Comments for Disney Princess Rocks Guest To Sleep In “The Sweetest Moment”

Tiana hug to sleep


  1. The Princess Tiana at Disney World looks a lot nicer than the one at Disneyland. I dislike Tiana because of the bad interaction that I had with the one at Disney World and to this day cannot watch Princess and the Frog without thinking about that character.

  2. F

    She was probably thinking ugh, “it’s 100° get this brat off me! I ain’t your nanny!”

    1. Aaron

      Uh no. Unlike you I’m sure she likes children, she wouldn’t have took the job otherwise. Fool.

  3. L. Jen

    Tiana is going to get in trouble for this. They are scheduled to a certain amount of allowed time per guest interaction. She is going to get points on her record card to get fired for this moment.

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