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Mary Poppins and

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  1. Brooke

    If you’re a parent and you knowingly leave your child with a complete stranger because you think she really is Mary Poppins, then #1 you’re too stupid to be a parent and #2 you have forfeit your right to be their parent – and CPS should be called.

    1. Y

      Brooke you’ve just pulled the words out of my mouth.

    2. D. Ford


  2. Cheryl

    Same as Brooke… & further more Youre an engagement to those Kids!!! No true Parent leaves Their Kids with Strangers!!!

  3. Knowing how the writers blow things up does anyone think maybe this was a joke?? Like the parents to the kids “well here is the best baby sitter ever so we (mom and dad) are going to have a great time. Seems like a lot of people just want some drama.

  4. Cip Oliva

    No, I’ve seen some of these idiot parents out in the wild and in the parks. It’s not exaggerated. They do this kind of thing on a daily basis.

  5. Sue

    Leslie have you seen some of the parents at Disney the way the act . I have seen a dad smack his kid so hard over the head I wanted to call security I seen parents leave there kids standing by the car bc they are in such a hurry they forget him. I have seen parents drag there kids Thur the parks bc they are late for a ride. Trust me I believe this story I have seen parent drunk with little kids acting like fools. So yes kids aren’t the issue at Disney it’s the grown ass adults acting like fools

    1. Steven Kulick


  6. Yes, there are freaks and weirdos touching, pulling, banging on the heads, auditioning for the characters and more embarrassing things that happen to the ACTORS so now they have Disney plain-clothes people keeping them company to protect them. If legal procedures are necessary, there are witnesses to it. Be very careful: Mickey has long arms and deep pockets!! When you hit that driveway, you belong to Mickey.

    1. Aaron

      The heck are you talking about

  7. Simplejack

    So if I am reading between the lines correctly, the author is saying that i can leave my children with a disney vetted cast member who has been background checked and cleared to work wkth children. This cast member will then personally escort my children to a Disney branded facility dedicated to the care and well being of “lost” children, while my wife and I are free to enjoy the height restricted attractions that my kids are too short to ride? Thanks for the tip.

    1. Carmen

      I suggest to leave your children in a daycare or with relatives. They can be sad if you take them to Disney and they cannot enjoy the rides. And perhaps you can be contacted by Child Protection when you go to pick your children up.

      1. Steven Kulick

        It’s so sad in today’s times “parents” or “child makers” need to be told not to do this. But, well, here we are. We are a doomed society….🤦🏻‍♂️😭

    2. Beau

      No that’s literally the opposite of what everyone is saying here. Please do NOT leave your children unattended at our parks. Thanks!

  8. sg

    Sadly.. these losers are the ones who replicate themselves the most.

  9. I work at Walt Disney World when it first opened it cost three dollars to get in the park 750 if you wanted to have a ride tickets. All it is now is Money,Money,Money. I wouldn’t give you two cents for the entire price because it ain’t even worth that. And I’m not taking into the fact of how many millions or no billions of dollars they make.

  10. The Natives

    Reason # 483 why Disney should leave Florida. Trash breeds trash.

  11. I’m with you Chaz.
    I know people who have lived in California their whole lives that have never gone to Disneyland because they couldn’t afford it.
    There was also one couple I was acquainted with, that went on a date there, leaving their children with their grandparents.
    Aren’t the parks supposed to be mainly for kids anyway?
    I read something about 18.00 buckets of non-refillable popcorn people were upset about.
    18.00 for popcorn, really? Are they’re doing it just because they can?
    Sorry Disney, but it’s all just gotten so sad.

  12. D a n i e

    Back in the day when I lived in Orlando, Disney’s Boardwalk had just opened. One of the highlighted place to go was the Piano bar. A friend of mine was working there so I went to go see one of his gigs. I stayed for 2 sets then decided to go home.

    At night, the parking lots are normally very well lit up. I thought to myself that was fun. Just as I hit the second row of cars, some man came up beside me asking me how I was doing. When I got about 100 feet away from my car, the man started to assault me. I then pushed him away and said “NO” He then let go,of me and ran away.

    I was so shockingly upset and didnt know what to do. Just then a group of people came along asking if I was ok Iasking if I needed help. I told them yes, I would. A few minutes later 2 uniformed securitymofficers cam by to talk to me. The very first thing that was said to me was, ” ppl mam, please don’t hold Disney responssible for this. Then another security officer there asked if I was of ok?

    In closing I would say, this was supposed to The most happiest place on Earth.

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