Comments for New Permit Suggests Possible Retheme of Popular Disney Roller Coaster

rock'n'roller coaster entry disney's hollywood studios

Credit: Disney


  1. Jones

    I´m sure they will be able to find another insipid Marvel “character” that they can use under te Florida contract – if not, there is always Guardians of the Galaxy… Sooner or later, every park will be full of that Marvel dreck….

  2. Jerry

    I wonder what the great woke imagineers of Disney will come up with this time to lecture us little people about how racist and sexist we are. Can’t wait!!!

    1. Gov DeSantis

      Totally agree! This is totally a move to appease “the gays.” Guns and Jesus forever!

      1. lola

        Does being a disgusting human being make you feel better you animal

        1. sam

          we’re all animals Fran.

  3. Erin

    They should make it themed after a Goofy movie … drive across country to get to Powerline concert in time!

    1. M

      That would be amazing and it is a Disney IP which reduces licensing costs.

      Plus it needs a re-profiling and retracking by Vekoma.

    2. Booker

      Hate to bust your bubble.
      But it will be re-themed to something that Disney owns. So get ready.

  4. Jared

    Chill. They are making it into a Pretty Woman ride

  5. Paul

    Leave Rock n Roll alone it doesn’t need re-theming what is wrong with these people

    1. Booker

      Disney is tired of sending licensing residuals to Aerosmith. They had a good run,but it’s over. Soon.

      1. Kyle Hill

        Aerosmith is about as popular as Jan and Dean now.

  6. Ava

    Yes there will. Steven Tyler is washed up and in another 10 years a majority of park visitors will have never heard of Aerosmith. Millenials hardly even know Aerosmith aside from Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.

    1. sam

      marketing departments are really good at dictating what people want without telling them.

  7. MisterMouse

    The Disney land Paris ride wasn’t great, it basically had a big screen with a bit of videoz the same can be said for hyperspace mountain there too. The LA scenery was much better and didn’t look so cheap.

  8. Jordan

    Personally I don’t care what they do to it as it just Flight of Fear with theming.

  9. T

    They should retheme it after the Muppets Band, The Electric Mayhem! Animal, Dr Teeth, Janis, Zoot, Floyd Pepper and Ralph! They’d never have to retheme it and it’d be hilarious! Plus the merchandise they could sell at that gift shop. Etc

    1. S1

      No way. And not everything has to be about selling merchandise. Synergy is bad. Corporate segregation is the way to go. Keep the parks and studios separate like they were in the past and maybe those who work in the parks and the studios shouldn’t even be allowed to talk to each other.

    2. Booker

      That actually ain’t a bad idea

  10. How POPULAR is that retheming to IRONMAN going over in Paris???? Like a LEAD BALLOON!!!
    My God, PLEASE do not RUIN another ride with a not popular retheming???!!!!

  11. Fat Frankie

    I just want it to work properly. Went back twice while we were there a week ago and both times it was broken down. Also, not one piece of Aerosmith merchandise in the gift shop. I guess Disney is divesting themselves of Aerosmith.

  12. Nick

    This is the ride that’ll kill me if they change it up. Best ride on all their properties. Space Mountain with a sick soundtrack. Only change id suggest is to have more Aerosmith in the gift shop. I don’t want a rock n rollercoaster T-shirt if it doesn’t show Aerosmith too

  13. Joe Blow

    HOLY SMOKES! What is going on in these comments. TRUMP LOVERS, TRUMP HATERS, AND IP ALARMOSR S GALORE! All of you, please get that hate out out of your heart somewhere else. You obviously have issues that aren’t related to going to a THEME PARK with your KIDS! I just want to say that if they do change it, I will make sure to ride it as Aerosmith one last time,and then hopefully it will be as good as it today. It is a just a roller coaster. I would prefer it not be Goofy related,but if it is, I don’t see it causing society to collapse. If it has Buzz Lightyear’s co-captain kissing her “partner”, I think I can explain to my kids how that doesn’t end up in making biological children. Not that there is anything wrong with that…. (Seinfeld reference for the un-informed). It is a RIDE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET ON IT!

  14. Aimee

    Just leave it as is. It’s one of my favorite rides. They really need to change/update the frozen sing a long to the Frozen play like Disneyland.

  15. Reginald Barclay

    Aerosmith is as American as Mickey Mouse. 🇺🇸🎶🙌🏻

  16. Kyle Hill

    TBH: This punk generation won’t even know who the hell Aerosmith is. They are into the ‘culture’ crap that’s shoved up their brains and out the ears.

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