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an orca

Credit: SeaWorld


  1. Steve

    SeaWorld sounds awesome.

  2. princeofprussia

    So this guy hasn’t worked there in 10 years and there is nothing factual to back his claim. THis is what is called a “NON-story.” Click-bate, waste of time.

  3. S

    I believe him.

    1. Fred

      So it’s true. Howl-O-Scream approaches. The evil Sirens are really biologically asked humans from the sea. It all makes sense now.

  4. Goofy

    Big deal!!! Every species will mate with others within it’s own order or family. Look at cats and dogs for example. People are breeding, cross breeding, experimenting with breeds, etc. Humans are no different. Every nationality and race interbreeds. Why do you think there are so many weird looking people in the world!!

  5. Jeff

    Sounds like Disney and Universal a little concerned with Sea World’s #1 ranking so they gotta make crap up. Starting to wonder if they were behind that stupid video.

    1. Chris Kinney


  6. Unknown

    Have y’all not learned from the JP movies yet? Stop being God! Hybrid is bad! Stop . Do you have any ideas what it does to the whales? Do you even care?

  7. billnyenotascienceguy

    Anyone who believes Seaworld is concerned for animals well being. Call me I have ocean front property for sale in Nebraska.

  8. Ida

    So TRUE!!!

  9. CRT

    This is pure nonsense. SeaWorld loves and babies its orcas and the rest of its animals. This worker is just trying to gain some attention for himself.

  10. Matt

    Tbh Orcas need to be exterminated, or at least the ones that are straying from the Arctic temperatures. Destroying the local food chain in places they don’t belong.

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