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valkyrie walking forward with fireworks

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. John

    Wow..i loved her in the show

  2. Thom

    Maybe take break from these unlikeable castings who only offer is smug-sassy one liner and grrrl power?

    Getting tiresome lol

    1. Lypscratch

      I thought she was terrific! Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie captured that engaging combo of tough and irreverent just perfectly. Sad to hear this.

  3. AccountantBob

    Woke. Only beta simps like these women with daddy issues and fantasies of being stronger than men.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but just look up heaviest bench, squat and deadlift. Hint, it’s only one gender (out of 2) and none of them are female. You have males failing in male events MISERABLY and joing as females obliterating the women. Give up, you aren’t a man. You were born with a split tail so deal with it.

    1. Steve-O

      lol oh my gosh show me on this doll where women hurt you…

    2. lol

      Take your weird, randomly placed hate elsewhere please. No one needs your icel BS here.

    3. Justin

      Hey AccountBob, there may not be women who are strongest in the world physically but i hate to break it your pathetic ass there are a lot of tough/strong women in the world… A lot of the probably tougher/stronger the your sexist internet tough guy ass, for instance my sister. A weight lifting track and volleyball star ex Army mother of 2. And for the record being able to lift weights is not the only measure, or even the best measure of how tough or strong a person, male or female. Yes i realize you mean physically, but lifting 1000lbs doesnt make you tough. Just means you probably spend to much the at the gym and are trying to overcompensate.

      1. yes

        no one said women aren’t tough. bob is just saying men are stronger than women overall and there’s no debating it. Men were just made that way on purpose.

    4. Andrew

      I have never in my life saw such a weak insecure man, woke? Lete talk about how white people stole that word from our community. Stay woke fron 1930 was about being mindful if where you are, pre segregation as black folk simple being anywhere near a white community would likely get lynched.
      But you people use it to hide what you mean, because you know you’re in the wrong. When you use woke, what you’re saying in this case women should be superhero with powers. You use it to oppress people with out saying it. Why? Because you’ve no valid argument. So when women, POC and lgbtqia speak out, you get triggered because you don’t like being called rhe bad guy. All these beta stuff. Alpha males dont exist in wild this was debunked 20 years ago. The only people who take like this is insecure people.

      Bench press doesn’t make you strong. Let’s see kick a man in the balls he drops to the ground. Wereas women give birth and in most cases tear hole to hole. Then go on to look after that child why they heal themselves ovwr months without complaining. Women have alway had a higher threshold for pain in comparison to men. But go on you do your bench pressess

      You’re the problem with society today, you’ve not evolved from the days of burning women for being a witch because she can read and write. Its hilarious.
      Like so many of the male actors and writer even stan lee Rip have said there is no place like you in the fandon. As you represent the opposite morals and values behind these story’s and characters. But lets be honest you’re a jumper came to the mcu when it was possible. Have no clue the female characters you’re moaning about have been around for decades.
      Woke oh my. Like its so stupid. ” there is a female characters who is strong” much be woke. Omg that man has a pride flag that’s woke. Omg they made the female a killer woke agenda.

      The only political agenda is anti diversity movement. Which seams to be from 2015 prior to this not a big deal. You don’t even get marvel and dc morality leans left in this comics.

    5. Mike

      And only idiot and a coward fears a strong woman. And you are that idiot.

    6. Colby Bowman

      I bet you’re fun at parties

  4. No she should not be replaced she knows how to act and all you guys want to have her replace as Valkyrie or idiots she’s good at what she does if you can’t see that then don’t watch it Disney do not replace her

    1. John

      They got a voice actor to play the part in a cartoon. They have not replaced her.

  5. I said you guys that want to have her replace are idiots sorry for how the first one turned out but you are idiots if you guys want to have her replaced

    1. Backcountry164

      LMAO. If you’re going to call other people idiots you should probably do so in posts that are minimally legible.

  6. Barclay

    All of those “bros” that want to replace her can shove their opinions right where they secretly like it anyway…..

    1. CancelSJWs

      We want her replaced because she is a a smug, self-important, adult pretender that contributes NOTHING to the MCU.

      Plus, we all know why they raceswapped and culturally appropriated Valkyrie, a white blonde woman from the comics; Tessa got the role the old fashioned way: by sleeping with the director.

  7. Chris Wood

    I have no particular interest in the character. Her character is of no use to the MCU, except to pander and placate diversity and kiss the butt of the LG&B community. And I say this as a gay man myself. If she served a purpose, then they should keep her, but she doesn’t.

  8. TehGrifter111

    Her whole arc in Ragnarok 1 was “Used to be a flyer, watched all my fellow wing chicks eat the big one, now I live off world and …..drinky drinky.
    I almost expected them to start playing Shots Shots Shots Shots, Shots Shots. I mean wtf are they even going to do with her. My guess is she ends up dating/marrying hela. Big Asgard wedding with pride floats. In this universe Thanos picks this time to invade. He realizes the kind of wedding he will be crashing and decides to not make a big fuss or stand in the way of progress. AKA he’s terrified of the transformers.

  9. Nico

    Well, she is one of the problems of the worst EVER rated mcu movie.. soooo not surprised!? She can’t act..only Tessa.. now please put a leash on Taika if he’s gunna do another mcu movie! He didn’t write ragnorok..that was decent.. love and thunder.. yikes!

  10. Mark Graff

    They should get James Earl Jones to do Valkyrie. Or maybe a Gilbert Gottfried impersonator and really bring some life to the character.

  11. John

    Sorry, but I do not consider cartoons MCU. They have another person voicing the character for a cartoon. That is not a replacement.

  12. Frederick

    She looks and acts like a sassy deli clerk. She absolutely in no way looks like a superhero. It ridiculous to look at her and see anything but a horrible comic-con laughable attempt at Valkyrie. Mcu is absurd. Disney no longer creates, only destroys.

  13. Carlos

    Hate to break it to the MCU simps , stans and phonies. While the casing choices for live action are generally decent, not every actor is a good voice actor. Benedict Cumberbatch in live action Doc Strange is great, but his voice acting is horrible. Tessa is just a bad actress all around with no real range. Personally, i didn’t care for the animation style of What if. I gave the animation a pass and was generally looking forward to it. Soany missed opportunities for multiversal sorry development and the introduction of established Marvel characters. Colossally disappointed with the final product. Phase 4 has been a disater with no real direction. Phases 5 and 6 are trending the same way.

  14. Mr White

    What about alternative universes/looks do you not understand from this series? Not one actor you have claimed is being replaced has been replaced.

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