Comments for Soarin’ Looks Deserted as Queue Is Completely Empty

soarin (left) soarin queue (right)


  1. Cynthia

    Hmm why is it empty? Because Soarin over the World is no where near as popular as Soarin over California! This is CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE, and not Disney World. It needs to be changed back.

  2. Don

    Soarin’ over California is far, far better. Disney should show both for a week and would bet SoC would have far greater attendance.

  3. I can’t improve on that. A span of time for experimenting for both would reveal that Soarin’ Over Calif. is ‘Swell’! I love the music by Jerry Goldsmith: it’s so beautiful, I bought the sound track (on Main Street, USA) and play it in my car whenever I need a mental boost. The ride is magical!

  4. Dale

    Sorry, there is no way that NO ONE was in line for Soarin’. There were extenuating circumstances behind this story. This is why I almost always delete this page without reading. Stop fabricating stories, before you have no readers.

  5. Not-A-Celebrity

    Maybe the park was closed ?

  6. John Smart

    Californians hate “Soarin over the World”…whatever that is.

    Soarin over California is the only ride that should be in that space.

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