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  1. Jen

    We were so happy to be surprised this morning with the mummy rehearsal! Although we were unable to use our express passes, we were happy to ride 2x.

    1. Deren Leeson

      What changed?

  2. Rodger

    I hope it stays open long enough to get on it in lateFebruary.

  3. Deren Leeson

    Can somebody please tell us what has changed? Heading there tonight hoping to ride.

  4. CJ

    There you go a soft opening is a good sign!

    I’m going to wait to see if anyone posts footage online of “any changes and improvements” to Revenge of the Mummy.

  5. Blue Aideen

    Nothing changed…… Big Disappointment….. still my ride….. but…… what did they do in 8 months??

    1. Lauren

      I agree, very minor, almost unnoticeable changes. If anything, the ride was better, faster, and less jerky before. However, I was there on the soft opening day and rode it 4 times back to back so I am assuming they’re still working out the kinks. The next day it was closed most of the day again. If they don’t work out the kinks and it stays as is the day we rode…then we all agreed it was better before. It’s hard to describe but the ride felt slower, had more pauses before the lift hill, and the area before you enter the lift hill, when you turn around, was so bright it was weird, it ruined the dark ride effect. That was one of my favorite rides, still good, but hoping they fix the issues.

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