster won’t accommodate her there’s going to be a lot of people that that rollercoaster won’t be able to accommodate

  103. Frank Newberry

    Ive had to make the walk of shame before… It’s horrible. But here’s the problem. It’s not the Park, or the Park employee’s fault that a person lets themself get so out of shape, that they cannot fit on the ride. That’s not the Park’s fault…That’s YOUR fault. You can go one of two ways… You can blame everyone else.. and continue to let your weight balloon, OR you can take responsibility, diet, exercise, and get yourself into a better physical condition. A trip to Dollywood last year, where I had to be escorted off of “Lightning Rod”… is what set me off on my weight loss Journey… It’s now a year later, I’ve lost over 100 pounds, and can ride anything I want. TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND WELL BEING… You’re the ONLY one who can do it.

  104. Dennis

    Wow – get over yourself! You’re body can’t fit into the seat – be glad you’re alive as the seats are set to maximum safety for riders. If you need more assurance check the video of the teen that died at Icon park in Orlando!

  105. Dan

    Well, she said she hadn’t eaten for a day since this happened, maybe she can fit on the ride now.

  106. Rikster

    Hey, the park didn’t make you fat. You did that all by yourself. Don’t blame them because you don’t fit. Embarrassed by your size? Then stop whining and do something about it.

  107. Cralox

    The bar must have gone down for the other people even though they were bigger. And it’s rude to expect everyone else riding that day to wait while the ride operators cater to you. If the safety bar doesn’t lock after the 2nd try, you should do yourself and everyone else a favor and opt out!! It’s not safe for anyone to have bodies flying off the rides!

  108. Mike

    This must be a prank article🤣
    She should cry, not because of her weight, but her stupidity. What exactly does she want to have happened? Not latch her and start the ride? (The computer won’t allow) Maybe get a couple guys to forcibly push the bar down?

  109. Heather

    I was a size small most of my life. I was put on a PTSD medication which made me gain weight like no other and it wasn’t because I was eating a lot either I also have gastroparesis because of my many autoimmune that I eat once a day because my body doesn’t empty quickly like most people. So I gained a lot of weight and I know how she feels. I don’t do roller coasters but because of a health condition because of the trauma I also went through plus my autoimmune I gained weight and I’ve never been the size before and I don’t recognize myself at all. Someone people look at you like they’re grossed out or fat shame you or single you out towards everybody else because you gained weight and you already feel that inside you so another people validated it really crushes you and hurts you as a person. They should definitely have restrictions not necessarily weight restrictions cuz you can have a 6’2 person way 300 lb but their body builders so a weight restriction is not possible because everybody’s body shape and size is going to be different for each person but they should have something so people are aware. I do know a lot of heavy heavy men go on roller coasters and they push down the bar no problem and secured him please because stomachs are mushy well abdomens are mushy and you could just push the bar down but getting the bar back up if somebody gets stuck is not cool either. I think they could have handled that better. They didn’t have to have the whole freaking roller coaster people get involved and single her out like you’re almost in high school and everybody’s attacking you because of your weight I make fun of you. I do think the park should teach their employees to have class and respect for everyone. And put people in their place when they act crappy if people were making fun of her if I was an employee there I would have truly kicked them off the ride for being like that towards her because we’re grown ass adults there’s no reason why people are treating people like crap there is a nice way of going about talking to people. When I’m overweight as I am now I wouldn’t go on certain rides because I wouldn’t want something like that to happen to me. But I’ve seen people double her size going roller coasters so I don’t really know why it would have been an issue. Like I’m dead ass seeing so many people way bigger than her be on roller coasters. 80% of people in America are overweight. They should have handled it with class dignity and respect they could have asked her to push down the bar so they didn’t think that they were hurting her I’ve seen a lot of roller coaster places do that for people that are overweight they say can you push down the bar and I’ll make sure it’s secure because I don’t want to hurt you pushing it down. But I do think something should be done with how Park employees treat their guests

  110. Darlene

    I say give the people a paper to sign , they are willing to ride , even though the safety bar will not close properly. As long as it is a single safety bar, let them take responsibility for their own lives if they want to ride that much. Then the parks and operators can’t be held accountable for the riders stupidity or ignorance.

  111. Tina Scheu

    Actually, it is not just that they single you out, it is that they single you out LOUDLY, then make you basically take a walk of shame past everyone on the ride.
    Look, here is the thing, I know I am big, you can see that I am big, you do not need to to embarrass me. There are ways to treat people more like humans and less like 2nd class citizens.
    You and I both know that if this was a racial thing it would have been everywhere by now. It is the same concept. We plus size people don’t look like you so you are going to mock us.
    P.S. I DID fit in the seat out front.

  112. Kathy

    At a size 14 she would not be too big. Don’t shame her further. She was not the issue here. Perhaps it was some of the men she mentioned or uneven weight distribution, but it wasn’t her.

  113. Tina

    Actually, it is not just that they single you out, it is that they single you out LOUDLY, then make you basically take a walk of shame past everyone on the ride.
    Look, here is the thing, I know I am big, you can see that I am big, you do not need to to embarrass me. There are ways to treat people more like humans and less like 2nd class citizens.
    You and I both know that if this was a racial thing it would have been everywhere by now. It is the same concept. We plus size people don’t look like you so you are going to mock us.
    P.S. I DID fit in the seat out front.

  114. Bah bue

    I am so embarrassed how fat I am, and was denied service for my safety, I had to post online so everyone can see how fat I am, so that removes the shame?

  115. Mel

    I would love to know what ride this was – Cedar Point has test seats in front of most of their rides! And everyone else commenting is right, if they didn’t DO THEIR JOB she could have DIED! I have been through the walk of shame myself so, no, she was NOT singled out!! And now we know WHY she turned off the TikTok comment section – do what others do – ask about the larger seats or wear spanxs or do both – you find ways to try to ride!!

  116. CJ

    Once upon a time at Magic Mountain (before Six Flags took over), a 20-year-old woman died after being thrown from the coaster Colossus in December 1978 ….. investigations determined the lap bar restraint failed to close properly around her due to the fact she was too fat (I was 11 years old at the time and watched her fall during the first 90° drop and her corpse bounce down to the concrete from over 100 feet!)

    Lil’ Ms Tubby needs to grow up, get over it and get on weight watchers (FYI I’m pretty sure there was signage warning those who are too big to be restrained or not going on the ride!)

    I lost count of how many Friends successfully did lap band in order to lose weight so that they can enjoy Theme Parks with their kids (join the club and quit with the boo hoo I need attention on tiktok!)

  117. Lori

    It’s for your own safety.

  118. Elissa

    I’m a big girl myself, and I’ve accepted that this may happen.I feel bad that she experienced the shame of it all because that never feels good. I also hope that down the line she can see the importance of this day. I’d rather be escorted off and safe, than pushed in and squished to fit. My life is far too important. Unfortunately a young man recently lost his life for this very reason on a freefall ride.

  119. Christy

    Years ago, I got on one of those ship rides that swings, and the bar went farther down my thighs due to my size. Every time it swung, my behind left the seat. That scared me away, I was too big and the bar wasn’t effective. Not anyone’s fault but mine. I was within weight limit but if the bar don’t fit, don’t ride!

  120. Truth

    Oh boohoo. Someone literally just died and his family is suing for millions. If you’re really that embarrassed about your size you’d be doing something about it, not trying to garner national attention. Seems like THIS is now more embarrassing.

  121. R

    This new generation, they just want to make money from their video going viral. Ridiculous point she’s making. Safety first. The belt don’t fit. Lol you should feel embarrassed by uploading this video.

  122. Christian

    Ok let em ride with no lap bar or restraint and he dies…than she’ll no pain and suffering.
    #putdownthe cheeseburgerandstopwhining

  123. Jamie Coughlin

    It is too bad she had a bad experience but if you are big (like I am) you have to know that you probably are not going to fit in those type of seats. It’s too bad but the safety bar HAS to fit over you or you risk dying. Like someone said then they’d be suing for that! Obviously if other big people fit in there they were not bigger than her or they were at least shaped differently. She says she can’t look at food now, maybe they did her a favor and gave her the impetus to actually lose enough weight to fit in the normal seats?!

  124. Martha

    Apparently her issue was “they couldn’t get the bar to close “completely”, so……IF the bar couldn’t close….would you still insist on riding the ride? Even IF I was to size, and the (or any) bar wouldn’t completely close–I’m outta there. AND, if someone else was “bigger” than her, if the bar closes, it closes. I have a big belly and no butt, I probably couldn’t ride it either, and wouldn’t even try

  125. Dina

    The theme park has to adhere to safety standards. Size and weight are among the most important factors. This protects the rider and other guests as well. If you do not meet these standards don’t try to ride.

  126. Pat

    I went to the park last summer and yes I had gained considerable weight since I was last there in 2016. There are things she could have done to avoid having to do the Walk of Shame.. When I went, I only had to do the walk 2x despite being too big to be safely allowed to ride. The 1st time was on raptor because I didnt take the advice im about to give. I tried the bigger person spot and the ride op said I was only an inch away from being able to buckle. I could have avoided that all together as well as wasting my time in line if I had tried the TEST SEAT at the beginning of the line first. The 2nd time I had to do the walk of shame was on Steel Vengance. I did the test seat, was comfortable in it, and was told by the ride op I passed and wouldnt have an issue. I waited in line, got on the ride, everything locked and fastened, but for some reason I was still told I had to be removed.. That one I dont understand because I was passed the 1st click of the restraint. 🙁 Either way, this lady coulda saved a lot of time an embarrassment if she had tried the test seat first.. Thats what they are there for and the person at the front of the lines will be happy to help you get into them.

  127. Ducky

    ..for being safe**

  128. Nikke

    Grow up and think it’s not just your safety it’s the safety of others, it’s illegal for them not to post safety requirements for a ride so read before riding. If she was so embarrassed she wouldn’t be publicly announcing her humiliation unless it’s for attention purposes. I know it’s not always an eating disorder that causes people to be overweight, there’s conditions that can cause it but throwing a temper tantrum like a 2 year old is going to make people give you negative attention more than being asked to get off a rise due to your size. I was told I couldn’t ride due to big breast and I don’t care my life is more important than a harness not closing properly while high in the air and being upside down, my son was told he was too skinny to ride and thankfully they told him because I was a nervous wreck that he would slide out. Disappointment is a part of life if you don’t like something change it.

  129. Juanita

    In Orlando, Florida, earlier this year a plus sized 14 year old boy died because he yelled discrimination when told he was too big to ride the ride safely. If the bar could not go down, all those in that seat could have died like that boy did.

    1. Vince

      I don’t know where you got your “top insider” information that he “yelled discrimination”.. but yes, a teen died because the employees were too busy flirting with the other guests to see that his lap bar didn’t come down all the way due to his height. Nice try to villainize him tho. Better luck next time

  130. Janie

    Body weight distribution has a bearing on that, if you are top heavy or bottom heavy and how you fit into the ride

  131. Stan

    All of the rides have a seat at the entrance of the ride in order to avoid this situation. As a plus sized person myself I am fully aware of all the restrictions and accept that if I’m past a certain size I won’t fit. Quit throwing your tantrum and accept it. There’s lots of other entertainment at the park.

  132. KristaBella

    Yeah, it majorly sucks having to do that walk of shame, because the restraints or bar wouldn’t close properly, been there done that when the season opened this year on Millennium Force.

    I was in tears as well, but I know it’s not their fault, they are just doing their job of keeping people safe.

    I was still able to ride and enjoy some of the other coasters.

    I learned it does make a deference on where you try to ride on the coaster.

    I was able to ride Millenium the 2nd time I went a week later, because I went to the middle section of cars instead of the very front car and had lost 5 lbs that week in between as well.

    I noticed that the seat belts in the very front and back are a little shorter then the ones in the middle.

    As long as I ride in the middle section of cars I have no issues, but the very front and back are no longer viable options for me until the weight comes off to enjoy the very front cars and back cars once again like I used to be able to ride in 2021.

    Note, if your over 230 lbs and thick in the waist area your more then likely not going to be able to ride most of the coaster rides.

  133. Beck

    I went to take my daughter on a roller coaster, and after everyone was seated and buckled into those tiny pre shaped chairs. They pulled my daughter out and said she was 1/2” too short to ride. I was told to get out too and I couldn’t get between my body and the side of the fiberglass chair to unbuckle because my nails were too long. Right in front of the hundreds of people in line one of the workers yelled “get the fat stick!!” And she came over with a pizza paddle. She shoved it beaten me and the chair and forced my body over to unbuckle the seatbelt.
    Everyone laughed and took photos. I wanted to die.

  134. Erin Z

    As the resident fat girl here and having been to Cedar Point August 6th AND having to use a wheelchair due to my MS, I can attest to the humiliation this patron experienced. In October 2021 we went to Hallow Weekends – the first time I’ve been to the park since moving here 13 years ago. While I presented in my wheelchair, no one at the park told us that in order to use the handicap access points for the coasters, we either needed an attendant or we needed the paperwork from guest services in order for my husband and I to board the coasters from the accessible area. Mind you, we were not advised of this until we were on the platform and ready to ride Iron Dragon. They reluctantly allowed us on so at least when we went last week, we knew we needed the paperwork. What we did not expect was the callus nature of the attendants as they tried securing me. Ironically, the only coaster I rode in October, now couldn’t accommodate me and so it was on 4 other coasters. I held my composure the best I could in front of visitors but by the fourth painful experience, we opted to leave. Imagine having once been healthy, normal size, and able to ride anything you wanted to having a disease that cripples your body, causes weight gain due to atrophy then having a crowd full of riders waiting for me to get into the seat, the multiple attempts at securing the restraints, and then requiring assistance to get off the train in front of a multitude of people. There was laughter, snickering, pointing and believe me, it hurt. So, I do happen to feel for this young woman because I’ve been there. And, looking at her social media accounts she is NOT a plus sized woman, at least not by my standards. So, perhaps instead of ripping on her for her weight and size, maybe the park could invest in hiring and training staff to handle situations like this and then re-invest some of their attractions to be more inclusive.

  135. Sal

    She was so embarrassed she ran home and posted it up for the world to see.

    1. Miles

      EXACTLY!! More attention wh0re than anything else!

  136. Nikki Noffsinger

    Is it possible the harness Mechanism because it isnt always the person’s size.

  137. SW

    Loose some weight come back if not don’t come back the world don’t have to cater to everyone!!! And everything is not for everyone!!!! So tired of people feeling they are entitled to everything. Put down the Big Mac get on treadmill or stop crying!!

  138. Ron

    I am about 5’8″ 300 lbs and I there are only 2 rollercoasters I am able to ride comfortably at Cedar Point. I know my limits. I know what will fit and what won’t. If I choose to attempt a ride that I find out I won’t fit. Yeah sure I am upset, with myself. It’s my fault I can’t ride not theirs. The staff might have been able to be A bit more caring about the way they handled it, idk I wasn’t there. But it’s not Cedar Points fault not their staff.

  139. Tara

    If you’re fat, you’re fat!!!
    Same thing happened to me on Power Tower @ Cedar Point. But, I gracefully accepted that I was too big. I’m 240 lbs. and a DDD chest😏. The C.P. employee tried 3 times to tighten the chestbar, but it wouldn’t lock. He was SO apologetic. He said the bar won’t lock. I said no worries, I’m good, and left the ride. Why should I give the employee or CP heck for me being too fat for the ride. I’m just glad they were trying to keep me safe(not embarrass me).☺️

    1. Stephanie

      People don’t seem to get that it’s not always weight but also body shape that can affect the safety. For me, a G chest isn’t particularly ride friendly, but that’s how God made me, lol.

  140. Steph

    The park has to protect itself. If she was injured, she would be suing. Last week there was a ride that my niece wanted to go on with a weight limit. It required her to have an adult with her. Between her and I, we were over the 260lb capacity. Instead of going to the media, I just didn’t go on the ride. People are so dramatic.

  141. Nunya

    Whats you deal with cedar fair and knotts? Do you have stock in Disney or Six flags? You take every chance to slam cedar fair parks.. frankly, I’ve heard enough, other parks have customer complaints yet you trash Cedar fair at every turn.

    1. Vince

      Apparently you haven’t read every other story where they’re clikk baiiiting with their “Disney propaganda” stories, riling people up against each other. You must be new to lTM.

    2. Sweets

      I don’t think this story makes anyone look bad except the person who was too large to have a safety harness secured and decided to tell the whole internet about it. It was so embarrassing that she decided to all of us who weren’t there and have never seen her should imagine how large she must be to not be able to sit in the seat with the harness on.

  142. Randy Davis

    Ummm…I am 5’11” and 350 lbs. It’s my own embarrassment if an employee has to do the right thing and refuse my right to ride for safety. I’d rather be safe opposed to catapulted off a fastoving roller coaster train.
    This frequently happens to my partner and I…I just take it for what it is and wait til he’s done with the ride. And if I know I won’t fit…he uses an express pass so I don’t have to wait a long time for him to ride.
    Be glad they do that because at water parks they only check for height…being over weight on a water slide can be even more dangerous.

    1. Monic

      Glad to see that you’re understanding and willing to find ways of making the most of the situation.

  143. Verity

    I am a larger female,and I think this chic completely over reacted. The fact of the situation wasn’t that she was fat or overweight in the slightest. The fact is if the safety equipment could not be properly secured, then they plain out can NOT allow you to ride. Not only for your safety, but also for insurance reasons.
    I think it is sad, and ugly of her to turn this into some kind of fat shaming thing, when it wasn’t in the least bit. They tried more than once and it did not work, end of story. Again I am what society calls a fat girl, so I know the hardships, but I personally would not make a scene about it like her, it is what it is. And sad as this may sound. . . Harsh reality is if you are ashamed of what happened, then make a change. Period and Nuff Said. The ride operator did what they should have, and there is no reason for them to come under fire.
    And by all means if you don’t agree with me then feel free to speak on it, but again keep in mind I am a big girl, with size DDD boobs, there has been many times where I could not ride a ride due to my weight or my boobs being to big. This chic was out of line, and if she is so distraught about it, then maybe she needs to look within herself as to why she is unhappy.

    1. Darlene

      Agree! It’s not cp fault. They have to abide by safety features. She needs to stop blaming others for her situation

  144. Darlene

    This is ridiculous blaming the ride staff for her being 9verwe8ght! They have safety measures 8n place and have to abide by them. I go there every week. Millie is a tight fit.

  145. Andy

    And then she ate an entire tub of ice cream

  146. Angela

    Most rides list height and weight requirements right? When I was heavier I would always look at things like that. If she thought she was in safe zone to ride and was then told she couldn’t ride I’m sure that was embarrassing. But earlier this summer a person died on a ride and it was discovered they were too heavy for the ride. So if it wasn’t safe for her,embarrassing as it was, that was probably for the best.

  147. Jeff

    Happened to me this year at Hershey Park Pennsylvania. I had to get off the ride because the safety harness wouldn’t latch. Than again at Six Flags New Jersey same thing. I can say it isn’t the greatest feeling but not going to allow it to stop me from having fun.

    1. tom

      they did her a favor if she’s finaly stopped eating

  148. Tyler

    The safety bar wouldn’t seat all the way, done deal no ride. Not the parks fault that her body shape is outside the allowable range. It sucks she was embarrassed but that has nothing to do with the bar not going down or the attendants, that’s on her. How is this an article? Why are you giving a voice to fools like this?

  149. Vince

    Unfortunately, I was brave enough to try and sit through this girl’s tik tok video. In case you didn’t, I’ll save you the time… she spends 2 minutes and 30 seconds explaining why she’s “plus size” and how it’s not her fault. I don’t doubt it’s not her fault but that’s COMPLETELY besides the point. She FINALLY spends the last few seconds talking about how she was told by the employees that she had to exit the ride because the lap bar wouldn’t come down all the way, obviously because of her size.
    And so now she’s calling this “fat shaming”.
    At what point do we stop feeling sorry for people like this, and actually start feeling sorry for the workers?? Because it seems like no matter what they did, she was going to go on social media and give a little “sob story” about how she was “victimized”. They did heir jobs by not allowing her to ride for safety reasons and now they’re made to be the villain because of it. UNBELIEVABLE.

  150. tom

    they did her a favor if she’s finaly stopped eating

  151. Jsr

    Ride restrictions exist for a reason. I’m sure it’s embarrassing to get on the ride & get off because you can’t ride, but research in advance. They aren’t being cruel, places that have let things slide have had deadly consequences.

    1. Tori

      A park in Orlando had an overweight teen fall to his death from a ride back in April. Too bad the employees were probably too worrier about someone going full Karen on them to enforce safety standards

  152. Seriously if you are too big aka fat to be buckled in on the ride then you can’t go on the ride. Don’t need to be crying and whining on social media, you need to go for a walk, or join a gym, or get healthier however you see fit. Then next summer maybe they will be able to strap you in. No one is trying to embarrass you, your doing a good job of that on your own. SMFH

  153. Kinda wish they let her on the ride so she could get tossed out of it. One less dufus running around crying would be nice.

  154. Sweets

    If the safety bar cannot come down you cannot ride the ride because it isn’t safe. It’s not anything anyone did to anyone. Women have boobs and a stomach to contend with I imagine there were probably larger men who could fit the safety bar, but we all remember that story years back where that poor woman, who was a heavy woman, was not secured properly and fell to her death on a rollercoaster. If the sit doesn’t click then you cannot sit. Be able to what rest I mean I felt like it was a bit more spacious than We’re going a plane You know our bus or something As far as where you’re sitting

    1. Dezi

      Just last year someone died at an orlando theme park bc of this. Too big for safety bar. It was a drop style ride & he fell off when it was high.

  155. Chuckster

    Someone literally fell off a roller coaster and died because their size prevented the restraint from properly closing. She claims that other, “larger” people were allowed to ride but without any evidence to back up the claim it’s impossible to verify. The employees put your safety before your entertainment and you’re somehow mad about that?!


    Fatty wants some sympathy? Is this really happening right now Are we really going to waste our time with this one? I can’t believe I just read this proves I’m as big of an idiot as anyone else b**** lose some weight and stop whining…. stinking liberals

  157. Sherri

    If you were allowed to stay on the ride after repeated attempts to lock the seat & you flew out then the family would sue.So damned if you do & damned if you don’t. You alive so be greatful!

  158. Dezi

    Im overweight, but I get the safety issues. Someone just died in orlando bc they were too big for the safety harness to be properly secured. They’re not trying to single her out but if the safety bar doesn’t lock, its not safe. Its not like they could make other accommodations for her. She wasnt kicked out of a movie theater. It just wasn’t safe.

  159. M

    A TEENAGER (14) fell to his death off of a ride in Orlando, FL just a few months ago because he exceeded the rides weight limit. This woman should be grateful these people are doing their job because it could’ve ended tragically. Rides will always have their limits and they are set to keep everyone as safe as possible. So ( I mean this in the nicest but most realistic way possible) she’ll either have to cut a few pounds (if she doesn’t have any health issues preventing her otherwise) or accept that, unfortunately, she may not be able to experience all the rides. Personally, I’d rather be embarrassed than dead.

  160. Palm

    Read simply what tragically happened in Florida loosing a life for the same concern. Embarrassed? This is a luxury and not a vanity…offended? Embarrassed. They are a business and a difficult risk is a possible major liability. Get real and deal with it and and every ride manufactures limits, staff trying to do their job and be safe as possible each and every variable realized fora safe experience. Offended? Embarrassed? Really? Wow! Be thankful people try to be safe and lookout for concerns and your safety issues.

  161. Earl

    I am the most accommodating person you will ever meet! I love all people, and will go out of my way to help someone, make a strangers day a little better, etc.
    But in these situations, not being able to safely fit on a ride, where the safest belts, bars, etc, will NOT close to hold you in….YOU should not be blaming the employees or the parks. Ever. Unless you would like to be thrown through the air when the Rollercoaster goes upside down! I LOVE Rollercoasters. But a few years ago I had gained unwanted extra pounds. And I knew I wasn’t going to fit in those seats at the parks , so I didn’t go that summer.
    Everyone these days wants to point a finger, blame someone, instead if looking in the mirror.
    I imagine it was embarrassing for her to have to exit the ride, but, it’s something she probably already thought might be an issue before she even sat in the seat. She was just taking her chances.

  162. I worked at Ceder Point in Allentown for a few seasons. I did come across a few Guests that I had trouble with getting into rides. A few example; Posessed, Steel Force, Monster and a few others. On my experience with Monster was funny. I went let Guest through. On Monster you have to push down on bar. The lady was very healthy. 2 ladies sitting together so I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I went for it. The bar wouldn’t click. The ladies were insistent that I get the bar to close. Now I explaining the danger I am doing to the bar and the safety hassards at this point. Guest on the line explaining to them that they’re holding the ride. So I decide that if the ladies want to ride so bad I would give it another try. Well it did click and All I heard out of them was ugh. Took the breath out of them with that click. So I started the ride both ladies are screaming with excitement. After a few minutes of the ride motion. I noticed the ladies weren’t screaming. As they pass by me again I noticed they looked sick. I stopped the ride let them both off were they sat for a good hour throwing up. I closed that seat so it could get inspected after closing. Karma was beautiful that day.


    why cant they have 1 row on each of the rides that allows for bigger people to ride. instead of 3 to four seats there is two big seats with extra belts . im sure they can make a row for us bigger people . face it over half the US is obese dont we deserve a little fun. BEFORE IT COMES UP YES ITS OUR FAULT WE ARE TOO BIG. BUT COME ON MAAAN! BE A SPORT LET US RIDE.

  164. Tony

    If folks bigger than her fit, maybe she needs to suck it up and crush her midsection like they did. Seriously, don’t complain. They could have accommodated you like that kid in Orlando this year…he’s dead.

  165. Chris

    You read these things and it always sounds soo terrible, And let’s feel sad for the victim because she was embarrassed in her feelings were hurt.

    Well guess what, this the truth of it all. I live in Cleveland and I go to cedar point cuz it’s only an hour away, All these big roller coasters have signs saying that safety is first, if your physical size disrupts the ability for safety procedures, you will be asked to disboard. And here’s another truth, I’m not skinny either. I’m not skinny either, I spent all day riding roller coasters and when I rode “The Magnum”, the seatbelt barely fit, zero slack. Did I get ANGRY, did I go on the attack, no, I thought to myself. Bro, I need to lose weight.

  166. Carole

    There was a death at a Florida park in the Spring when someone who was too large for the ride. He was not secure and fell from the ride. Safety is first.

  167. Jason

    Apparently she missed the incident at Six Flags in Texas earlier this year. Nobody wants to be put in that position again where they wish they made a different choice. At least everyone’s alive to complain about it

  168. Debbie

    My Son also was Dolly wood he was too large to ride certain things . It didn’t make us mad ,but he was disappointed he couldn’t ride some of the things . But that wouldn’t from going back there .
    The only thing we said maybe they could look into making the seat belts larger for bigger people .

  169. Ryan

    I’m 6’3″ and 240 pounds, I’m a big guy. I took my kids to Cedar Point over the weekend and although I was nervous. I never felt out of place or ostracized because of my weight. We went on nearly every Rollercoaster. The only time it may of came up was on Gatekeeper, where the operator said ‘Sir, you may be more comfortable in this seat’. I wasn’t upset, my size is on me, and not them. Kudos to the team for thinking of others safety over the feelings of one individual.

  170. Jse

    Yes if you are too large then you must thank them. Just this summer a boy in florida died from being to large to lock the ride. If they didnt ask you to leave it could have been you. Grow up and stop being a victim.

  171. Lily

    I had the same thing happen to me at King’s Dominion years ago. They were not nice. They were not tactful. There were no signs posted about weight or body shapes. BUT not long ago in Orlando some guy who was too big for ride fell and died. Putting a “sample seat” at the start of the queue would have saved time and embarrassment.

    1. Mare

      At that park(cedar point) they have test seats at the entrance of all of their coasters. I’ve been there and seen them and used them so I don’t know why she missed the test seat.

  172. Frank

    LOL Soooo… she was too fat to ride and complained about THEM being the problem?

    There is fat shaming, but I think this also falls under stupidity shaming.

    Which means: if your fat you blame THEM for the fat problem
    If you are stupid you blame THEM for your stupidity

  173. Scott Ivlow

    Looking by her age she is a millennial and some how this generation lives in entitlement world of thinking in the last few years. And from the second video some people want to be cry babies when thing don’t go there way. The ride operator there should have said this lap bar won’t lock down properly and you are not able to ride on this ride. Just because people were on the ride bigger than her it’s all about how that lap bar will lock into place. People have to stop living in a world that every ride at theme they visit isn’t going to have restrictions of some type. Middle teens and up can’t ride Royal Joust and or ride a car in Driving school at Legoland.
    Being told of the escort generally stops any type altercation from the get go.
    I have seen nor mother yell at a ride operator because her child was below the minimum height requirement for the Dragon ride.
    Nevermind they ride operate made the exception just for that if her kid had rode it and fallen to this death because he fell out of the seat. How do you think the mother would blame? I guarantee it would’ve been Legoland with a Civil suit for wrongful death.
    This a problem with social media stupid videos go viral and this website that want make these viral videos go even bigger drawing more people to them.

  174. Mabel

    Is this for real? If so, it’s pathetic. It’s called SAFETY, sweetheart. We just got back from Cedar Point and had a blast. They measured my 8 year old daughter at 50 inches, when Dollywood and Kings Island measured her at over 52, just days earlier. Was she disappointed, SURE. Would I make a video lambasting them about it? Hell no. Grow up chickie and stop the pity party. I feel sorry for your husband-

  175. Vee

    Lapbars and harnesses MUST be secure, and it seems they’ve doubled down since the Florida incident when I visited in July. Also, EVERY ride has safety information at the entrance of the ride. Reagan must not have bothered to read it. Grow up and get over yourself! People get booted off rides every day for not being able to be secured. I don’t feel sorry for you.

  176. John

    The kid in Orlando was too big for the ride and well unfortunately he lost his life because the safety bars didn’t secure him properly.He shouldn’t have been allowed to get on.But I’d be willing to bet he was told he couldn’t ride but a complaint was made and they relented and well we all know what happened to him.

  177. Simplejack

    Back before social media was there to enable her, incidents like this used to motivate people to lose some weight.

  178. Tim

    Who would give any creedance to her complaints? First off, if there were bigger people than her on the ride than the bar wouldn’t close on them either and they would have been escorted off, so it sounds like another I want to sue incident. If you want to ride safely, respect the rules and lose weight!

  179. Fat man from pgh

    I myself am over weight. But I understand that if I am too big for a ride that it is in my best Interest not to ride. And cedar point have test ride seats at the entrance of all the rides (or at least used to).